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GOP senators draft stimulus alternative –

Posted on: February 3, 2009

GOP senators draft stimulus alternative –

A small group of  Republican Senators have drafted a stimulus package that concentrates more on cutting taxes and saving homes from foreclosure.   The details are not as yet available and no doubt as the entire Republican Caucus looks it over there will be changes.  It appears to me to be far more appropriate and to the point of helping people than the mixed bag of  political pay-offs to special interest groups  the Democrats want the American public to swallow.

Of course all these special interest groups  with their hands out are now pressuring the Senators to keep their little piece of the pie in the bill.  This includes the  Governors of states  who are holding out their hands for a grab at federal money.  Can no one understand that the federal government has no money!  BB


4 Responses to "GOP senators draft stimulus alternative –"

There is no money to spend.

There is no money to spend.

There is no money to spend.

I know. I know. I know. but apparently Congress does not because they are going to spend it come Hell or High Water. So as long as it is going to be spent then let us try to get the fools to spend it as wisely as possible. BB

has been a useful article. thanks

Thank you Liderforum but this article was hardly informative. I hope you go on to study the bill the Republicans actually did try to submit. It was the Conservative Republican Study Committee chair-manned by Rep. Tom Price whom you can study by clicking on his name in the right hand column under “Pages”.

I also hope you study the plans the Republicans tried to submit in stead of Obamacare. You can find all of this information on my site by clicking on “Categories” in the right hand column. Then select an appropriate category, any or that interests you. I naturally state my own views in my posts, but I also give reliable quotes and references. BB

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