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>>Now They Are Coming for You. How the Left has destroyed Free Enterprize

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Now They Are Coming for You

Little by little and bit by bit the Left has been chipping away at American free enterprize for  the past half century.  It was American free enterprize that made this country the greatest in the world and the American standard of living the highest in the world, and yet We the People have not only sat back and allowed the Left wing fanatics to take our industries down one by one we had aided and abetted in the destruction.    Because we didn’t always approve of or like what some of the industries had to offer or were producing we allowed them to be demonized and sued and taxed out of existence.  It didn’t matter that  in a free country  a free man should be able to make his own decisions as to whether or not  to help in the production or to use these products.  So we aided and abetted the Left wing fanatic destroyers and controllers by doing nothing.

This article is a history of how this destruction of our once great economy came about.  It is written as an exhortation for businessmen to come to the aid of all other businesses that are under attack by the Left, but it is also written to YOU.    Because you are very much involved in business whether you are an employee or employer.  Remove the employer and you are left without a job!   So when the Left wing fanatics are destroying American industry they are also destroying You. And now that so much of American Industry has been destroyed there is only one victim left:  the Left wing fanatics are now coming for We the people!

The long decline (of the American auto industry) finally culminated in the destruction of an important American industry strangled by union demands and brought to ruin by choking regulation and absurd legislative mileage requirements. Now, those institutions responsible for its destruction are running its major companies: bureaucrats and union officials. We all know how it will end. Union thugs and federal bureaucrats do not know how to run anything but goon squads and tax consuming bureaucracies. The companies will fail.  (In fact, the industries have failed.  The only American auto company still standing is that started by Henry  Ford. BB)

Then they came for the tobacco companies. Knowing that seizure of the vocabulary will frame the terms of debate, they applied their favorite derisive sobriquet: Big Tobacco; as if “bigness” itself were somehow inherently discrediting. If I may indulge in a short digression, bigness does not come from failure but from success. It is the left’s project to punish success wherever it is found. It is, after all, a fundamental element of their philosophy. Life to them is a zero sum game. Success for one can only be bought at the expense of the failure of another. Success, then, is the enemy, especially if it is economic success. Bigness, then, as the symbol of extreme success, must be disqualifying to claims to virtue. Indeed, that very bigness equates with evil (unless, of course, it is government bigness).

Whatever its shortcoming, tobacco is a product that is legal. Those of us who do not smoke often find its by-products offensive, but the truth is that millions of people around the globe find pleasure in its use and the only people it generally harms are those who voluntarily use it. (Some of us believe the film industry is significantly more destructive on a broader scale than any tobacco product could be.)   (Big tobacco employed millions and added billions to our economy.  Contributing to making ours the healthiest and most thriving economy in the world and our life style reflecting that economy! BB)

The industry became a cash cow for tort lawyers and state governments that extracted billions of dollars from productive use and applied it to support the bad judgment of impecunious governmental agencies. The industry has largely moved offshore, taking jobs, charitable contributions and tax revenues with them. The industry has stopped its major support for the American economy.

Then they came for the oil companies.

The oil industry, with its investment, imagination and risk, provides the lifeblood of the American economy. Its products give us mobility. It moves our goods. It means that Americans can have fresh foods throughout the nation regardless of the weather, raising levels of nutrition and enhancing the health of Americans. Its products provide containers for all manner of products and supply the raw materials for everything from clothing to cosmetics. Attacking the oil industry does nothing but increase the cost of the many goods for which its products are available and makes the nation poorer.

They demonized them for having the temerity to make a profit and vilified them for imagined environmental depredations. They hung the label “Big Oil” on them and demanded that government regulate their every move. It enthusiastically accommodated the demand. It increased fees, taxes and imposts. It developed rules for their governance. It controlled all aspects of oil companies’ operations. Regulation and taxes killed oil and gas extraction in the United States as oil companies found it no longer economically feasible for them to explore and drill.

The left’s attack on the oil industry has even compromised national security. Not only do we now lack the domestic resources with which to support our economy, we are forced to enrich people who mean us ill by buying the same products that, but for government interference, we could easily make ourselves, from countries that are culturally, religiously and economically at war with us. We have, truly, sold Islamic terrorists the rope with which they are attempting to strangle us, thanks to the left’s malign attack on our national oil industry.

The left has leveled a long term sustained attack on the pharmaceutical industry – “Big Pharma, in its parlance. That industry whose huge and often fruitless investment of capital has resulted in the development of drugs that are offering cures to hitherto incurable diseases. That industry has created the drugs that are now in such effective use in Africa to fight the AIDS plague. That industry, whose innovations have been misappropriated in the name of humanitarianism and which has been vilified for having the audacity to actually charge for its products in an effort to recoup its vast investments, has discovered products that have resulted in better health care, longer lives and increased health throughout the world.

Now we are being treated to an attack on the health insurance industry by the Obama Administration.

There is a larger effort at work here. It is no less than an attack on capitalism by discrediting its most successful institutions. Discredit successful institutions, you discredit the system itself. Undermine the leading practitioners of capitalism, you discredit capitalism. Discredit capitalism and you can justify government taxation, regulation and, ultimately, seizure.

Does anyone believe the attack would continue if government were making cars, manufacturing cigarettes, producing oil and drugs or offering insurance coverage? Of course it wouldn’t.

This is an article well worth reading and mulling over carefully.  Very carefully.  I agree that some regulations and protections for the consumer  are necessary, but with some common sense applied.  This has not been the case.  Medical Malpractice insurance is a prime  reason for medical costs being high and  outrageous payments (of which torte lawyers get the lions share!)  in law suits are the reason doctors must carry this insurance.  The costs of course is passed on to you.  Patients should be protected because there are bad doctors and accidents do also happen with good doctors—but be reasonable.  Torte reform is needed.

The Leftist union  bosses (Andy Stern a frequent visitor to the Obama White House and the head of the Service Employees International Union) are now trying to take the secret ballot away from workers so that union thugs can intimidate anyone who doesn’t want to join a union.    Wal-Mart has been under attack by the unions  for decades.  What will happen if the unions take over Wal-Mart?    Well, what happened to the American Auto Industry under the demands of the United Auto Workers Unions?  Yes, the auto companies were destroyed but then under the Leftist  Obama government the auto companies were taken over  and you the tax payer are now paying the high wages and benefits of the United Auto Workers and the higher union dues to the union bosses!   The government won’t take over Wal-Mart but prices will most certainly have to go up considerably at Wal-Mart stores.  One way or the other the Leftist are coming after YOU!  and they are coming faster every day. BB


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