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>> Redistributing America’s Wealth at Copenhagen & Videos

Posted on: December 9, 2009

Terry Jeffrey : Redistributing America’s Wealth at Copenhagen –

This is what Cap & Trade and the global warming crisis is all about really: the  cutting of the United States down to size.  In the eyes of many in the world and in the eyes of our current administration the United States is simply too big for it’s britches.  “Too arrogant” is what our current President called us.

“In Copenhagen, we also need to address the need for financing in the longer term to support adaptation and mitigation in developing countries,” Gibbs stated. “Providing this assistance is not only a humanitarian imperative — it’s an investment in our common security, as no climate change accord can succeed if it does not help all countries reduce their emissions.”

Why would Obama vow to impose carbon caps on U.S. industries — a move certain to drive some industries overseas and kill manufacturing jobs here — when the United States is just emerging from a deep recession and still faces a 10 percent unemployment rate, and when Obama himself is trying to persuade Americans his policies will create jobs?

The answer might be found in the vision of global wealth redistribution that has been advocated by Obama’s top science adviser, John P. Holdren.

In 1973, Holdren co-wrote a book — “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions” — with Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich, author of the 1968 bestseller “The Population Bomb.”

The book called for “de-development” of the United States and global redistribution of wealth.
“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote on page 279 of the book. “De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation. Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.”

“Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided for every human being,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote.

We really don’t have to look very far for answers to the utter insanity of the Obama Administration policies.  We merely have to look at those advisers he has surrounded himself with.  Will America wake up in time to realize that birds of a feather flock together as my Mother used to say?  Will we wake up in time to see our future clearly and to do something about it before it is too late for us?  BB

Copenhagen; Global Climate Change Scam For Global Taxes11:00 Copenhagen; Global Climate Change Scam For Global  Taxes

COP15 - Bella Center PreVideo & The Lord Monckton Speech 5:58 Lord Christopher Monckton on Climategate

(1 of 4) Lord Christopher Monckton on Climategate 9:29(2 of 4) Lord Christopher Monckton on Climategate 9:51

(3 of 4) Lord Christopher Monckton on Climategate 8:48(4 of 4) Lord Christopher Monckton on Climategate 6:11


3 Responses to ">> Redistributing America’s Wealth at Copenhagen & Videos"

Is there anybody in the TRIAD that is advocating a Tea Party, if so, does anyone know whom that might be, and how to contact them, as I’d like to join a grass roots organization. Thanks Beau

Hi Beau, See: I am a member although I have not been able to be actively involved. With this bod my contribution must be blogging only (sigh). I am the member with the silly gray cat as a logo.

Get involved if you can Beau. And then since you don’t have your own blog (that I know of) please remember I would love to post any information from the group on my blog site. BB

Hi Brenda, thanks a bunch. I did sign up and should anything significant come up I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again…………………Beau

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