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>>The Secret Plan to Pass a Global Tax. That’s tax the rich to pay the poor.

Posted on: December 14, 2009

The Secret Plan to Pass a Global Tax

Don’t look now but we, yes the United States of America, are considered the rich.   And oddly enough Chan is considered poor even tho China is the one financing the United States of America!

The banks are a key target because of the “anger” that already exists against them for their roles in the global financial crisis, says a detailed 13-page memorandum from Max Lawson of the foreign aid group Oxfam.   Calling the global Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) “an idea whose time has come,” Lawson says in his memorandum that “politically the time is now” to pass such a tax.

Lawson, head of development and finance for Oxfam in Britain, has distributed his 13-page memorandum to members of NGOs in the U.S. and other countries. “There is potentially plenty of money here for all of our issues,” he tells them.

The global tax is being called “the Robin Hood tax,” in order to convince people that it is somehow designed to take money away from rich people in order to help the poor. Another variation on this theme is the claim that the tax is aimed at Wall Street to help Main Street.

In reality, such a tax would affect IRAs, Mutual Funds and pensions by taxing the exchange of financial transactions. It would hand over great sums of money to politicians in the name of bashing the big banks but ordinary Americans and their life savings would be hurt.

This is a part of the Millineum Development Goals developed by the United Nations.  I have mentioned this document before but most americans have no idea what it is or that it is aim almost entirely at the4 united States of America and the stripping of our country of all of its wealth by taking what it can from our economy and then once the economy is destroy the other countries of the world will come in an in effect foreclose on us as a nation and take over our natural resources.  The American people will then become slave laborers extracting our wealth from our soils and having the money pass out of our country.

Think I’m a looney old Broad with another conspiracy theory?  Well look it up for yourself.  It’s all documented out there for any who want to find it.  All there right down to the plans for turning the American public into slave laborers in camps something like those of Communist China’s.  In fact some of these “camps” are already being set up on or very near areas rich in natural resources.

Lawson explains, “The global anger against the bankers; the huge pressure on rich country budgets; the need for money in 2010 to rescue the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals] and from failure; to protect poor countries from the economic crisis; and the need to come up with money for climate change to unlock a global deal. All combine to make a very strong political backdrop.”

The MDGs were established by the United Nations to make sure that the U.S. and other Western nations devote 0.7 percent of Gross National Product to official development assistance or foreign aid. As a Senator, Obama had introduced a bill, the Global Poverty Act, to mandate U.S. compliance with the MDGs at an estimated cost of $845 billion.

And yes, you have also read about President Obama’s much favored Global Poverty Act which is a part of the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals].   Another part of the MDG’s was the control of all the water resources of the world under the United Nations (which is of course on a step to one Global Government).    I reported yesterday that the first step towards taking control of  all of the water of the world was taken here in the United States by  changing just one word in the law that now governs all  “navigable” water by dropping the word navigable so the law now reads  “control all water”.  This was reported on Glenn Beck  FOXNEWS December 11, 2009.   Just one small step in the plan and accomplished without so much as a ripple from our once free press.

The stupendous $1.1 trillion budget passed yesterday is another piece in the plot. Just as the health care refore bill is an economy buster.  Destroy the economy and then take over anything that is left to be taken under control of the United Nations and the One World government.

There is so much in this article that you really need to read it yourself.  BB


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