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>>Kindness of American Saint Nick remembered –

Posted on: December 23, 2009

Kindness of American Saint Nick remembered –

War  is horror.  But somehow American soldiers have always found some way to connect with and leave a good impression of Americans with the civilians of countries we have been at war with.  These acts of kindness  were  not policy or even encouraged  until the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan where it has now become official policy to try to “win the hearts” of the population.  And unfortunately  I don’t think it is working all that well and has become instead a line up and get a hand out from the Americans.  Now that it is official the heart has somehow gone out of it and that is sad.

Before this when American troops have brought the spirit of Americans and American ideas and joys to a town, and the troops and the town found themselves sharing an event it was the troops themselves  who initiated, planned, provided and carry out the program for the civilians.  American troops have dug wells, built schools, churches, orphanages and clinics.  American troops have collected among themselves and solicited funds from friends and families at home to provide needed supplies for  individuals and entire towns.    Here is just one story  of what American soldiers did for a town in enemy territory.  And the gratitude of that town that lives on 65 years later as the celebration continues for every new generation of children.  BB

4 Responses to ">>Kindness of American Saint Nick remembered –"

WWII saw us fighting an enemy that understood reason in Europe when beaten, and appreciation for help rendered on the whole. While the Japanese were zealots, to some degree they understood reason in the end. There is no reasoning with a muslim. They just use us where needed, as long as is needed, and turn on us in the next instant.
They have no honor or appreciation for when help is rendered.
I talked to a muslim cleric who lives in London, over a two day period last week, who views western society as a necessary evil to live in. He was very articulate and obviously educated, and our ‘conversation’ was congenial. His post caught my eye as he was talking about love for the youth of his community, and how to deal with the youth that strayed too far towards western style of thought and actions in everyday life. Sort of like the Christian view of “it takes a village to raise a child” type of thing.
Like the majority of muslim leaders, though, he sees nothing wrong with events like 9/11, nor the bombings in London, which is the reason you do not hear any of them condemning those attacks. They condone them in essence. All the while living right next door to you.
He is very careful to not say so outright, but deftly talked around answering my questions asking him if he agreed that those acts were wrong, including homicide bombers. He never once directly came out and said yes or no to my questions. Generally, he and the rest of his kind believe their Islamic laws supercede our ‘man made’ laws. Laws that condone murder on even their own. The one question I did not ask, was why did they even bother living in western society. I knew I would not get a straight answer. But, one has to wonder what that answer would really be.
They are an insidious bunch that should never be trusted. That is my answer. “Winning their hearts” will never happen. Thus, it is indeed just a handout from our soldiers, and as soon as they round the corner they will pick up their weapons again.

Brenda, I agree with you. When our soldiers had a mission to win the war, they did what they had to do, but they also had the American and Christian spirit to know that the townspeople are God’s children too, and when you can help, you help. It is in our hearts to see other disadvantaged, and want to make life better – especially for the children.

Now, we are, as you have said, “winning hearts and minds,” as policy – and fellow soldiers die around them. In the small picture, there are thousands of individuals who will always remember the kind and protective American soldier – but there is also the country as a whole who sees us as infidels.

Well, Brenda – Merry, merry Christmas anyway, and God bless our troops. I hope this finds you feeling well.

Commonsense, Islam is at war with all who are not followers of Islam. They profess to accept the Old Testament and Jesus is one of the prophets but they refuse to accept the message of Moses or Jesus. So I continue to ask why we are in that snake pit of Afghanistan/Pakistan! There was a reason for Iraq—we needed a presence in the Middle East with troops and bases in the area because of Iran—-but there is no reason to be in the A/P area but to get our troops killed and demoralize our army. BB

Maggie, Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas. May you and yours and our nation find the New Year brighter than this one has been.

Lew and I and our “kids” (Dinah our dog and Felix and Gaylord our rabbits) are all well and enjoying the Christmas season and the tree. Felix especially is intrigued by the white and silver bulbs and the twinkling lights. He has made under the tree one of his favorite spots to hang out. Imagine a white angora rabbit on a bright red velvet tree skirt.

I am baking pies today for tomorrows dinner. I will try again to have the candles lite on the table trying for a bit of celebratory romance. Lew will come into the dining room say how pretty everything looks then promptly turn on the overhead lights so he “can see what I’m eating!” (Sigh) This has been going on for 34 Christmas dinners now. BB

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