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>>Citizens Against Government Waste Newsletter. Must Read!

Posted on: December 29, 2009

There is so much information in this long Newsletter but it is well worth reading, or at the very least skimming over and reading the articles that really interest you.  You too can have the newsletter emailed to you, or you can continue to read it when I get and post mine.  I am not commenting on any of these articles because my blood pressure is hitting the stratosphere right about now.  BB


CAGW Newsletter

CAGW and CCAGW Score Major Victories against Government
Waste in 2009!

CAGW Combats Stimulus Waste
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has played a major role in
identifying and eliminating some of the worst wasteful spending under
the so-called “economic stimulus” bill.  Before
passage, CAGW embarrassed Congress into removing some of the most
objectionable special-interest handouts from the bill, such as a $246
million tax break for Hollywood movie producers, and CCAGW members
sent more than 70,000 e-mails to Capitol Hill opposing the stimulus
package.  Since passage, CAGW has led the way in publicizing some
of the most outrageous spending, like the more than 10,000 stimulus
checks that the Social Security Administration sent to the deceased,
including one individual who had been dead for 42 years!  Read
more about waste in the stimulus package


Taxpayers Spared Costly Cap-and-Trade Energy Tax
The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste’s (CCAGW)
lobbying and grassroots campaign helped derail passage of
cap-and-trade energy legislation in the Senate this year — torpedoing
a major goal of President Obama who had declared his intention to sign
a cap-and-trade bill into law before year-end.  The House version
of cap-and-trade passed by a razor-thin margin of 219 to 212 in June
after CCAGW members generated more than 22,500 e-mails and a slew of
phone calls to their Representatives.  Enactment of a
cap-and-trade regime would cost an estimated 1 to 2.5 million jobs,
slow economic growth, and drive up Americans’ energy
bills.  Estimates show the average family would face a $1,500
cap-and-trade energy tax annually.  Read more about cap-and-trade


Campaign to End ACORN’s Taxpayer Funding Bears Fruit
CCAGW conducted a grassroots and lobbying drive to end federal funding
of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN),
which is under investigation or has been indicted for fraud in 17
states for its questionable — and potentially criminal —
activities.  Both the U.S. Census Bureau and the IRS have now
announced the termination of their partnerships with ACORN.
Moreover, in September, the House of Representatives approved a motion
that would cut off all federal funding for ACORN and its state
affiliates, while the Senate voted to block funding for the group in
the fiscal year 2010 Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban
Development Appropriations Act.  Read more about CCAGW’s
drive to end federal funding of ACORN


CAGW Strikes Blow against Defense Boondoggle
CAGW launched a nationwide multimedia ad campaign last summer to alert
taxpayers to $7.2 billion in wasteful spending on an alternate engine
for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).  In addition, CAGW’s
Policy Experts released an

Issue Brief

exposing the alternate engine as an unnecessary, special-interest
project that members of Congress have kept alive with earmarks,
despite the objections of both Presidents Bush and Obama and the
Pentagon.  CAGW’s educational efforts, combined with a
CCAGW grassroots campaign, prompted more than 20,000 Americans to
express opposition to the alternate engine.  While the
House has continued to fund the project, the Senate declined to
authorize or appropriate any funding for the engine in fiscal year
2010.  Read more about CAGW’s campaign to eliminate
the JSF alternate engine


End of F-22 Funding a “Treat” for Taxpayers
CAGW scored another victory against wasteful and outmoded defense
programs this year when the House and Senate stripped $1.8 billion for
the F-22 fighter jet from their fiscal 2010 defense spending
bills.  Designed to counter the Soviet threat, these aircraft
have not been deployed at all in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Read more
about this taxpayer “treat.”

Jet-Setting Pols Grounded
CAGW stirred a firestorm of controversy that embarrassed House Defense
Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman John Murtha (D-Pa.) into pledging
to yank $330 million in funding for four new corporate jets from the
fiscal 2010 Defense Appropriations Act.  The Pentagon had
requested four jets at a cost of $220 million to ferry senior
government officials, but House appropriators boosted the number of
aircraft to eight at a total cost to taxpayers of $550 million,
including a $132 million earmark for two Gulfstream jets to be based
at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland — conveniently a short drive
from the U.S. Capitol.  Read more about the House’s
high-flying money grab


CAGW Receives Widespread Media Coverage in 2009
CAGW once again received widespread media coverage in 2009,
with appearances on television, radio, and in newspapers and
newsmagazines from coast-to-coast.  From CAGW President Tom
Schatz’s near weekly appearances on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and
interviews with CAGW spokespersons on ABC’s “Good Morning
America” and “World News with Charles Gibson”;
CBS’s “Evening News with Katie Couric”; CNN’s
“Anderson Cooper 360” and “Situation Room”;
FOX News Channel’s “FOX and Friends,” “Your
World with Neil Cavuto,” and “Live Desk with Martha and
Trace”; and NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian
Williams” to citations in

The Chicago Tribune, National Journal, Politico

, Reuters, Roll Call, USA Today

, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Washington

, to name just a few, CAGW has again kept Washington’s runaway
spending one of the top news stories in America.

And in the States…
CCAGW marshaled its grassroots activists to battle tax increase
proposals in 10 states in 2009.  CCAGW activists generated nearly
17,000 e-mails to their elected state officials and succeeded in
blocking tax hikes in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, and
Utah.  A CCAGW grassroots campaign in Longmont, Colo. also led
local voters to reject a ballot measure that would have directed the
city to create a taxpayer-funded advanced telecommunications network
to compete with the private sector.

In addition to these victories, CAGW published five of its widely
heralded Piglet Books in Hawaii

, Louisiana

, Maine

, Ohio

, and Tennessee

, generating numerous television, radio, and newspaper citations in
those states.  Among the absurd examples of state waste detailed
in the Piglet Books:  $11,900,000 for a new 55,000-sq. foot
administrative building for 116 turnpike workers in Maine; $9 million
for the “Party Bunker,” an underground entertainment
facility buried in the front yard of the Governor’s Mansion in
Tennessee; $4 million for a private golf club in Louisiana; and
$875,000 to reconstruct a hiking trail that is now barred from public
access in Hawaii.

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This month’s issue includes the articles:

Weatherization:  More Clouds on the Horizon

Time for a Constitutional Line Item Veto

National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Tom Schatz on CNBC Tuesdays!
Watch for CAGW President Tom Schatz on the weekly “Pork Watch” segment
of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” now airing every Tuesday at 6:50 a.m.
EST.  Please tune in!  (All media appearances are subject to

In the News…

San Francisco Chronicle (December 21, 2009):
“Billions in Earmarks Inflate Defense Bill’s Cost”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 15, 2009):
“State’s Universities to Get Millions from Bill”

USA Today (December 14, 2009):  “72-Passenger-a-Day
Airport Gets $7.5M for Terminal”


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