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>>Obama Administration trying to shut down Fox News

Posted on: October 13, 2009

I have never in my life  seen or heard anything like what the Obama Administration is trying to do to a news outlet.  Never!  Then again this administration has broken a lot of new ground in it’s methods of governing. The people had better wake up!  This is how all dictatorships take over,  by first silencing any source of the truth from getting to the people.  Fox News is the only TV station offering the truth.  All the others were infiltrated and are being used by the government, first to elect what should by any sanity at all have  been an unelectable. Now by trying to poison the public against the only  people still trying to bring you and me the news of what is really happening.

When I say what is really happening I am not talking for only myself because  all the evidence is out there. Example:  the regular news media called the September March on Washington   “tens of thousands” of marchers and finally settled on “60 or 70 thousand marchers”.  The many pictures of the crowd including aerial views proved this estimate to be wrong by “tens of thousands”!

I especially want you to take note of  the quoted words of FCC czar Mark Lloyd below his picture.  Remember too this is the man who praise Chevas and his destruction of the media in Venezuela.

See also:  White House Escalates War of Words With Fox News

Keeping The Cable Guys Honest

By repeating the lie that Fox News is biased enough, the White House is softening up the public to accept its future attack on Fox as “lacking diversity”  and therefore in need of government intervention. The redoutable Glenn Beck has flushed out this strategy whose general is the FCC “diversity commissioner” Mark Lloyd.

The Political Equivalents of “Nigger”

I call this tactic — which is the main strategy of the left — the “political equivalent of “nigger.” The term “nigger” as everyone knows was used to dehumanize blacks and exclude them from decent society and therefore from the respect and rights normally accorded to members of decent society. The terms “racist” “sexist” and “homophobe” and now “Islamophobe” are all used that way by the left. If Fox is biased, it is socially diseased and has to be cured — which Mark Lloyd will be happy to do.

2009 October 12



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Even if Fox News isn’t telling the truth they are expressing dissent towards this administration and THAT is what the White House is trying to silence. They don’t care whether or not its the truth. What Baucus did with Humana was pretty disturbing and I would contend unconstitutional but there was very little coverage even from conservatives on that one. Combine these two incidents together and you start to see a trend that hopefully will be able to be stopped soon or there will come a time (sooner rather later most likely) that no one will be able to disagree with the progressives.

I feel that the vast majority of Americans if they finally become aware of what is happening will fight for our freedom of speech. The fanatics are a very small minority who were able to get into these positions of power because the public was sleeping and/or going along because it was “democratic” and everyone has a right to their own views. Americans just got too sure of their liberties and felt that no group could overthrow our government. Well the far Left with the help of the main stream media and the schools and universities were able to foist an incompetent good reader of the teleprompter on us. Once the American public wakes up there will be hell to pay. I truly believe this and that I why I sit here day after day doing this blog hoping to alert someone out there. BB

Put down the crack pipe and move away from the table.

LOL LOL And I thank you too jomama. BB

Um, well Fox News is outrageously biased. That can’t really be argued. But if the admin Really Was going to try and shut down Fox News, maybe the person who wrote this should take a history class and look at laws passed by Wilson that let the government imprison people for speaking out against the government and I believe FDR did it too. And I’m a registered Republican but the taking away of freedoms began with the Patriot Act under a Republican President

Corey, I wrote this and as a 68 year old with a Masters in history I certainly feel qualified to comment here. Yes, George Bush under the Patriot Act WHICH CONGRESS APPROVED did push to the limit but in the act of trying to save our buns and not in the act of trying to silence FREE SPEECH of American citizens.

As for Wilson and FDR you have just named two American Presidents who were the forerunners of the monster we now have in office and who as you have implied made it possible for him to do the things he is now doing.

You need to pay closer attention to just who you are defending and those he has surrounded himself with in the White House. The entire roster of special no one elected and Congress did not approve, CZARS. These people all have vast powers to take actions against the American people and they ALL have past associations with socialist/Marxist organizations. Do your homework and look these people up.

As for FOXNEWS being biased, well Dear I must disagree with you on that also. I feel they are the only news organization actually reporting the news. They were the only ones who reported tens of thousands of people across the country at the Tea Party rallies for instance while the other networks totally ignored and later made fun of these people.

Later after getting bad feed back and losing viewers they did start doing some reporting of these people who were out protesting federal government actions. So the Main stream Media reported “tens of thousands” of people in the Sept. 12 March on Washington. The aerial photos actually showed the crowds to far outnumber those who attended Obama’s innauguration which was reported to be 1.8 million.

And, FOXNEWS ratings have gone from last place to five times that of their nearest competition which is CNN. Google tv News ratings and see for yourself. Now do you really think you know more than several million Americans who have voted by turning off ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN to switch to FOX NEWS because they are biased? BB

This is so obnoxious. Tell me. How is Obama trying to silence or shut down fox news? By posting on a blog about how he thinks they’re obviously republican dogs? Or maybe by allowing members of his administration to say things like “Let’s not pretend it’s an actual news source…”?

Fox News is allowed to have and share its opinions on anything it wants. So why is it such a travesty when any politician has and shares an opinion about Fox News?

Stop being so god damned malleable, and go get some facts for yourself.

Micheal I’ve got the “facts”. I am sure however that you do not. Any politician can share their opinions about anything because this is America and we believe in and defend free speech. Or that is some of us do. Apparently you are not one of these as you are defending the Obama White House staff and a President who has appointed an FCC czar who say things like, “The purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance” and who admits his admiration for Hugo Chavez and how he shut down the radio and TV networks that were against him in Venezuela.

