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Obama’s Civilian National Security Force passed by House. Action needed now!

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Update:  Senate passed G.I.V.E. Act

H.R. 1388: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (

The House of Representatives  passed the G.I.V.E. Act (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act) by a vote of  321 to 105 with a start up of $6 billion.    Most probably passed as have all others without one Representative taking the time or effort to read the bill let alone the small print.  This G.I.V.E. Act is the law setting up the organizing of our youth  for brain washing that I have been warning you all about.  This is not President Bush’s No Child Left Behind program!  This is President Obama’s   civilian/military  program he spoke of during his campaign.  This is his  Civilian National Security Force.

In the Washington hype they are trying to tie this group to AmeriCorp which recruits volunteers of all ages to work with Americans in places they are needed.  Most often young teachers to teach in poverty areas for a year at a low stipend.  It is ALL volunteer.   Don’t be fooled the Civilian National Security Force (or any other  benign name they may come up with) is not  the AmeriCorp and it certainly is NOT volunteer.

I blog on the first beginnings of this program:

This program was designed by William Ayers.  “Who is William Ayers?  He is an American terrorist from the 1960’s.  He is a radical socialist who bombed buildings.  He was never punished and has never changed his views.  Instead he was pardoned in 1980 and is now a professor of education.  He is also the man Obama says he doesn’t really know and is only slightly associated with.  An yet Obama has introduced this bill in our Congress based on this man’s view of education.  BB)

(”This program is being used in some elementary schools right now and is praised by parents and teachers alike because it teaches children how to behave and be nice and  be LIBERAL in their thinking.  A perfect set up for later indoctrination into the views of the Civilian National Security Force.” BB)

You might want to google You tube to see Obama’s campaign speeches on his Civilian National Security  Force.   You know, I have often said on this blog that they should bring the draft back if for nothing else but the Basic Training of every 18 year old in this country.   We would have much better citizens and much more responsible citizens after one or two years in  the military.  We would also have citizens who love America and all that America stands for.   This that Obama is planning is not our military basic training!  The training given is not for physical fitness, accepting responsibility and team loyalty,  but for brain washing and control.

Below is some fine print that well spells out  the objectives our President has in mind for the youth of our nation.

“Here are direct quotes which hint at the scope of HR1388 aka G.I.V.E Act:

A “National Civilian Community Corps” shall be formed under the auspices of a nebulous “Commission” with “Powers of Members and Agents… if authorized by the Commission, (to) take any action which the Commission is authorized to” … “improving the health, well-being, and economic opportunities of the neediest individuals in the Nation.”

Misc. section, #6104: (6) “ Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds” (by) (C) involv(ing) an increasing percentage of students in secondary school and out-of-school youth in the community in school-based or community based service-learning activities each year, with the goal of involving all students in secondary schools served by the local educational agency and involving an increasing percentage of the out-of-school youth in service learning activities.”  (Why not just bring back a required military draft after graduation or upon reaching age 18?  The system is already set up and proven.  It certainly is diverse with all ethic groups and socio-economic groups brought together  and taught to work together for a common goal.   It could easily be expanded to include remedial  basic education  course that I feel certain would not have “problem” students in the classes.  The military long ago leraned how to deal with trouble makers. It is called group control and trouble makers get a “blanket party”.  If you don’t know what that is ask any military person.  It is something like the old fashioned idea of community censorship of bad behavior.  AND IT WORKS.  When I was growing up my parents never worried about me  out and about in my neighborhood.  Now parents won’t let children out of their sight and  arm their homes with security systems because the community no longer censors the troublemakers. BB)

“Each program funded under this part shall be carried out over a period of three years, including one planning year (what is the planning year? Might it be the year when political correctness ala Michelle and Barry and their friend Bill Ayers is taught? BB)  and two additional grant years, with a 1-year extension possible, if the program meets performance measures developed in accordance with section 179(a) and any other criteria determined by the Corporation (AmericaCorps) . . (Note: the attempted association with the proven social network  AmeriCorp. BB)

with “Requirements” as follows: `It is the sense of Congress that the number of participants in the programs . . .  should grow to reach 250,000 participants by 2014” in service programs that combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service, including leadership and team building, to meet national and community needs” It further states that the Director determines appropriate “Uniforms” with references to “camps” revised to “campuses.” (Hitler’s Brown Shirts?? BB)

There are also references to programs at even the elementary school level in SEC. 1201, though the specific contents and supervision of these programs remain unspoken. . .”

