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>>Tehran’s nuclear trigger. Iran may be just days away from having it’s nuclear weapon.

Posted on: December 15, 2009

EDITORIAL: Tehran’s nuclear trigger – Washington Times

It was just this weekend that I was having a discussion with a gentleman about Iran and he assured me that Iran was years away from a nuclear weapon.  He is certainly not alone in this belief and he offered several references.  I however feel otherwise and said so.  Now we have this news.  Is it a wake up call or is  it a hoax?  You will in coming days hear both as people argue the authenticity of these discovered documents.

I will be updating this post as I get more information.

A smoking-gun document has emerged that indicates Iran is closer than ever to developing a nuclear weapon. Top-secret technical notes leaked from deep within the Iranian nuclear program – and making the rounds of Western intelligence agencies – detail research on a neutron initiator, a device that sets off a nuclear detonation. It is the smoking gun’s trigger.

The timely revelation about Iran’s secret program comes as the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council prepare to discuss possible responses to Iran’s nuclear obstinacy. The case for determined action is growing, and the bill of particulars is long. In addition to Iran’s nuclear program, Tehran is still the world’s largest state sponsor of global terrorism and supplies arms to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan that are used to kill American troops. Iran has tested a rocket that could be the basis for an intercontinental ballistic missile, and the International Atomic Energy Agency recently confronted Tehran with evidence that Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design. And the human rights nightmare inside the country continues to intensify.

The greatest national security challenge that will face the Obama administration is coming, and Mr. Obama will either shape events or be shaped by them. He said in Oslo that “those who seek peace cannot stand idly by as nations arm themselves for nuclear war.” However, the United States has been standing idle for years, and time is running out. Even the much-criticized 2007 National Intelligence Estimate said Iran would be “technically capable of producing enough [highly enriched uranium] for a weapon sometime during the 2010-2015 time frame.” According to our calendar, that window opens about two weeks from now.


2 Responses to ">>Tehran’s nuclear trigger. Iran may be just days away from having it’s nuclear weapon."

Hello. Please visit my weblog that is about iran.

Iran, I visited your web blog and read several articles you had written. You pose many questions that I too ask. The most important I think is why is the United States sending money to so many countries in the world? We have been doing this foreign aid thing for a century now and what has been achieved? Have the countries used the funds to better their peoples lives? Or has it gone to enrich corrupt officials in these countries?

Why are our soldiers fighting terrorist in so many countries trying to protect people who can not protect themselves? Shouldn’t we just bring our troops home and leave the people to fight it out until the strongest wins the battle and then they can degrade and crush the opposing groups. Like the shite and the sunnis in your world are always fighting each other. This would continue even if our troops were brought home. It has been going on for 1500 years and will continue until there is not one left to fight.

Of course if your leaders get the nuclear war heads that day when there is no one left to fight may come sooner than any of us want. perhaps that is why our young men are all over the world in places where people are divided into groups and one group is mindlessly fighting the other. Some of these countries already have nuclear weapons. What would happen if those who are blowing themselves up in centers and mosque and weddings and funeral somehow acquired a nuclear weapon? Could it be that our American soldiers are in foreign countries trying to keep this from happening?

Why don’t we leave countries alone to determine their own destinies? After all the United States never gets anything out of the conflict but our dead. We don’t claim any land after winning a battle, we don’t hold any leaders hostage. We just try to help the people of the country to gain and live in peace and then we bring our soldiers home.

Why did Muslim terrorists come to one of our largest cities and kill 3000 Americans. All; we both keep asking is why with no answers. BB

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