FACTS Michael, just FACTS. BB

You use the same example for every arguement, “So the Main stream Media reported “tens of thousands” of people in the Sept. 12 March on Washington. The aerial photos actually showed the crowds to far outnumber those who attended Obama’s innauguration which was reported to be 1.8 million,” one that is irrelevant. It’s also quite clear that your main method of rhetoric is ad hominem… attacking the opponent’s character besides asking the question. Before you attempt to remove the twig from somebody else’s eye, please remove the log from your own.

What the HELL is wrong with you people? Are you so in udder aww and twitterpated with Obama that you can’t comprehend or recognize simple FACTS???? Everything that brendabowers has said is true and based on FACTS! Don’t believe me? Then frickin copy and past some key points she has mentioned in Google and prepare to be amazed at what comes up!

“They were the only ones who reported tens of thousands of people across the country at the Tea Party rallies for instance while the other networks totally ignored and later made fun of these people.”

That is a lie. Other networks DID cover it, then FNC took out a full page ad in the Washington Post to push the lie you just repeated. The difference is Fox CREATED and PROMOTED this protest, which means they are no longer just a news network. I feel really sorry for you, because you are clearly brainwashed. MSNBC and Fox News are pulling the country apart, and turning reasonable people into SUCKERS like you!

I am stunned by the blind devotion of the people posting here in support of Nobama. Unfortunately it will be too late by the time you realize what freedoms this administration has and will take from us. And it is our children that will suffer the consequences. My biggest problem is, like BB, with the Czars. They have not been through any vetting process, and only thanks to Fox’s efforts did we manage to get Van Jones to step down. They are all RADICALS. That is the problem. No middle of the road guys. They are as far left as left can get. There has been no transparency as promised. No bi-partisan efforts. No honesty. THey are so afraid we are going to figure out what’s really going on that they are using every chance they can to deflect from themselves. Did they really not hear us at the Tea Parties, at the Town Hall Meetings, and on September 12????? Of course they did. They simply don’t care. They don’t care about the crushing debt and they don’t care about the crushing tax increases. They have taken off their masks and exposed themselves as devoted Socialists and they are salivating at the opportunities ahead of them to control our whole society. One day they will have destroyed all the “rich” people. Then who do you think they will tax to continue their programs?? You.

Gee, I took the weekend off and came back to this. LOL loving it! For those who feel I am drinking the kool aid: I have presented facts that can be easily verified. You have presented rancor. It still amazes me how many of you are still out there after 9 months of Obama and the Democrats creating overwhelming debt that our nation will never be able to pay, taking over private companies against the Constitution in the name of “saving them”, and conspiring with the United Nations and European Union to hand our sovereignty over to the United Nations under the Obama sponsored bill on Global Poverty in which the United States pays for the “great damage” we have done to the Earth and the worlds people. These and so much more has been reported in this blog. All facts of which can be verified elsewhere as accurate if one but looks for the truth.

lulz said, “1. I am not a supporter of any political party. Anybody who blindly places their trust in a political party is a fool, government should never be trusted and constantly kept in check by the people.” Well, neither do I trust government lulz. And neither did the founding fathers, and that is why we have the three branch government set up so as to check and balance each other. That is also why the powers of the federal government were so limited in our Constitution with the individual states having the most power. Unfortunately the states have been bought out and have released their powers to the federal government for the dollar. Some are now seeing that power corrupts as they are now faced with a corrupt federal government.

I certainly wish to thank Christian and AG for coming to my defense. The truth shall prevail in the end I am sure because the American people are not stupid sheep. They are not all yet awakened. many who have awakened are trying to learn the truth and have a great deal of catching up to do before they can understand what is happening. they do however know that Obama and cohorts are not to be trusted. BB

The day that free speech is taken from us is the day true Americans rise up in revolution to overthrow the tyrant. There is a very, very dark cloud looming on the horizon of this great country and I fear things will get far worse before and if they ever improve. I can only pray that history fails to repeat itself.

Bedred, there are many of us who have these fears. Being Americans we are trying the ballot box as our first remedy (this past weeks elections in Va., NJ, and even the contest in NY where an unknown independent with no political experience got a good showing at 44% of the vote.) I feel however that if the ballot box doesn’t get the governments attention then there will be rioting in the streets. I hate for it to come to violence but the alternative is losing our rights as Americans.

thank you for stopping by my site. BB

Thank God for talk radio, the internet and Fox News. Without them the bloodless communist coup would have succeeded

They still might since they have gotten so much power. I only hope enough American patriots have become awake and involved. BB

All of you, except for the poster named Drake, are exactly what is wrong with this republic of the USA.

You guys get sucked into this FAKE left/right paradigm designed to split the people of the Nation apart and turn us against one another. There’s hardly any difference between the Left & the Right in today’s world and the sooner you people wake up, the better we will all be.

Obama is just a continuation of lil’ Bush… Both puppets!

Get your heads out of your ass*s!

LOL at you guys fighting one another while The C.F.R. & The Bilderberg Group run this Nation into a global state…..

We are trying to save our nation from the Global state. Personally I would rather go down fighting than rolling over and being raped. You do what suits you best . BB

The vast majority of Americans who watch TV news programs disagree with you. FOXNEWS rating are 5 times greater than their nearest competitor CNN. Are you saying all these millions of people are being taken in? just two years ago FOXNEWS was at the bottom of the list and now they are on top because they do report the news while the others have been and continue to worship Obama.