According to FOX News, Critics oppose G.I.V.E for cramming ideology down the throats of young “volunteers” …”many of whom could be forced into service since the bill creates a “Congressional Commission on Civic Service.” Rep. Joe Wilson was one of three Republicans to oppose the legislation in committee. Wilson questioned “the utility of the cash-strapped federal government making such huge investments in what he says should be community-inspired projects and programs.” He also questioned “whether a workable, fair and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the nation.” concerned that the increased funding will be used to promote one ideology over another. “

Lee Cary of the conservative “American Thinker” summed it up best, as “turning America into one, giant, community organizer’s sandbox at enormous cost to taxpayers.”

“Like other laws moving through Congress the bill’s title – G.I.V.E.- is exactly the opposite of its meaning. Intended to work in tandem with the “Stimulus Plan” (aka “Break the American Economy”) and the “Employee (NO) Choice Act” that intrudes an International Union’s organizers into the nation’s workplaces- the G.I.V.E. Act TAKES the rights and responsibilities of local communities and the family unit and hands them over to the government lock, stock and barrel!”  (quote from   Maggies’s Notebook blog  see my blogroll.  BB)

Read more here:    And please take action now because this beginning of tyranny is before the Senate now.  BB

For more background information including Hitler’s Youth Movement go here:


Another most important report! BB SEE HERE.


26 Responses to "Obama’s Civilian National Security Force passed by House. Action needed now!"

Just think, when we first heard him tell the Nation he would have this “force,” people laughed at us for fearing that it meant far more than civic volunteers.

Yes, I remember very well as I was one who blogged long and hard to ask, “Who is this man?” No one seemed to care “who” he was and are only beginning to ask now. BB

Thank you for visiting my site. I am an avid follower of your postings and am honored that you would stop by to check out my ramblings. Brenda Bowers

does not this action have to be okd by the supreme court?

No it does not unless someone challenges the legality of it. It is an open secret that this is to be an army of radicals paid and trained with tax payer dollars to over throw the America of today for the vision of tomorrow where all are equal and all are slaves. William Ayers was/is Barry and Michelle’s mentor. But the Act as written and attaching it to the all volunteer AmeriCorp is a brilliant move on their part. BB

This post is warped. This program is designed to get kids off the streets. Instead of them selling drugs, it would be a lot better to expose them to real opportunities and life experiences. That’s all this program is.

It is not marxism. Stop pretending it is and go read a book about he subject.

I have read a great deal on this program John, including testimony of those who have come thru it as it was originally called “Public Allies”. “get kids off the streets” you say? The tell me why the program is being designed for 18 to 30 year olds? The last time I looked an 18 year old was considered an adult, and if they are “on the streets” it is because they have made some very bad choices. Besides there are many programs designed for this age group to help them “get off the streets” and get an education (Pell Grants) or maybe some other hands on training in other fields (US military).

Sorry buddy, this is just too slick and too overlapping with other programs to be anything but Obama’s agenda to radicalize the United States. BB

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

Raiul Baztepo, Thank you for stopping by my sited. Do not apologize for your English. It is as good as mine and I have been learning it for 67 years.. 🙂 Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

Thank you for your inciteful blogs, normally I don’t leave comments but I have to on this one. I don’t see this going away, the ignorance of the public is going to make 30’s germany look like a trial run. With improved technology, and an education system that has been priming the minds for 2 generations now, the possibilities are horrendous. I can only do my best to prepare my family. I truly see an exodus in my childrens future. I listened to survivors of the Nazi regime when I was a child and realize that much of what they were saying about the start is being played out today. As then, the public is not looking at the truth but listening to the lullaby of political spinning.

