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Hot Topics Around the World

Posted on: March 24, 2009

  1. Quiet Muslim-Only Town in N.Y. Founded by Alleged Terrorist

  2. A massive terrorist attack is averted just in the nick of time

  3. See previous post for this stories and my intro.

  1. Poland Fears Betrayal

Is it any wonder that the world is now looking at their once trusted ally  with distrust?  President  Obama  sold out the Polish people when he told the Russians he would not put the missile shield base in Poland.  This is our nation’s shame!

“Alliances: The U.S. has expressed a willingness to barter away missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Now the Polish foreign minister says he hopes his country doesn’t regret trusting the United States.”

Obama seeks filter-free news

This is an interesting story about Obama and his treatment of the news media who elected him by giving him positive news showing 65% of the time over the 35% they gave McCain.  He is going over the heads of the traditions White House News reporters and directly to  Progressive reporters and radio shows  in his effort to get favorable news out to the people about his programs.   I think he may be cutting off his nose.  You know what they say about a woman scorned?  Well it hain’t nothing compared to a media supporters scorned.

  1. Thomas Sowell: Columnist Cheap Political Theater

LOL Thomas Sowell talks about the farce  comedy Congress put on over the AIG bonuses.  I also  did a post on this.   It’s a good read as he shows Barney Frank and Senator Dodd for who they are in reality.  By the way, most of the bonuses have been returned to AIG.

Beltway Arrogance and Blind Faith

You may want to read this article as David Limbaugh is a good writer.  He is merely enumerating the arrogant and irresponsible actions taken by Congress in the past to bring us to the edge of this cliff,  and now their actions in seeing that we fall over.

Ward Churchill Testimony: U.S. Deserved 9/11

Not worth reading.  Ward Churchill is that  University of Colorado professor who called the 9/11 victims Nazis and then was later fired for plagiarism.

  1. British Gov’t At Odds With Country’s Largest Islamic Group

This is an interesting article  in view of the two articles I read last week.  One actually was a video of British police officers running from a Muslim mob shouting  terrorist slogans.  This isn’t like the Bobbies who are general a rough bunch so they had to be following orders not to arouse the Muslims by taking control.

The article was about how the British government’s  top person in charge of deciding how to deal with Muslims was all for “understanding their needs”.    I guess what Obama and Hillary are suffering from has crossed the Atlantic Ocean!  But apparently someone  in the government has a bit more sense.

Geithner Plan Surfaces by Jed Babbin

“Geithner’s plan is a highly complex version of what then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson proposed (and then abandoned) last fall. And it comes just a week after the Federal Reserve acted in apparent frustration at the Obama administration’s inaction. ”   Just making the tax payer pick up the tab for all the stupid, greedy bankers.  BB

Congress Gone Wild – And The White House, Too By George Will

Good article .  One quote that we (US) had better take seriously:

“Another embarrassing auditor of US misgovernment is China, whose premier has rightly noted the unsustainable trajectory of America’s high-consumption, low-savings economy. He has also expressed sensible fears that his country’s $1 trillion-plus of dollar-denominated assets might be devalued by America choosing, as banana republics have done, to use inflation for partial repudiation of improvidently incurred debts.”

New calls for the release of a Pentagon report on former Gitmo detainees.

“Of the approximately 250 detainees currently at Guantanamo, no more than a handful could be counted as “folks that we just swept up.” And yet it is the policy of the Obama administration to release some 20 percent of them so that they might “make a future for themselves” back in their home countries. The vast majority of that 20 percent are individuals with known ties to al Qaeda or like-minded terrorist groups — many of them having been recruited by al Qaeda, hosted in al Qaeda safehouses and trained in al Qaeda camps.”

Geithner Plan Will Rob US Taxpayers

The title speaks for itself.  This man really should be locked up somewhere before he does any more damage.  But first I think we tax payers should demand he pay his back taxes. BB

Will Obama Listen to Iran’s Bloggers?

Obama’s olive leaf offered to Iran on bended knee  was rebuffed.  A real black eye and slap at the United States.   Obama is being seen as an ass not only by Americans but all over the world after this stunt.  However Iran has bloggers too and this author wonders if the President will listen to the bloggers.  You see bloggers all over the world are like American bloggers–activists. BB

Time to speak up about Britain’s Islamists

I mentioned above the article I had read about the British appear to be wanting to “understand” the terrorist.  Well this is a good article about that plan from the mouth of Gordon Brown himself.

“…The strategy will also “address the longer-term causes – understanding what leads people to become radicalised, so we can stop the process”. And that was about it for prevent.

There was not a single mention of the undeniable truth that the extremists who will actually carry out atrocities live among us and need to be confronted here and now. According to Mr Brown, “we are developing a strategy to tackle the terrorist threat by tackling the underlying causes, the extremist madrassas and the lawless spaces in which terrorists recruit or train”. Not here, mind you, but in Pakistan. His only mention that this may have anything to do with British-based radical Islamism was a reference to “a violent extremist ideology based on a false reading of religion”.”


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Thank you. I don’t write all my articles anymore I usually just pass on articles written by professionals and add my little asides. I read sometimes a dozen newspapers and that many newsletters daily then pass on information I think my readers may not know or have seen. But thank you foir the comment. BB

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