Educate yourself! BB

We would probably all get high ratings if we lied and manipulated the American public. Fox News is a JOKE!!!! If you want to talk about credibility, Fox is constantly getting hammered on creating false propaganda. Everyone’s bashing Obama because he had to take over the country after that embarassment who got us into this mess (G DUBYA) left. Anyone going into this situation would have the same problems and its sad this is how people treat a leader who has done more in his first week as president than G DUBYA did in 8 YEARS!!!!!!! you should all be ashamed of yourselfs. DOWN WITH FOX NEWS!!!!!!


Please don’t breed.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry Real, two of my eggs were fertilized and my off spring are happily doing their part filling out the population. In fact my grand children are starting, so you see my genes are being passed on. However since I am now 68 and have had my female innards removed you can rest easy that there will be no more directly from me. 🙂


Hey don’t look now Look but I have used many of those videos on this site to illustrate my point. Yes I was raised in a very closed minded family of die hard Democrats. They are the reason I did open my eyes and study history and began to see the first The One they worshiped (Franklin Roosevelt) was also a traitor to his country. He started this mess and Ponzi scheme called Social Security that has now met it’s Waterloo of having fewer workers paying in what needs to be paid out to retired people. Now the current tax payers (who are also the workers paying into Social Security by the way) will have to pay more taxes so the worthless Treasury Notes the government replaced the actual social Security funds with as IOU’s. This draw down of funds will take the Ponzi scheme to 2020 now that baby boomers are retiring and then the Ponzi Scheme falls apart.

George Bush didn’t get us into this mess. In his first year in office Obama has spent three times what Bush spent in his 8 years in office war and all! In fact Obama’s first budget last year was more than all the yearly Presidential budgets ever written from Washington to Bush!

It is you who needs to read and learn. Millionsd of Americans have and that is why they have dropped the other news networks and made FOXNEWS number one. FOXNEWS leads its nearest competitor,CNN, by a margin of 5 to 1. I am in good company Look.

Now I suggest you simply leave my site and never again return because I don’t have time for fools. BB

Wow…way to misinterpret what freedom of speech is. I don’t think Brenda is a functionary of the government nor does she have the power to censure you. However she does have the right to boot you from her private sector owned and operated blog if she so desires.
Oh and just as a BTW…most of the closed minded people I have met in my life are the condescending, self aggrandizing, “enlightened” people such as yourself who constantly tell others how closed minded they are.

Dan, I did a boot before reading your comment so am happy you too see the need for it. I am quite willing to allow different points of view on this blog. In fact, I encourage them because I might learn something or be referred to a site of interest. I would have allowed Look’s comment to stand except for the personal attacks which i will not accept.

It always amazes me that people like Look are so sure they are right but can not ever give convincing arguments or even simple answers as to why they are right. It is simply a harangue and attack. BB

Ted or Look, I don’t believe I am judging too fast. FOXNEWS is not the only news outlet I use. In fact if you want the real low down on Obama the foreign press is the best source because they have no reason to be bias unless they are just bias against the United States in general (I don’t credit Muslim news outlets at all). I do not credit ABC, NBS, MSNBC or CBS These stations upset me with their biased coverage of Obama against McCain during the elections. then after the elections they boldly admitted they had given Obama better and more coverage. Then they totally lost me when they made fun of the Tea Party Rallies. Americans had gathered to protest high taxes and big spending and the media makes fun of them?! This is fair and balanced reporting?? Millions of people across the country and almost a million protest in Washington (the crowd spread back one mile from the capital!) and yet Time Magazine in its round up of the year did not mention the Tea Party Protest as being an event in 2009?!

Ted or Look, just go away okay. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

March 21, 2010 – March for America; 200,000 people call for comprehensive immigration reform
(Not the type Arizona has adopted)

October 11, 2009 – National Equality March. Approximately 200,000 people demonstrated in support of equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.


September 12, 2009 – Taxpayer March on Washington; ABC news estimated the crowd size between 60,000 and 70,000.

Why don’t these other marches receive any attention? They drew larger crowds, but they never received any attention from the media. The Tea party fits perfectly into the National news narrative. Every channel even msnbc talks about the tea baggers (the original name before it was changed for obvious reasons)

I think its funny that people are now beginning decry what is happening to the budget

Contributions from Presidents during the last 30 years when the budget exploded:

Reagan: $3.1 Trillion (cut taxes, no spending cuts)
Bush I: $1.3 Trillion (4yrs, raised taxes)
Clinton: $1.67 (8yrs, but ended w/ surplus)
Bush II: $4.36 Trillion contribution (8yrs, gave surplus back to the rich instead of paying down deficit)

without going into too much detail

Obama was doomed before he even took office he inherited the deficit. The economy tanked, We have to finance two wars.

Social security needs to be readjusted to fit the new average lifespan.

Healthcare is a mess, because private insurance and pharmaceutical companies have corrupted the system and stand to make massive profits at the expense of American taxpayers
Insurance companies have infiltrated medicare and have found great ways to milk the system for money.

The environment is in horrible condition. There is a floating trash pile in the pacific twice the size of texas. The PH of the ocean has decreased by 30% in the last century from all of the garbage that is deteriorating in oceans worldwide.

I bring this up because you probably don’t believe in global warming, but this cannot be denied, twisted or falsified by an organization like fox news. The other more liberal news outlets aren’t any better. Most major outlets survive by relying on advertising from the businesses which create all these problems. No news organization would challenge their main source of income.

