And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>The things people search the Internet for.

Posted on: December 26, 2009

It is interesting to see what people who visit my blog are looking for.  And I am gratified to see so many interested in what our government is doing to our nation.  People are waking up and have a need to know what is going on.   The Cap and Trade Bill always seems to top the list   with some aspect of health care reform next.  Below are partial  lists of the searches that brought people to my site the last two days  in order of volume.  These  should have been very light computer use days I would think, but it doesn’t seem so:


a license required for your home- cap an
what is our goverment doing about cair?
star parker snopes back on uncle sam
seen at walmart
“comparison of house and senate health c
those who live in the past churchill
if you follow islam trully you cant be a
what we have learned from history is tha
“and it came to pass in the age of insan
michael savage transcript 26th june 2009

Yesterday (Christmas day)

a license required for your home- cap an
arkansas senators vote on health care bi
monckton global warming
fox news being shut down
seen at walmart
billy joel – and so it goes the rebound
mike gaske md tea party organizer
sun shine welfare organization of pakist
communist 45 declared goals snopes
cant sell house after cap and trade

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