Your Friend and reader,
Papa Smurphy

Thank you Papa Smurphy for giving me a much needed boost. Sometimes I think I am crying in the wilderness to my friends and long time readers. But my blog stats tell me more people are logging on to my site every day so maybe there are more like you out there listening.

Being 68 and having started my political awareness life beside an old Philco radio listening to WWII news with my grandpap I have lived thru and watched this trend happening. No one is aware of it, but the worst move that was made against American’s was to do away with the draft. Yes, doing away with the armed services draft! The two year stint in the army made American loyalist out of our men. They learned to deal with all walks of life as well as learning to walk tall and be self reliant. When the draft was done away with our young men were left to mentoring each other, or the blind leading the blind. Those who went to college were submitted to the brain washing of the scum of the earth that I call the intelligentcia (by the way, I taught at the university level! lol) Our history was forgotten as well as the history of our friends and enemies of the past. Social studies took the place of history and geography in schools. Now we have too many wimps and not enough men and women in our population.

You say you see an exodus? But where to? There is nowhere on Earth to escape what is happening so the best course is to remain in the United States and fight the battle to come as your best course of action. There are still many “free” men and women about. We just have to get organized and the Internet is allowing that. Another reason we have to fight to keep control the Internet out of the hands of the President. What will happen of course if that happens is a black market Internet that we can tap into that will be much more damaging to the government than just leaving the situation as is. Geeks happen to be the most radical and freedom loving people around!

Hey, thank you for stopping by. As you know as a reader if you get me started I am on a roll. 🙂 BB

BB, Thank you for sharing your insight. Reading a bit of your blog reminded me of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Please permit me to ramble a tad. We have permitted liberalism to creep into our schools and media. We have allowed “tolerance” to dominate our culture rather than standing up for what is right. We’ve changed our language to avoid offending the timid and weak.

To borrow Alexander Tytler’s model of a nation’s natural progression, I fear that we will naturally decline from “apathy to dependency to bondage, back to spiritual faith…” How? Our have-it-now generations refuse to learn from history. This selfish attitude is self destructive. In the last 50 years, we have witnessed the decimation of two very important ingredients of a strong nation; God and family. We took God out of schools and the workplace; we took the fortitude out of men and we demanded women to work at home and latchkey kids to fend for themselves. We can thank movements and agenda’s such as women’s rights, affirmative action and so-called “separation of church and state” (which is NOT in the Consitution btw) for much of this.

Parents: It is natural for us to want our children to have a better childhood than we had, but is it really the best thing for them? Before we buy another video game for our kiddos, let’s think twice about it. Remember the paper route you had and you worked so hard to save your money for xxxxxx? Why can you still remember for first job as a kid? Those were character-building times! How do you expect your child to develop character if they can’t grow up to tell their kids about how they had to walk uphill to school both ways or deliver newspapers at 5am in 4 feet of snow before school? Character defines you and it’s what leaves a legacy on this earth after your mortal coil has passed.

It is this character: defined as morality, strength, spirit, direction, and love that has become more and more difficult to find recently. For as long as good vs evil has existed, there’s been an agenda to chip away at character. I believe that it is human nature to do nothing about it until the pressure/pain of bondage is greater than the chains of dependency.

Almost every conflict we encounter (political differences, individual arguments, law debates, wars) all can be boiled down to the fact that we all adhere to a different moral compass. Until we all can agree to the same set of moral laws, we will clash.
Should we simply make peace with this idea? By no means! I am a man of character and I will fight for what is right. That means I will never leave my wife or my children. I will raise them right. I swore to defend the Constitution of these United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! I an no longer on active duty, but I don’t recall an expiration date on that oath. And move of all, I will continue to love the Lord my God with all my heart, and with all my might, and with all my strength. And will love my neighbor as my self.