People have the right to be mad about what is happening, but I think the Tea party is out of touch with what needs to happen in order to fix all these problems

The Tea party may have a lot of vocal supporters but their is no substance to the message. The Tea party feeds off public anger and distrust. Conservative commentators like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’reilly try to rally the crowd so they can make millions from book deals and speaking appearances

Tv isn’t a good way to get news, and the internet isn’t perfect either. Peer reviewed scholarly sources of information are the best sources. Anyone with a Masters degree knows this. Institutes, Government organizations and popular sources like newspapers, magazines, tv cannot be relied upon.

” TV isn’t a good way to get news, and the internet isn’t perfect either. Peer reviewed scholarly sources of information are the best sources. Anyone with a Masters degree knows this. Institutes, Government organizations and popular sources like newspapers, magazines, tv cannot be relied upon.”
I disagree with much that you have said Nate but I do agree with the last statement and that is why I find at least three sources to verify anything I put on my blog altho I usually only use one source as a reference.

As for “scholarly review” you have to pick and choose very carefully in using these resources. I was using the Sunshine Foundation reports as verification until recently when I found out that George Soros (Mr. Communist Himself!) was once source of funding for the Sunlight Foundation. Soros DOES NOT want the light of day on his activities I assure you.

The Tea Party March on Washington was not 60-70 thousand. The crowd stretched from the Capitol thru the Mall and down Pennsylvania Avenues for almost a mile. Do a google search and the videos are out there to prove the Tea Party Patriots are out there big time. They are not a political party and do not intend to become a political party. The members have many views on what this country needs and only a few in common like NO MORE TAXES. And if you have been following the elections so far this year you will note that the Tea Party Patriots have had a significant influence on them.

Nzate, I could take each one of your statements and show you facts and figures but I have already done that many times on this site. Most of our problems have been caused by government not by big business. The politicians were making deal;s with big business to make more money. that’s what businesses do: make money. The politicians and our government is the culprit because they are there to protect the people and they have sold us down the river for their own power and money.

If you want to know more about what the government has done to the people over the past 70+ years then go to the bottom of this page and click on any topic and my posts on that subject will come up. I don’t just post my ideas but give my readers other references and sources so they can check the facts for themselves.

By the way, FOXNEWS is the ONLY news that does give you the news. Try taping FOXNEWS and then comparing it to the news you watch for a week or so and you will see for yourself. BB

PEER REVIEWED Scholarly sources not, “Scholary review” are under constant scrutiny, and if George Soros put something into the academic community then what he wrote will be thoroughly reviewed. If anything is incorrect or misleading then whoever publishes Soros has the right to redact or revise his statement, and they will, because their reputation is on the line. Fox makes mistakes reporting the news and so do other news organizations, but the damage is done, and when they redact a statement it makes little difference.

You still didn’t address the enormity of the other marches

Environmental degradtion, which is the result of lax government oversight (Tea Partiers want less government, but don’t address these environmental concerns)

Obama’s Deficit which the tea partiers scream about. Obama actually cut taxes as part of the economic stimulus last year.

The Tea Party wants to cut taxes, but they also want to decry budget deficits

So then they say we need to end programs like social security and medicare.

The costs of medicare, and health care in general would have been greatly reduced if at the very least a public option were provided. A public option would have greatly reduced the deficit, because money wouldn’t flow to private insurance companies.

If we cut medicare, and the federal government provides no alternative then states have to step in, but most states can’t or don’t have the infrasctructure to approach healthcare themselves.

So in the event that no government intervention is taken to fix healthcare. People have to go to emergency departments to receive care, and if they can’t pay for their bill, then the government has to pick up the tab otherwise hospitals ER’s couldn’t function. This is going to add to the cost of healthcare in the coming years and will contribute to budget deficits.

Tea partiers want lower taxes and less government oversight, but what will happen to the healthcare system if medicaid is cut, what about the environment, and what about the economy. Lower taxes and less oversight means that bankers can act more freely. Low taxes lead to boom and bust cycles of recessions, and growth. An unregulated market if left to its own devices without enough government intervention will produce economic catastrophes like the great depression, and last years financial meltdown. The Tea Party advocates an economic system free of constraints. That was what happened in the 20′s. We had three conservative presidents who all cut taxes, and everything was fine until the stock market crashed in 29′ and the depression took hold. The government did nothing to solve the problem, and everything fell apart. That is what happens. This Boom and bust cycle, and all these deficits started when Reagan lowered taxes in the 80′s. Cutting taxes will not fix the current problems we have. Deficits are normal in a capitalist economy like what we have ask any economist. The basis of capitalism is borrowing to finance growth. It is a system of rapid change and fluctuation, and the volatility of the economy is controlled by tax rates. Ideally an economy wants slow steady and consistent growth. Lower taxes won’t provide any stability.

The Tea Partiers want to cut taxes and they want smaller government, but they don’t understand the issues, and fox fumes the flames. Tea Partiers aren’t willing to take the steps that are needed to fix these issue

The sunshine foundation isn’t a peer reviewed resource anyway

I agree politicians are there for the people, but if people have no real knowledge of how to fix healthcare, the economy, budget deficits how can the government function effectively? The tea party approach to healthcare, the economy and the budget is full of disconnects. Lower taxes and close budget deficits?? Lower taxes haven’t created a vibrant economy to close deficit gaps. The people need to do their part to stay informed fox news provides no substantive ideas to reconcile these problems. As for Tea partiers not being apart of any party why is there always a republican speaking at tea party rallies.

