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>>Democrats Desperate December Deal for Health Care Reform a Bust.

Posted on: December 9, 2009

Morning Bell: A Desperate December Deal » The Foundry

The Democrats in the Senate are so desperate they are willing to do anything at all to get something, ANYTHING,  passed.  but is simply isn’t going to happen if they continue to try to get 60 votes to pass their take over of 16% of the economy.  Now if they go for the “nuclear option” requiring on 51 votes to pass they may be able to squeak by.  but even then it is problematic.  And here is why:

Doubling Down on Debt: Medicare is already bankrupting our country. In 2007 alone, Medicare was forced to draw $179 billion from the general revenues of the U.S. Treasury. According to the latest Medicare trustees report, the program already faces $36 tril­lion dollar long-term budget shortfall. Medicare’s annual drain on our resources is set to skyrocket in 2011 when the first wave of baby boomers retire. The new Senate deal would only make this problem worse by expanding Medicare eligibility to people without insurance between the ages of 55 and 64.

Death Sentence for Hospitals: The Reid Health Bill already delivers a huge blow to our nation’s hospitals by cutting Medicare reimbursements to hospitals by hundreds of billions of dollars. Moving millions of more Americans to Medicare would cut into hospital revenues even further. That is why both the American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals sent alerts yesterday urging their members to oppose the new Senate deal.

A Government Run Health Care Coup: You might think that leftists who have been dreaming about single payer, government run health care for years would be upset about the new Senate deal. They are not. The existing Medicaid expansions in the bill, and the new Senate deal Medicare expansions, are just a continuation of the left’s health care agenda since the defeat of Hillarycare: Slowly expand existing government programs so that all private health care is strangled out of existence. So instead of fighting to preserve the public option, leftist activist Chris Bowers urges readers to fight “to expand the Medicare buy-in to all Americans between the age of 55 and 64 (inclusive).” Progressive health care guru Ezra Klein says the new deal is better than the public option because “it seed[s] health-care reform with scalable experiments.”

When President Barack Obama gave one of his first national health care addresses in June, he instructed Congress: “As we move forward on health care reform, it is not sufficient for us simply to add more people to Medicare or Medicaid.” But after months of debate in Congress, that is all Obamacare has turned out to be.


2 Responses to ">>Democrats Desperate December Deal for Health Care Reform a Bust."

And the non-transparent, screen black C-Span, closed-door, non-partisan, deal making continues. Deception and cronyism at it’s finest.

Our government is corrupt to the core. We the People have allowed this to happen by allowing career politicians who remain in office due to the gerrymandering of voting districts. Power corrupts as they say. BB

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