And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>JPMorgan Chase Reports $3.6 Billion Profit in Quarter –

Posted on: October 14, 2009

JPMorgan Chase Reports $3.6 Billion Profit in Quarter –

This people is the so-called financial crisis one year later.

I was one who blogged long and hard against TARP and also spent hours emailing Congressmen and the President not to do this  and put this horrible tax burden on the American people.  Well they did and we tax payers are stuck with a burden our grandchildren will be paying for with the $884 billion TARP.

Now ther is one mand and one man only in total charge of this money, Treasury Secretary  Tim Geithner has only spent about 24% of TARP and is now using the money for other little deals for Obamanation.  For instance the auto unions bail out.  I won’t call  the auto industry bail which is our and the government’s  ownership of GM because it was done for the benefit of the  Auto Workers Union who had backed Obama so much during his campaign.  Now in this case it was the Mafia union bosses who gave the union workers money to the Obama campaign whether or not the union workers themselves wanted to contribute.  The buying of GM and in effect guaranteeing the GM workers of a job  I truly hope the union workers are asking themselves at what price to their family, friends, nation  and great grandchildren this rip off of the American tax payer was made.

This tax cheat Sec. of the Treasury Time Geithner  has sole control of this money—YOUR money.  BB

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