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you very Much for your comments. I did a post recently when I was really down And I did Nothing! Posted under category Me and Mine. The title says it all: I watched this all happening and I did nothing! May God and our children forgive us. BB

I can assure everyone that the military will not just stand by and allow these so called “volunteer” programs to evolve into some variant of the Nazi SS. If that does happen, they’ll get squashed. There are literally millions of Americans who would come to the aid of the military or vice versa if such a situation does in fact occur.

God have mercy on those unfortunate souls that may have to enter my home with ill intentions towards me or my family. I am in excellent physical condition and highly proficient in hand to hand combat and firearms employment. I am also a passionate supporter of Second Amendment rights.

As a freindly suggestion, buy an assualt rifle and a lot of ammunition. Start a garden and stock up on canned goods and medical supplies. Hope for the best, prepare for the rest. God bless.

Thank you for your comment and advice. I can not honestly see our American soldiers turning against the American people regardless of who commands them. In this all volunteer army I realize there are some who choose the military because of limited options at home but they usually get weeded out early if they are not of the moral strength needed to be soldiers. The vast majority of young people choosing the military are truly patriotic Americans.

Mine has been a military family. My husband retired Air Force and both children chose to serve one 4 year term; our daughter in the Air Force and our son in the Army before coming home and going to college.

Obama will recruit his “security force every bit as strong as the military” from the slums and the college campuses; neither place offering the quality of young people who make up our armed forces. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers a very proud military wife and mother.

I have a bad feeling that this world is inevitably heading to a state of horror unthinkable in the past, only dreamt of people who wanted to make it this far. I think this has been strategically been worked on over the years. I believe Hitler was just a step toward what is to come in the near future. Even though i have a feeling this horror is inevitable i will not stop fighting to keep the freedom my family deserves. My parents did not raise a naive and blind young adult. Freedom will not be lost on my watch in this world. I am 19 and if they pass and think they can get me to join this they have another thing coming.

Dear Crispy Waffles, Keep watch and stay strong!

I am 68 and I believe my generation failed yours with our willingness to be so “understanding” and “tolerant” of ‘differences”. So with our understanding and toleration we allowed the scum to rise to the top and dominate our society. We also allowed the scum to banish God from our daily public lives. This horror you anticipate is the result. As you see with my latest post “Barack Hussein Obama already has the legal authority to enslave the United States citizenry” everything is in place and this nightmare we have in the White House can act against the people any time he chooses. But as I have said, I don’t think he yet has his “army” in place because he is calling upon a part of the population who are at best cowards. He can not take over without force and if we meet his moves with equal force he will fail. Keep the faith. BB

Hey guys,

Hello from a scum of the Earth lefty college student!

I found this forum really interesting because I came to this blog expecting to disagree with most of what was said, but I actually found that that’s simply not the case.

I definitely agree with you when you say:

– “Our have-it-now generations refuse to learn from history. This selfish attitude is self destructive.”
– “Over the past 50 years, we’ve witnessed the demise of family.”
– “Remember the paper route you had and you worked so hard to save your money for xxxxxx? Why can you still remember for first job as a kid? Those were character-building times!”
– People from college campuses don’t have the moral character of those who serve in the military. (That’s simply not up for debate!)

The thing is, I think that right and left agree basically on the problems in our society. The right blames tolerance, the left blames corporate greed, but more or less we see the same problems and even propose some of the same solutions (I disagree with most ppl here – I think what Obama’s proposing is actually remarkably similar to the old drafting system, and will benefit the moral fibre of Americans similarly). The other thing we have in common is that both sides make the other out to be some kind of evil cult hell bent on destroying the modern way of life. You talk to a lot of lefties and they’ll try to tell you that if conservatives had their way they’d want to force everyone to be Christian and then go bomb all the countries that subscribe to other religions; it’s simply not true, and just creates arguments that waste our time and prevent us from actually dealing with these problems in society we all want to fix.

Obama is not some evil villain trying to enslave America any more than the far left thought Bush was. Both sides just see the same problems and want to fix them to improve America for the next generation. They have some big differences in their approaches, but there is no “good versus evil” fight going on anywhere.

