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Articles/Blogs With an Israeli Point of View

Posted on: January 10, 2010

• Jul. 21, 2006 – Articles/Blogs With an Israeli Point of View

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The following are some excerpts from an Israeli blog site to which I have subscribed (it’s free). I hesitated to offer it to my readers because it is of course the Israeli point of view. I try to give a fair and unbiased judgment to most human endeavors and therefore try to get as much information as I can before forming my views. Then at times as you have witnessed, I can be blunt in stating my opinion. So, I must admit that I am completely biased towards the Israeli cause. It didn’t happen over night or without due deliberation, but over a lifetime of seeing the events unfold.I was 7 years old in 1948 when Israel AND Palestine were formed into two separate states for two different people who both claimed one particular parcel of land. They both had equal claim to the land as it had been their home for thousands of years. And as Jews and Muslims cound not get along together so the world led by the British divided the land offering each a parcel. Palestine was given the greatest portion. In fact I believe it was something like 70 % of the land total. Israel was given a string of land parcels that looked much like a “string of sausages” as my elementary school Weekly Reader described it. (Can you believe I am remembering that and can see the picture in my mind after 57 years!) And at this point the vow of the Arab Muslims was to destroy Israel. As I grew up I learned more and more and eventually sided with the Israelis in their belief that they had a right to exist on the tiny parcel of real estate that they could call their won where all Jews were welcome and none would ever be made to suffer progroms or injustice again. So, much water has flowed as they say and my opinions and loyalties are firmly set. However, a great deal of information concerning Jewish relations with the world can be gotten here. Below is their latest e-mail bulletin which mostly concerns the current situation. Check down thru the articles/blogs I have here and then if any of them interests you go to their blog site at :

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 Israel’s Unnecessary War

By Daniel Pipes (Jerusalem Post)

“The blame for the current fighting falls entirely on Israel’s enemies, who deploy inhuman methods in the service of barbaric goals. I wish the armed forces of Israel every success against the terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon, hoping they inflict a maximum defeat on Hamas and Hizbullah while taking a minimum of casualties. That said, the rest of this column focuses on erroneous Israeli decisions that led to an unnecessary war and suggests the only way Israel can win that war.”…….

Defeating the Iranian-Syrian Axis in Lebanon

By Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror and Dan Diker (Institute for Contemporary Affairs/Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
“Israel’s current military operations to uproot Hizballah and to destroy it as a formidable military and terror organization is not merely an operation against another determined terror group like Hamas in Gaza. Hizballah has a disciplined, well-trained army with sophisticated weaponry, backed directly by Syria and Iran.”………

The Arming of Hezbollah

By Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker (New York Times)
“Both the U.S. and Israel are just now learning the extent to which Hezbollah has succeeded in getting weapons from Iran and Syria, and some officials in Washington admitted to being blindsided by the abilities of Hezbollah’s arsenal.”…….

Missile War Is a New Challenge to Israel

By Scott Wilson (Washington Post)
“Israel and the radical Islamic groups Hamas and Hezbollah are waging war for the first time largely in the skies, exchanging rocket fire, artillery rounds, and airstrikes.
The launch sites of both militias are hard to detect, and the short-range rockets reach targets in seconds, making interception nearly impossible.”…….

Hizballah’s Little Helpers

Editorial – From the Washington Times
“As Israel fights to break the back of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has come up with a very bad idea. He wants to throw a lifeline to Hizballah, dispatching UN peacekeepers to Lebanon. Mr. Annan must explain how his peacekeepers would differ from the current UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which has failed miserably ever since it was dispatched in 1978. UNIFIL has been unable to stop Hizballah attacks but remarkably successful in getting in the way of Israelis defending themselves. “Hizballah would launch military attacks 50 meters from a UNIFIL outpost, Israel would shoot back, and UNIFIL would protest against the Israeli response,” explained Dore Gold, a former Israeli “…..

Israel Fights West’s Cause Against Radical Islam

By Anton La Guardia (Telegraph-UK)
“Lebanon has become the battleground between pro-Western and radical Islamic forces. Few governments, even Arab states, want to see Hizballah win the contest. As the conflict has intensified, Israel has found a degree of international sympathy, or at least understanding. The last thing Washington needs is for Syria and Iran to win a proxy victory in Lebanon.

Hizballah’s attack on Israel has been of benefit to the whole “arc of extremism” stretching from the Gaza Strip to Iraq. It has given Hamas a boost, diverted international attention away from Iran’s nuclear program, and may have strengthened the position of Syria as envoys plead with it to help restrain Hizballah.”……..

Give Israel Time to Complete the Mission

Editorial – Washington Times
“Israel’s necessary decisions to launch military campaigns against Hizballah and Hamas have created an opportunity to change the balance of forces between Israel and the terror networks that have plagued the Middle East since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The most important thing that Israel needs is time: time to root out the weapons caches stockpiled in private homes; time to hit the rocket and missile-launching sites and terrorist training camps Hizballah has established throughout Lebanon; and time to hunt down the jihadists in the Bekaa Valley whose life’s work is to destroy the Jewish state“…….


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