And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>Why do we keep Lying to ourselves about Islam? When do we stop?

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Lying to ourselves –

How many Americans will have to die before we accept that we are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us.  It is the RELIGION that teaches hate and killing.  These terrorist are not radical nuts who misunderstand the Koran.  The Koran teaches hate and that Muslims must kill all who do not follow Allah.  There is no call for love or peace in the Koran.  None at all.   And yet every time  Americans die some misguided fools get on TV and admonish the public not to  become militant towards all Muslims for the actions of one or a few.

Abdulmutallab’s own father warned our diplomats that his son had been infected by Islamist extremism. Our diplomats did nothing. Why? Because (despite a series of embassy bombings) the State Department dreads linking terrorism to Islam.

Instead of focusing on the religious zeal and inspiration of our enemies and how such motivations change the game, our “terrorism experts” agonize over whether such beasts as Abdulmutallab or Maj. Hasan, the Fort Hood assassin for Allah, are really members of al Qaeda or not. As a Sunday Post editorial pointed out, al Qaeda’s far more than a formal organization; it’s an idea, a cause. If a terrorist says he’s al Qaeda, he is, even if he doesn’t have a union card from Jihadi Local 632.

We’re dealing with a global Muslim movement, not a Masons’ lodge.

Worse, we’ve convinced ourselves that development aid (the left’s all-purpose medicine) is the key to defeating al Qaeda.

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