James thank you for visiting my site and your well thought out comments.

I am sorry that I have to vehemently disagree with you on Obama’s agenda. If you will read more post on my blog you will understand why I fear Obama. He and his cohorts have one thing in mind and that is to turn America into a Marxist state. All the evidence points to that. Nationalizing the banking system, nationalizing the auto industry and now trying to nationalize the health care system. have you read the health care bill? perhaps you should; you will find it in one of my posts (Category: Health Care Reform) or use my search widget.

As for the subject of this post why not just bring back the two year draft? The military is very well set up to train recruits. There can be a section for homeland security training rather than combat training. The military already has a section for training non-combatant personnel. Why create another huge program and put it under an agency that has been indicted several times for fraud and misuse of appropriations and a few other misdeeds? I am speaking of ACORN.

Questions James. We need to ask questions because so much that is being done just doesn’t make sense. I am 68 years old and have been politically aware all of my life starting when I listened to the radio war news with my grandfather when I was only 4 and 5 years old. That is World War II. so I go back a long way and I have never seen anything like what is happening today in the White House or in congress. Like where did all these huge 1000+ page bills come from? they didn’t come from congress that is apparent when no one in Congress knows what is in the bills. they all just spout the few talking points they have been given.

Well some people went looking for the source of these bills and discovered they were actually written by the Apollo Alliance. This group’s board of directors is made up of people who either have been or still are affiliated with the Communist Party. Does that seem right and appropriate to you for our Congress to pass bills without reading them that were written by Communist?

Van Jones Obama’s green jobs czar is a member of the group and an avowed Communist. you should listen to a fgew of his videos.

That brings up another point: what is with all these czars? Obama has 35 of them now covering every aspect of government. No one elected these people, they were not approved by Congress as are the Secretaries of the various departments and THEY HAVE UNLIMITED POWERS to even go over the heads of the heads of the departments! No other president in history had this many unelected powerful people answerable only to him.

Ask questions and get the answers James. You whole world is at stake here. My life is almost over but you will have to live with what ever happens today.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. i enjoy talking with students. You can retire the teacher but you can not stop her from yearning to teach. :). BB

Thank you BB for your worthwhile comments’ I am going on 78 and enjoying educating myself now when working long hours for social security & taxes never gave me time to check out facts. Jesus last words before ascending was to “be not decieved in the latter days”…. First, we allow a cult religion designed by a socalled prophet hiding in caves from christians to declare his new diety named Allah from a book he calls qu’ran or Koran. His god will reward those who kill all who will not be of their religious/? rather ideologies beliefs! Virgins and sumptious feasts are your rewards? No sin or redemption mentioned? Today Americans are dupped into allowing a false cult to use our laws to deny christians their civil rights founded by christian forefathers, changing freedoms and personal rights. Now if we look back at what this socialist De-organizer of communities desired when he wanted to change things-many never read what he wanted to change! Like his own personal army, Navy and Airforce equal to that of the nations. A uniformed Youth army to report on parents? Sound like a guy named Adolf? A dictator is what he had in mind and his arrogance, lies deception he learned from his [holy] Koran and his financial backing by unseen figures lurking in the background are allowing this to happen, but blacks are opening their eyes seeing that his own family in Kenya suffer from his selfless personal desires and jobless is only a part of his desire to be in complete control. We must not allow this to happen even with all the secret Executive orders he attains! o assination attempt will be made on his like–if it were to be orchastrated it would be a reality- not just a hoax to delay the election process. Stay alert America

I fear any assassination will be of Mitt Romney if it appears Obama might lose the election. i wonder what would happen at that point? Would Obama win by forfeit? Would there be another election set with the second runner up, or Santorum as the Republican nominee?
Our country is on the brink of being destroyed beyond any hope of recovery. Even if Romney wins and all sis done to reverse what Obama has done ( which it will not be because politicians are all power hungry after all is said and done) but if by the Grace of God good people are able to prevail then it will take decades to cleanse our government of his evil.