Also please address the trash in the oceans. If we build our economy by polluting the world we are only making things worse for future generations. The tea party cares about the future of deficits, but what about the environment?

The average tea partier appears to have the mindspan of a fly. They have no idea how to solve any of the issues facing our nation the only thing they know how to do is say they are mad. Please tell me how the tea party plans to reconcile some of these issues, because from what I’ve seen the tea party is destroying this country. They don’t understand the issues and they obstruct Progress.

I want a public option for healthcare, because it will bring down deficits, and I want the tax rate for people making over $200,000 to be raised, because the bush tax breaks have done nothing to stimulate the economy. I’m tempted to say the breaks were a ploy so bush could buy the 2000 election.

I don’t want to allow businesses to pollute indiscriminantly.

If we passed campaign finance reform business would have a much harder time bribing politicians.

What does the tea party expect tax breaks for the rich to solve? They don’t understand these issues.

You brought up the global poverty bill earlier. Why is the us allowed to trash the ocean and get away with it?? What about global warming?? Our consumption is destroying the future of developing nations. The us needs to take responsibilty for what it has done to the world. I have only addressed environmental concerns, but there are others. If you want to fight terrorism bills like this are a good way for the us to exercise soft power and gain some goodwill around the world. Consider it an investment on that basis alone.

Please Brenda, this is your blog, why not try addressing these issues?? I would love to hear what you have to say about the enironment or healthcare

and how the tea party wants to cut taxes and reduce the deficit while leaving the economy alone so it can work things out for itself…

Nate, I have taken time to transfer all. of your comments to just one comment so as not to clutter up my comment column with your gravatar. In the future please make all your comments on one post in one comment block. 🙂 BB

Again I disagree with so much that you have said and I have certainly addressed all of these issues in depth and numerous times and with references. One commenter above said it best: take any one of my points made, google it and see the results.

All I have to say about the government being more able to run programs than the private sector is 1) US Post Office 2) medicare, 3) Medicare, 4) transportation and Amtrac 5) and the beat goes on and on and one as you name any department. The costs are high, the waste is plentiful and the results are okay but at what costs??

The only thing I know that the government runs well is the military and even there the defense department has found its cost far outweigh the efficiency. So as a result many of the services offered by the military have been privatized. One example: as military retired benefits we get our prescription drugs at a lower costs. This has been privatized. Companies bid for the program and are awarded based on the best for the costs. We get our 90 day supply of drugs for one of four prices: $3, $9. $11, OR $22. THAT IS IT! A private company is making money and supply the military retirees with their drugs (this even includes postage). If the government had wanted to supply Seniors with cheaper drugs they had an excellent example right in front of them with this program; instead the Congressmen wanted to rewards their campaign contributors and con the Seniors (two birds with one stone!) so they set up the Senior Drug Program that the promised would reduce the price of drugs (The Republicans who DID NOT set up a plan to negotiate price. And later the Democrats who were going to ” improve” the program but who offered the same deal with no provision to monitor or negotiate costs). But that is the government conceived by congressmen covering their butts while making their fortunes; and private companies making a profit, paying their investors dividends and paying off their bought Congressmen.

To answer another question, or comment as it were, I try not to cover well those topics covered to nauseousness by the media. I tend to try to bring more information on things either not covered or IMO not covered well.

Please remember to keep all comments on one post in one block or I will be forced to just plain delete them without taking my time to consolidate them. Sincerely Brenda

I agree private companies are
more efficient then the government. ( minus halliburton, blackwater). Private healthcare companies are manipulating the major gaps in the system to profit. I mentioned how ER costs are handed to the taxpayer. In the case of healthcare the government needs to keep the industry in check. The government needs to create a system where taxpayers don’t bare the burden of the systems inefficiencies. A public option would be a great way to save money on healthcare costs. It sounds like you are mad about the actions of individual government officials. Campaign finance reform could curtail legalized graft. I don’t think being mad at individual politicians does anything to solve our problems. I’m mad that a public option isn’t in healthcare reform because it didn’t get enough support from people like you. If you don’t want seniors to get screwed on healthcare costs then stop giving private healthcare companies a monopoly on the industry. They have already infiltrated Medicare and are turning it into another cash cow for themselves, and this is because people like you haven’t done anything. You complain about congress, but I have yet to hear you offer any ideas of how you would fix costs. Is the only thing you would do offer a provision in the senior drug program to negotiate costs??? The problems of our system are broader. I don’t care if you say we should abolish Medicare just give some evidence that you care more about the issue then hanging individual politicians or parties. Why no public option??

Nate, in case you haven’t notice the government IS individuals. It is individuals who make the decisions whether they be Presidents, congressmen and in most case little bureaucrats behind closed doors and out of sight and out of control in little cubicles. No one looks at the bottom line because the money is unlimited; the tax payers pockets are deep.

Only private enterprise competition gives the people like me a voice. I MUST pay my taxes but if I don’t like what a company is doing or how much they are charging I can vote by purchasing my drugs, insurance or whatever from someone else.

I really am getting tired of responding to you Nate so if you refuse to read what I have written in my previous posts on these topics then get to hell off my site. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

I am not american, but america wake up read your history books, the ruling class government is looking more and more, very quickly like a dictatorship, you kicked out king george a long time ago, this is the same play book every dictator uses. Vote in november, and what ever you do keep a close eye that night on your ballot boxs, these people are as deceptive as they come. And for the leftists that don’t like freedom, europe, china, venezuela will be glad to have you. god Bless

Barack “Hugo Chavez” Obama. Hugo is his role model. Next step, a new constitution, so they can get rid of the one we have.

