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>>Rep. Waxman Advocates Media Bailout

Posted on: December 3, 2009


The FTC on Steroids: Will the ‘National Nanny’ Take Over the Internet and the New Information Economy?

Posted by Jim Harper

Writing on the TechLiberationFront blog, Berin Szoka warns of the extensive Internet regulation that could come with huge grants of authority to the Federal Trade Commission in H.R. 4173, the “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009.”

Congress is about to reinvent the FTC as the “National Nanny” it was well on its way to becoming back in the 1970s.  Today, the FTC is not merely the general overseer of our economy, but the key regulator of the Internet.  If the Senate passes Rep. Frank’s bill with its so-called “improvements” to the FTC Act, future generations will look back and wonder why, without even taking the time to consider what it was doing, Congress radically transformed Internet governance as an afterthought to financial regulatory overhaul.

Rep. Waxman Advocates Media Bailout

Look for it because it is coming:  government take over of the press.  It is going to be sold as a means to “save” the newspapers and journalism in general, but it is one more step in the complete control of  We the People.   A free press is a necessity for  a free country.  The free press has ever served to expose government corruption.  We have a glaring example of what a biased press can do today in the corruption and perhaps ownership of the major  TV channels.  ABC, NBC, CBS have all backed Obamanation 100% from the campaign where they gave Obama favorable coverage 65% of the time as opposed to favorable coverage for McCain only 35% of the time.  This is fact!  Check the records.  And  ABC even admitted its duplicity almost gleefully after Obama was elected.

These broadcast media have continued to support and show bias in reporting the news to this day.  The people however hungry for the truth have turned from them and gone in mass to FOXNEWS.

The major newspapers led by The New York Times have also been biased in their reporting for Obama and now for Obamanation.  As a result these newspapers are also losing their readership.  This gives the government the perfect opportunity to step in and “rescue” the  “free press”.

The California Democrat, who chairs the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, didn’t say it quite so bluntly, but his point was clear. “Government’s going to have to be involved, in one way or the other,” to save journalism from an ongoing “market failure” that will only worsen without intervention, Waxman said.

In case you have forgotten who Waxman is he is the Representative in the House who tried to drowned you in the Cap & Trade disaster.  His bill would not only tax you but control how you live and the construction of your home.   Then his bill would give your tax dollars to “poor countries”.

He spoke at the second day of an FTC workshop on how journalism can survive in the Internet era.

Waxman bemoaned the demise of newspapers across the country, including in Denver and Seattle, and warned that the troubling media trends will continue. “This recent depression in the media sector is not cyclical,” Waxman said. “It is structural.”

The proponents for this government take over are sly and sleazy in their  speeches about “saving  a free press” as the only way to “save a free country”.  Don’t you believe it!  Watch what happens and contact your Representatives and Senators about this final straw in taking over a free country.   You can bet that FOXNEWS will be the first casualty of this benevolent “help” from the communist in our government.

“Congress can’t impose a solution” to that structural problem, he said. But the government should partner with the media industry to ensure a sound future for journalism. Waxman praised the record of “independent” reporting in U.S. history and said it has implications for democracy.

“There needs to be a consensus within the media industry and the larger community it serves” before the government acts, Waxman said. “We have to figure out together how to preserve that kind of reporting.”

The morning session also featured media policy activists, public broadcasters and proponents of nonprofit journalism making the case for government funding of the media.

“Congress should adopt legislation that would provide substantial additional resources” to fund public-service media, said Mark MacCarthy, a communications professor in the culture and technology program at Georgetown University. He said Waxman “gave us the path to legislative success in that area.”

Several speakers likened government intervention in the media market to past instances of federal funding for publicly valuable services, such as public safety, education and libraries.

Everything and everyone the government “helps”  is thereafter CONTROLLED by government!

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