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>>Stimulus Bill Jobs created reports ‘riddled with inaccuracies’

Posted on: November 20, 2009

Jobs reports ‘riddled with inaccuracies’ –

The results of the Stimulus Bill funds is a mess!   The reports of jobs created are so riddled with false statements and twisting the truth that even the Democrats should be appalled.  It is long past time for Congress to rescind this bill and make sure no more money is thrown away.

Remember:  the treasury doesn’t have this money to lend, it borrows all these funds so it is money that must be paid back with interest.  And the Stimulus Bill of $787 billion is on top of the TARP (Bail Out bill) of $700+ billion.

The reports on jobs created or saved by the $787 billion stimulus package are “riddled with inaccuracies and contradictions,” the federal watchdog overseeing the spending acknowledged Thursday.Earl Devaney, chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, told a House oversight committee that the board is taking steps to correct the errors and prevent mistakes in future reports, which are filed by the recipients of stimulus money and posted on the board’s website.

Reports of jobs “created” were for jobs where raises were given not the creation of new jobs.  Reports of jobs created in over 3000 counties and congressional districs that don’t even exist!   Reports of jobs created where no Stimulus money was involved at all. It just goes on and on. And then there is this:

State and federal officials say they are fielding thousands of reports of scam artists, many operating from overseas, using the promise of money from the Obama administration’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan to entice people to hand over bank account numbers. The scams are so numerous, and the criminals hard to identify, that authorities say it’s all but impossible to catch them.
TARP still has $350 billion that has not been used and many banks have returned the money they received with interest and fees.  Only the buy out of AIG and GM is still draining  funds from the tax payers.  TARP  is scheduled to stop December 31 but Treasury Secretary Geithner wants to keep his little slush fund that only he controls.  Make sure Congress hears from you that you want the TARP Bill not to be  extended.
Since it has been proven the Stimulus Bill had no real effect on our economy at all  ask your congressmen to rescind the Stimulus Bill and save what money is left.
Oh, and least we forget:  the first Stimulus Bill is riddled with fraud and lies and as far as anyone can tell hasn’t accomplished anything so the Obama Administration is now pushing for a second Stimulus Bill!~  BB

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