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>>A MUST READ: Obama’s plans for a National Police force. Now why would he feel the need for one?

Posted on: December 18, 2009

This latest post from American Daughter   Nancy Matheis  is chilling but no a surprize since we know the internment camps are being built.

By Nancy Matthis |  Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 3:24 pm

The US government spent your tax money to plan for a national police force to control you. The study was performed by the Rand Corporation’s Arroyo Center in Santa Monica, CA for the US Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute in Carlisle, Pa. We have a full copy of the report on our servers here.

The purpose of the study is stated as follows:

Does the United States Need a New Police Force for Stability Operations?

Considers the creation of a high-end police force for use in stability operations, examining its ideal size, how responsive it needs to be, where in the government it might be located, its needed capabilities, its proper staffing, and its cost.

This was not an unbiased research study — government studies never are. The answer to the question posed for the study was a foregone conclusion, “Yes.” The Rand study was just to give the government cover, and to find a way to get around the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act, which bans use of the military for domestic law enforcement.

I suggest you read the entire article.  If we don’t stop Obama this is what is coming.  Taking over our health care  will give him authority to move into more areas of controlling our nation.  The EPA has given him by presidential Decree  much power to take over our water–ALL of our water!–as well as much of our property as in farm lands, parks, even city resources.

All he needs now is to arm himself with a Gustapo.  He thought he would get it with the thugs in  ACORN and SEIU Service Employees International Union but when he called on them to stop the  tea parties and the townhall meetings they stayed home.  So he has determined that he must created a paid, mercenary National Police Force.   Ask yourself why.  BB


4 Responses to ">>A MUST READ: Obama’s plans for a National Police force. Now why would he feel the need for one?"

National Police force

I have a really great name we can call this National Police Force, the GESTAPO! Isn’t that a great name! Beau

As they say: if the shoe, or in this case boot, fits! BB

Listen people, I live in NY, and every time our mayor wants to make extra money he puts pressure on the Police Dept., because he has the power to appoint all responsible parties, and forces ticket quotas on them, amongst other things. So, that means, that when Mayor Bloomberg needs to make extra cash because the budget is low, the cop in NY are told by their bosses “we need to hand out this many tickets by this date, or you will be fired/demoted/get those hours you didn’t want because you have and kids, etc.” And that’s the least of the problems it causes! A few years ago our apartment got robbed and the police came and made a report. When we came to pick it up, it was missing. Do you know why this happens? Do you think it looks good on Mr. Bloomberg’s record when he has a high crime rate in NY and nothing is done? They knew they weren’t going to catch anyone, so why not throw it out and have lower numbers?

That’s the kind of stuff that happens in big cities when your police force answers to the mayor of the city! A month ago they actually published it in NY Times! A police officer who chose to remain anonymous recorded an actual conversation he had with his superiors who threatened him if he wasn’t going to pin extra tickets on people. And, by the way, we are the only country in the world that doesn’t have a national police force. Does Britain have a gestapo government? Or France? In Britain, they do not allow anyone but a police officer to carry a gun, and the same goes for Japan. And you know what? They report they had 4 murders in one month. Why can’t people be practical, I mean if the idealism is doing damage to our lives, then why can’t we do what’s best for us instead of say stupid things like Gestapo? Tell the British about Gestapo, I wonder what they would say.

We have state police forces Elise as well as county sheriffs offices and city police forces. This is in my opinion enough to keep crime down if there is a will to do so and the federal government didn’t due to ideological reasons interfere with state and local policing. Example: Arizona immigration laws and crime on the border with Mexico. Obama’s Administration is doing everything it can to stop Arizona police from arresting immigrant criminals or to police their borders. At the same time the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress applaud the President of Mexico when he denigrates one of our states and actually sues one of our state governors. Now just what do you think The One would do with a national police force? It is for certain they will not be used to arrest aliens of any country that are coming across our borders be they strawberry pickers or terrorist. So that leaves the next possibility which is arresting Americans! Have you not heard of the internment camps on several of our military bases complete with barbed wire fences and guard towers?

Sorry about the troubles you people have in New York but please think again before you wish a Gestapo on the rest of us. You might also try electing an honest person now and then. tho I imagine the mob would kill him off soon enough. Altho Gov. Christie is doing quite well in New Jersey======maybe you all can get him to come to New York and clean the place up. BB

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