Thank you Charles. Many of us are reading our Constitution and our history as it was and not how it has been changed this past 75+ years. We know we have a fight on our hands. More of us need to wake up , but Americans will never accept a dictator I feel confident of that. It simply is not in our genes. BB

Yorkie Dad, This will be what they try but I think the freedom loving migrants who came to America is still in our blood and we will fight them. We will try the peaceful means of the ballot box first but then we will go underground if need be and fight them to the death from there. BB

They’re not trying to get rid of the constitution. Bush ignored the Constitution more than any president in recent memory. This administration is just calling out Fox News for being ultra conservative. It’s no secret. They are slanted to the Far right (as MSNBC is left). But you have to be cautious about people like Fox News when they advertise themselves as “Fair and Balanced” yet give $2 million to Republican campaigns. Or when they try to scare people and vilify a man for being too connected to sketchy people to be aloud to donate money to a Muslim community center yet he is the 2nd largest owner of Fox News. You can criticize the Obama admin for not also calling out MSNBC for being biased towards the left but it makes no sense to get mad because he stated the obvious

Dear Corey, Thank you for stopping by.

I do watch FOXNEWS almost exclusively I do admit and I do feel they are fair and balanced as I have heard many heated debates on FOXNEWS and on all of the different programs. So both sides are represented. I do agree that they are more biased towards the Right. They do not however vilify the other stations or call people vile names or wish anyone dead as do the so-called reporters and commentators on the other stations.

I want to add that I get most of my news from the Internet news sources as I read a dozen newspapers and magazines daily besides listening to the broadcast news sources on line. And, I have many bloggers whom I respect and who always source their comments whom I read almost daily.

So with all this I have found FOXNEWS to be the ONLY TV news source that is at least trying to do what news programs should do, and that is report the news!

Also I vehemently disagree with you about Bush being the one who ignored the Constitution the most. Bush is not a pimple on the nose of Obama in this regard. Every bill passed by this Congress and signed by Obama had several clauses that went directly against the Constitution. I have read every one of the monsters page by page. Moreover, Obama has used more Presidential Decrees to circumvent the Constitution than any other of the last 7 Presidents combined! Presidential Decrees are not often seen by the public because they just seem to “slip” by under the radar. You can however find and read the Presidential Decrees if you are willing to dig deep enough. The Hill web site is good about reporting on these.

Again thank you for stopping by and commenting. BB

You really need to wise up. To begin with the Obama administration is not trying to shut down fox news. They have however stressed that the network is biased and have repeatedly reported false accounts on topics (i.e. the birth certificate propoganda). We all with common sense recognize this is true. As an obvious fan who believes in the right wing ideology it is understood why you do not see fox news as being biased and dishonest but just so you know hunny, studies have been down and investigations been conducted that prove this. Staff at fox news just like msnbc are instructed to spin news to their respective angle. The difference is that msnbc does not claim to be “fair and balanced”.. I like many believe that fox news does essentially false under the category of false advertising which is illegal and hope that they are either shut down or face penalties. It is absolutely irresponsible for a news network to implant inaccuracies into simple minded individuals such as yourself and claim it to be credible and bipartisan.

As far as your comment about the tea party and how that supports your illogical belief that fox news is legit let me explain something to you. The tea party was at its core a formation of uninformed, conservative citizens who are obssessed with idea that the US government is some evil entity, which is amplified when a liberals are in power. They have found success by electing politicians that represent their cause but are who again individuals who have no credible understanding of economics, our political system and the need to have a strong middle class. These tea party people do not represent the Republicans of yesteryear who actually paid bills, had the temperment to lead a powerful country and actually had at least a basic understanding of facts.

I would suggest you wise up and actually do some research before you put out wild accusations that only divide the country..

Lets see if you can pull together some facts to back up your claim or if you will even post this comment altogether.

Anonymous, You wrote: “Lets see if you can pull together some facts to back up your claim or if you will even post this comment altogether.” And I can not believe that anyone after 3 years of Obama is still so unaware of what is happening in our nation as you seem to be. And you will note that I have allowed your comment to remain although you are so cowardly as to hide your identity. I give my name (Brenda Bowers) with as much confidence as I give my facts. BB

What I find interesting is that people still do not see the slide we are making into what history has shown will happen. A Republic usually becomes a democracy and because the people do nothing is slides in socialism and tyranny.
That is why the Tea Party Group happened. We all need to send a tea bag to our representatives and they will understand what it is about. Lets throw them in the bay this time.
Our early leaders were very much aware of history and though they did not always agree they knew what could happen. Read some of the books out there. It is amazing we made it out of the first few years with our country in tact! The political infighting was horrible. One VP paid a local political paper to write lies about the President he was supposed to be supporting because he wanted to be the next President.
Politics creates monsters and we must get the chains on them so they do not destroy what this country was meant to be.
I for one am angry and I want my country back. We have a President in office that did not get the history we did because his early schooling was in Indonesia. Not sure what of our history he is aware of but he seems to think not like an American but like someone raised in another country and totally unaware of America has always been about.
I love America with all it warts and scars and things that are wrong with it, but there is no where else on this planet I would want to live but here.
People wake up before the fences go up and you are limited in not only where you can go but what you are allowed to say.
I will get off my soap box now.

