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>>Stimulus II: Congress ponders aid for cash-strapped states | McClatchy

Posted on: December 17, 2009

Stimulus II: Congress ponders aid for cash-strapped states | McClatchy

We all knew this was coming didn’t we.  the tax payers of all the states are now going to be bailing out the over paid, irresponsible, unionized  state employees of New York, California and other states who spent their money irresponsibly.  Well, why not some of you will say since we tax payers bailed out the banks and people who bought homes they couldn’t afford.  Never, I mean NEVER has one wrong piled on top of another wrong piled on top of another wrong added up to a right!  Every Bail Out, every Stimulus and every cash for  Clunkers or anything else has been WRONG.

California and New York simply have to start laying off state employees and cutting their programs.  While they are at it they could cut the salaries of their elected representatives which are among the highest paid in any state.

I hope this disgusts you as much as it does me.  And with any luck at all the bill will not get past the Senate.  The House of Representatives are a bunch of fools who will do anything Pelosi wants.

Washington soon could come to the aid of California, New York and other cash-strapped states that face the need to raise taxes or cut spending again next year to balance their books.The House of Representatives took the first step late Wednesday, passing a $75 billion jobs bill that would help states pay for infrastructure projects and prevent more public employees from being laid off.

Some are calling it “stimulus II,” and a sequel would be good news for the 35 states that face budget gaps totaling $31.5 billion by the middle of next year. California is projecting the largest shortfall, at $6.3 billion, followed by Illinois and New York, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a research center in Washington.

I wouldn’t mind the money being spent on infrastructure because the roads and especially bridges in the United States are in dire need of repair or replacement.  However, the bill calls for only union workers to be allowed to work on these project.  This will increase the costs of labor  by a factor of 4.  Yes every job that would cost $25 will cost $100 tax dollars  if a person belonging to a union does it.

The unions which are ruled by organized crime will have to be another problem American Patriots will have to curb if we get thru the Obamanation we are now facing.  The United Auto Workers brought down the American auto industry and now President Obama is promising them their lucrative pensions and their Cadillac health insurance at the expense of the tax payer.

In the case of the state employees it means bailing out members of the Service Employees International Union   SEIU.  Yes you have heard of these people.  they are the ones who attacked a Black man for handing out “Don’t tread on me ” flags at a town hall.    This is the union that signs up anyone legal or illegal aliens being their favorite target because they can intimidate these people and charge them outrageous  union dues.  At the same time these illegal alien are taking American jobs!  BB


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