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>>American Thinker Blog: Sunshine scares academic-labor complex

Posted on: October 12, 2009

American Thinker Blog: Sunshine scares academic-labor complex

Academics are accustomed to zero public accountability for their use of public funds. In the leftist hothouse on campus, serving the cause of the left is often seen as a question of simple morality. The doctrine of academic freedom has been perverted into lack of accountability. Trustees and regents are told to keep their noses out of overseeing the relevance or utility of academic work (which is their responsibility), leading to the proliferation of marginal and nonsense fields like postmodernism and queer studies, which waste money on worthless research, while failing to educate the students in anything useful.

The Academics, or Intelligentsia as I have been in the habit of calling them,  feel they are above reproach.  They are not only offended to be asked to account for their actions,  they are outraged that the peons would dare.  This attitude has always been present in those who feel superior to the “mobs” due to their supposed superior intellect.  The difference being in the past these “superior ones” were fanatic supporters of moral values, the Constitution as written by our founding fathers and the American work ethic.  We could live with these moral bigots because the values they espoused were those of  all patriots.  If their methods were a bit over the top that was okay too.
Now however these same fanatical beings who consider themselves the natural rulers of the nation and ultimately the world due to their supposed superior intellect have become indoctrinated throughly into Marxism.   They are turning out teachers and social workers by the thousands who hold these same values and are busy indoctrinating our children.  They too are offended when asked to account for their actions.  See you local schools, school administration and school boards.  Again and again school boards and school administrations are asked by the public to account for the waste of funds, or to explain why a certain offensive lessons are taught in the schools.  Example: teaching 5 year olds about masturbation, singing praises to Obama,  justifying homosexual  actions, unions and  families,.  spending more time teaching Islam than teaching Christianity ( isn’t this a church and state issue the liberals are so uptight about?  apparently not!)    Parents dare not question these actions on the part of the schools.
I can not completely blame the school because the schools are deluged with these off shoots of morality demanding their rights while main stream America sits tight in their little worlds unknowing and seemingly uncaring as to what their children are being exposed to.  Wake up America these are you kids!   It will take you to break the stone wall of Academia.
I might add that the brain washing is especially harmful in the majority Black schools  and colleges.  These places are hot beds of radical liberalism, bigotry and Leftist activism. ( see:  Upward Bound Is Down… Radical Sexual Indoctrination of Kids Is In BB

Note: several studies have been made whereby the same tests the students are given are given to the teachers.  the failure rate of the students is just a bit under the failure rate of the teachers!   This after four years under the care of the Leftist Academia.    Those of you sending your kids to a four year college should take a serious look at what they are being taught by having a serious discussion with you children.  You might want to reconsider and send them to a trade school or community college where they will probably get a useful education and not an indoctrination.  The serious Academic avoids teaching in these schools as they are beneath them. Therefore you child just may get a down to earth honest to goodness unindoctrinate  instructor.  BB

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