Donna, please stay on your soap box for at least until Obama and his cohorts are out of Washington. I stayed on mine as long as I could and only slowed down because I found I was simply repeating myself and at any rate singing to the chorus of my readers. We desperately need new people taking up the torch and spreading the word about how much danger our country is in. Sincerely, BB

stop this crazy muslim now!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Politics are pretty sad nowadays. To all of you people who have said FOX News is biased. Wanna’ know something, your RIGHT! But the thing is, why do we need FOX to be a “fair and balanced” news network, when we already have about 4 other major left wing networks? (does that not seem unfair to anyone?) We don’t. It’s pretty simple. FOX’s motto has always been “fair and balanced,” that’s sentimental to them, I don’t really care if FOX isn’t fair and balanced right now, because they’re telling the truth.

Bush may have accumulated 4T in debt, but Obama has managed to accumulate as much debt as Bush has in 3 years. Whereas Bush, took 8 to do it…. “Way to go Bush you REALLY screwed Obama over!”

Don’t even get me started on the so called “government spending cuts,” or the “rich don’t pay enough taxes,” bullcrap. Keep it up Brenda Bowers, you’re awesome.

Healthcare reform? What most of the people posting do not realize about the Healthcare Industry is that it is controlled by 2 major Healthcare insurers. My understanding is that the laws do not allow competition between insurers in other states. If a company in Ohio does not have a physical presense in Washington, they can not quote companies for healthcare in Washington. This eliminates competition and drives the prices up. Open up the states to competition and the prices will go down, which in turn will have affordable premiums for those that can’t afford it right now. Create a tax credit for insurance for the poor or something similar and it won’t cost the taxpayer the trillions and trillions this massive Government takeover will cost (not to include the other items in the law that don’t even pertain to healthcare)

Hey Scott thanks so much.! Am amazed that anyone cares what this Old Broad has to say but do sincerely love hearing from my readers. I have been keeping up with the world and yes, FOX NEWS is my favorite. They are as fair and balanced as they can be as they always have Bob Beckel or Juan Williams or some of the other FruitCakes to try to give the other side. This is much more than can be said about any other news broadcasts! Sometimes I have found myself wanting so badly to kick one of the talking heads but then I catch myself before I do damage to my aging arthritic foot on the TV screen.

I have been remiss in my blogging on a daily basis this past year since my husband passed away February 14, 2011. I had so many issues and blogging just wasn’t …….well, my head and heart were elsewhere. Now that the first year of grieving is over and it is the hardest I hope I get the steam up to start posting more regularly.

Thank you again and do speak up when you stop by. BB

You are so right Iris. competition is the only way to get a handle on insurance costs. When Medicare was set up by Johnson’s Great Society the insurance industry and the politicians made a deal to rob the citizens blind so setting up these territories and away the whole system went on a sky high ride. The same thing happened with student loans and the bankers—a deal was struck so education cost jumped on the gravy train sweeping thru our lives. People were not aware of so much that was going on. There was still so much trust of government. Our Founding Fathers warned us of this and many great people along the way warned us to take a close look at what was going on but we just meekly allowed this all to over take us as we worked harder and harder to keep up.

Things are changing in a big way now. People have come awake. And due to the communication afforded us by the Internet, or what I call the Peoples Highway, we the people are learning and hopefully we will use the knowledge to get our government under our control again.

Benjamin Franklin told a lady when she asked what the Constitutional Convention had given the people and he said “We gave you a Republic if you can keep it” (not quoting correctly as I didn’t take time to look it up—but am close!)) We are on the verge of losing our Republic but with people like you who know the score I have hope the people will prevail against the evil that has overtaken our nation. Sincerely BB

The White House has no limit to the dirty tricks it will use to silence any decenting voice. If they were a nose they would be called Pinochio.

Watch things get so much dirtier as we ramble towards November. But beware that Obama and his thugs will use any dirty trick to win so we must all be alert to voter fraud. BB

And now the comments are gone from virtually all Fox News stories. Something is up.

I repeat: BEWARE! BB

Don’t know what is going on but do know it is not legal. Am keeping on the story and will blog on anything I discover you can be sure. BB

Fox news reports false data all the time. it’s proven, thats why they’re getting shut down. Like fox news, you are so misinformed.

The Obama administrations goal is the dream of all leftist and that is to give, through the government, more and more so that the balance becomes so tipped that the takers out number the workers. Then the takers keep re-electing the robinhood politicians and eventually society succumbs to an all powerful government. Freedom is lost and it is too late to weep!!

After reading all the comments I find NO evidence of facts that support the Obama Administration wants to shut down FOX news. All I can find while researching this topic is rhetoric and emotionally charged opinions…again, NO proof, no facts. I have spent the last two weeks watching FOX news while my elderly father visited my he. ( target audience) I observed how FOX tells the news. INTERESTING TECHNIQUES: There is a news , then opinions on the information in the story, then another news report, then opinions on the news story, etc. This ” pattern” happens repeatedly. If you understand how the brain learns and retains info, you may recognize this technic as a psychological method of brainwashing. Wake up.

