And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>American Thinker: On the brink. Well written plea to stay the course.

Posted on: December 17, 2009

American Thinker: On the brink

This is a well written plea to all Americans to stay the course as the battle is almost over.  Obama and the Leftist Democrats who would destroy America are up against the wall and running around trying everything from spit balls to black mail to get their Health Care reform bill passed.

The author is afraid Americans will forget and go back to sleep.  He must not have noticed the huge crowds outside of the Capital  Building this week.  Of course on FOXNEWS is showing any pictures or even mentioning these groups.  But I do believe regardless of what they say the Congressmen and women are well aware of these crowds.  some like Senator Reid is willing to give up reelection to get what his party wants because he knows he will just move into a more lucrative position.  Others have only reelcetion to look forward to.

Senator Lieberman knows he has angered too many and will find himself retired to a rocking chair if  the Leftists are permitted to gain their agenda.  Senator Nelson and the two Senators from Virginia are too new and need reelection to establish themselves in Washington.  And there are others.

So plow on America.  All you “dirt bagging”, ” red neck” and “tea bagging scum” with all your violent tendencies that have strangely been held in check as hundreds of thousands of you have gather with home made signs of protest against our government.

The only hope of Obama and his allies is that the American people, unaccustomed as they are to prolonged activism, will soon get bored and go back to slumber.  Will the enraged electorate have the stamina, the staying power to continue the fight to the bitter end, until the internal aggression is beaten back? If it does and the socialist conspiracy is decisively defeated, the radical left will be dealt a crushing blow from which it might take decades to recover. If not, America as we know it, in all likelihood will be finished.


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