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>>House approves $447 billion omnibus spending bill –

Posted on: December 11, 2009

House approves $447 billion omnibus spending bill –

The Democrats at at big spending again.  We can only hope the Seante will put some curbs on this latest folly.  However Senate Majority Leader Reid has moved to ask for limited debate and swift action and he just may have the 60 votes he needs to go along with the insanity  apparent in the House.

The $447 billion measure, which combines six appropriations bills, passed 221 to 202, with 28 Democrats joining all 174 Republicans present in opposing it. GOP lawmakers said the measure was overinflated and rushed through with little scrutiny, while Democrats said it would fund key priorities.

The package includes the measure that provides federal funding for the District. City leaders rejoiced this week after a House-Senate conference committee agreed to remove a handful of controversial, long-standing riders from the D.C. budget, including language that banned needle-exchange programs, medical marijuana use ( can’t you see all the drug addicts in DC lining up to get doctors to approve their Medical need for dope.  I can!  We the tax payers of the United States will be paying for the addictions of DC dopeheads! BB) and local government-funded abortion.  (This approved by the House Democrats despite the argument against using federal tax dollars to fund abortions.  Remember the federal tax dollars fund the District of Columbia!  Your tax dollars will therefore go to pay for abortions in the capitol city! BB)

The bill also would end a ban on using federal money “for domestic partnership registration and benefits.”  ( I found this one especially interesting since voters in every state where gay rights legislation has been put on the ballot have voted it out but the Progressives still keep pushing it down our throats by hook or crook.  BB)

Passage of the omnibus spending measure leaves only one more appropriations bill for the House to tackle — the one funding the Pentagon. Leaders have deliberately held back that measure, as they discuss what other legislation can be tacked onto it when the chamber takes up the bill next week. The defense measure will serve as the vehicle for all or part of the job-creation package President Obama has requested, along with an increase in the federal debt limit and a handful of other must-pass legislation.

In addition to the financial services and general government bill, which contains the D.C. money, the omnibus measure includes the Transportation-HUD bill; the Commerce-Justice-State bill; the Labor-HHS-Education bill; the military construction-Veterans Affairs bill; and the State-foreign operations bill.

Each of the half-dozen measures is bigger than the one from the year before, and Republicans complained that Democrats are spending recklessly, given the growing federal budget deficit.

Is there any hope America?  BB


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