I admit I have now limited myself to FOXNEWS and a bit of CNN for news in the United States but I read newspapers from all over the world for the information I pass on to my readers. So unless there is a effort all over the world working to show that the other US news broadcasts are biased then I have to accept that they are biased in favor of the Left. FOXNEWS reports a story, BBC, Jerusalem and Australia report the very same story which is different than the other US. News media. In fact, the other news media fail to report so many stories that I read in papers all over the world—-The Eric Holder “Fast and Furious” contempt of Congress charge is a good example. If you8 listened to all the others (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC) you had no idea this was happening. One of the biggest news stories out there this past week and not a word o9r merely a footnote from all those other stations. Tell me Sir, just who is misinformed here? BB

Fox News is a complete misrepresentation of the truth and should be shut down for sure. Get your news from NON-PROFIT organizations if you want the unbiased truth. You’re right, Brenda, The people had batter wake up and stop watching what Fox news and YOU are feeding them. Shame on you.

FOX News is constantly being shut down for periods of time or being bumped up to a more expensive cable package. They can do this money grab with FOX news, but it would never work for ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, or any other liberal news station. I watch all the stations even that dog called “MSNBC.” Problem is the left doesn’t want anyone disagreeing with them. NON-Profit organizations are usually run by a bunch of left-wing college students that haven’t had any experience off a college campus. One staition I no longer listen to is PBS. They ran a news report on one of the Republican Debates last December (2011) and gave false information. How do I know, because I watched the debate.

FOX also informs people of news that other stations like CNN and MSNBC don’t and won’t cover. Take “Fast & Furious” for instance. If FOX hadn’t been showing the hearings for this nobody would have ever known it was happening for the past 18 months.

People who don’t like FOX, don’t watch FOX news.

[…] 08/12/2012 ICA Leave a comment Go to comments The fact that the Obama Administration would do the exact same thing if they could get away with it speaks volumes about the state of the “Land of the […]

People who do like FOX News probably shouldn’t watch it either. Just saying.

Fox news is a joke along with talk radio. Such bias and hate.

its bs for someone to say fox is bias when they are the only ones who tell the truth and are the only ones who have all parties to discuss what is going on and they are the only ones who tell THE WHOLE STORY.
I am getting so sick, sick, sick, and tired of the BS the white house keeps trying to push down our throats. example the whole middle east issue on 9-11 does that date ring any bells?

the attack was pre planned both Egypt and the investigators say it was a planned attack not only that but america was warned several times there was going to be an attack on 9 11 and yet why didnt we have any military to reinforce our embassy? and this attack is not because of some stupid YOutube video if u beieve that then u are an IDIOT.

u cant blame this on bush after all it is Obama who is in the chair now or is he ? Oh wait he isnt then where was he? where was Obama during this attack thats right attack on U.S soil he was in freaking Vegas , are u kidding me Las Vegas? why aren’t more people outraged by this? who gives a crap about the right or the left when our country is being attacked we need to all stick together and yet ever news station is reporting about Obama and his stupid campaign? and how great he is and they never ever report when he makes a mistake and they say respect the man and his position as president but those same people didnt do the same for bush did they? FYI its the news stations job to …. report the NEWS yet they hadnt even started the report on middle east until a day later a day later and that bs about the Libyans were carrying our ambassador to the hospital please anyone who looked at those pictures could tell u he was already dead and yet both Hillary and Obama said they are just carrying him to the hospital

and then the next day he was dead oh but he only died from suffocation from the smoke of the fire

and then we get our boys back and low and behold he didnt die from smoke and the reports came back he had be beaten and sodomized
dose that sound like they carried him to the hospital Hillary, Obama?

and yet they are all quiet at the white house. and at the other news stations

and Obama cant meet up with our one true ally??? oh thats right he is going on the Dave Letterman show give me a break this presidents actions sicken me and i cant believe no one else is outraged because u know Dave lettermen is so much more important then Iran having nuclear power ??? can someone tell me what the hell is going on???

famous quot of obama “I do not consider Egypt an ally but i do not consider them an enemy either ” (Thats one for the history books )

well which is it ? it cant be both ways and isn’t it funny when u read international news papers they call our president obama Pinocchio I dont know about u but i think the name suits him so far.

Thank you Jen Rose for giving Kate a few facts. Of course it will do no good because she is blind to the truth even when it is hitting her in her face.. BB

Faux should be stripped of the “NEWS” part of their name by the FCC because 90% of the time they are on the air they are spreading lies and GOP propaganda. However no-one should be shutdown for expressing their freedom of speech (ie Hustler, Playboy, Fox…etc)

I find Fox News very biased. They do have people from both sides of a viewpoint, but they constantly put down people who don’t support their views. The reporters /journalists are just not able to hide their hatred for Obama even while just reporting ‘news’ as they call it.

Brenda, it just astounds me the amount of people who have such a “hard on” regarding Fox News. If I look at any news, Fox is the only place I go to. Not because I think they are perfect, but they certainly are not as obviously biased in such a crude manner as the others. I have also just realized why it seems that so many people are bitching about Fox and vilifying it on in the Internet – they have too much time on their hands and obviously suck off the system, while everybody else is working including all the Fox fans – they are working and have a life.

LOL! I quite agree Venicementor. Maybe if Romney get elected these people will have to get a job and not have so much time on their hands to sit around and live off the money borrow from China and India by our government under the current Empty Seat (via Clint Eastwood). BB

At this point in time Obama has tightened the noose further around America – he is intimidating witnesses to Benghazi – if the whole story on that alone could get out maybe there would be more calls for impeachment – or better yet criminal charges- and yet I know of people blissfully unaware of what is really going on – do not see that a dictatorship is possible in this country – I for one am very pessimistic.

Thank you for stopping by Gail. I fear for my country too! But like Margaret Thatcher who died today I believe that good will always win over evil in the end because man was once of the angels and will rise again as we all have a portion of the God Spirit within guide us. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

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