I am 71 today in fact and have always been interested in watching politics between trying to make a living, raise and family and do a bit of good along the way. From the beginning I was concerned about this man from nowhere with no past and a locked up history except for the things that could not be locked up like attending a church for 22 years of a minister who hates America. So I started to blog what I could find out about him. I do not blame people for voting
for him the first time. they were simple naive and uneducated and too busy making a life to really look into the man as I was doing. They wanted to believe in Hope and Change. But anyone still following him is simply 1. evil also, 2 stupid beyond belief or 3. brain dead. (From the number of dead people who voted for him in 2008 this is an accurate statement!) BB

Isn’t it beyond the obvious, that Obama and Biden have built their campaign on adding more voter bases in need of a voice and acceptance against the good of the foundation that this country was built?! Why else would Obozo suddenly endorse gay rights to marriage…quicker immigration laws to any Spanish speaking immigrant south of our borders! Obama is in contempt of my constitution when he issues a restraining order against opening the files on Holder and the administrations involvement into the “Fast and Furious” scandal…I could go on and on…but why ramble, in my heart lies the Holy Spirit of our Heavenly Father, and I can tell you, He is not pleased with any man who hides the cross at Universities that he speaks at, and continues to slander the Living Word under the twisting of the “Separation of State,” law that was never intended to remove the word of God from our public institutions…and any person who believes and allows 3rd trimester abortions is a murderer of life…these two acts alone will send this man into the Lake of Fire, unless he repents of all his sins! I tell all of you my friends, this man is Evil and an Abomination to the free rights and the original intentions of man kind that our Christian forefathers brought to our Country,as far back as Columbus! Isn’t it all obvious to those of us who have a greater sense of discernment from the Holy Spirit of God, that something is very wrong?! I gave up praying for this current administration, my prayers now go out to God to replace and remove the Evil current administration and Chief Liar, with a positive and charismatic leader who understands and knows how to help restore the good standing of a Country that I defended and served. I want my country back, and out of the hands of this inept Administration and false Leader…Amen. Only with the acceptance of God, can one ever receive His grace and mercy, and receive the real truth…His light and His Love…it is time to wake up America and disallow this evil cancer that is destroying this great Country that was a Blessing from God.

With all His Blessings….GWFII

Thank You for visiting my blog and supporting those of us who know Obama and what he is doing to our country. GET OUT THE VOTE! MAKE SURE YOUR, YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS AND ANYONE YOU CAN DRIVE TO THE POLLS VOTE! START A VOTER CAR POOL! Sincerely, BB

the writing is on the wall, so to speak. i am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, and that he will return soon to rapture His true followers. Let any who read this turn to Him while there is still time! Some very troublesome times are coming on the USA, and the whole world, for that matter.

things are indeed bad and I too am very afraid. Maybe, just maybe the decent human beings who are left can still turn things around and save us all. I can only pray. BB

I think one of the biggest problems is that we still have people who feel a black president is a great thing because it shows how far America has come in providing equal opportunities. O.K. So, now that we have shown how anyone can become president, let’s truly elect someone who can lead this country towards once again being a respected God-fearing nation. Let’s not let others call us racist when we chose to vote for a leader not based on color. If this president were white, he would still not be in office.

If Obama had been white he would have been impeached in his second year for breaking the laws of our land. he has broken law after law and no one does or says a thing. This latest in lying to the American people about the attack in Libya and then covering it up even after 4 people were killed by his administrations bad policies and failure to protect our people serving under him is beyond the grounds for impeachment. I hope the truth comes out about all this. The ambassador was begging for some kind of protection before he was killed and he was refused. Heads should roll for this and the heads that made the decision were those at the top: Obama and Hillary.

Did you notice that Hillary refused to go on the talk shows and lie about the cause of the attack? She did give a press conference and made a $70 million ad to play in Pakistan blaming the film but she refused to go on the talk shows and they had to haul out the UN ambassador. I am expecting her to finally break under all this now that those mean were killed because of her and Obama’s decisions. BB

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