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Hate Rules When Good People Remain Silent.

Posted on: January 10, 2010

• Dec. 6, 2007 – The Problem with Good Fundamentalist

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Hate Rules  When Good  People Remain Silent.

Leonard Pitts is a fine commentator whom I used to read faithfully and now only browse because I think he has gone over the line on racists issues.  I can remember and pin point exactly when this happened.  It happened when Pitt’s son came home and told about an incident where he was questioned for what he and his father felt was simply because he was a Black.

Pitts lost his perspective then and became a racist.  I can understand his outrage as a father at this particular White person, but I can not excuse his turning what had been a sane and Pulitzer winning commentator into  raving racist.   It is sad.

The incident with his son should not have happened, but given the extreme crime rate among young Black men neither could the clerk at the store be wholly blamed either.  Both Pitts, his son and the White clerk are unfortunate victims of the overall degeneration of the lower class Black society.  And whereas some Blacks are acknowledging this and admitting that we as a nation have a real problem and the problem lies with the Blacks and is a Black problem to fix .  This is so because the White population has done all it can to provide opportunities for all people to rise out of poverty and can do no more if the people themselves refuse to take the opportunities.  As proof I offer the stats that tell us Whites are on welfare an average of 18 months and then never to return.  Blacks on the other hand average 3 and one half years on welfare.  Many families both Black and White  are multigenerational welfare recipients.  But here again it is by far a Black issue that is growing daily unchecked as children have children who in turn have children and none of whom finish school or make any effort to get out of poverty or even to allow themselves to be dragged kicking and screaming out of poverty.  When the welfare rolls were reduced to try a bit of tough love in getting these people off the welfare rolls they simply turned to crime as their means of support rather than the government dole.  Go back and check the spike in crime rates as compared to states efforts to reduce the welfare roles if you doubt me.  The facts are all at your fingertips if you are reading this blog.

Anyhow Pitts had a fairly good article today where he condemned fundamentalists of all religions.  His lead in to the story was the incident of the teacher whose class named a teddy bear Mohammed  which is as common in Muslim countries as Joe in our society and the fundamentalist want her stoned for this “sacrilege’.   Then Pitts went on to make his point that fundamentalist of all religions are wrong.  Doug Clark whom I do read and enjoy and even like as a journalist and as a human being took umbrage at this and  defended fundamentalists on his blog today.  In fact, he totally missed the point of Pitts article and I imagine he was not alone.

So, my comment:  I agree with what you are saying Doug.  People can be fundamentalist of their chosen religion and not be ready to kill anyone who does not believe as they do.  But!  And this is a huge and extremely important BUT.   It is when the majority of the fundamentalist sit back and say nothing or do nothing when the extremists of their faith will do anything to see that the world in general conforms to the dictates of that faith who are the culprits.  The silent ones who accept and by their silence condone the actions of  few who will kill and lie and hate in order to see their views are the ones that prevail not just in their group but by all  peoples all over the world.  These are the fundamentalist we must fear and the ones I believe Pitts is speaking of in his piece today.

A stupid cartoon raise the ire of Muslims around the globe who rioted in the streets (thank goodness in their own cities!) and put out contracts to kill the journalists who dare to print these cartoons, but who sat mute when 3000 innocent people were killed when Muslim fundamentalists flew an air plane into the World Trade Center.  Or worse, much much worse,  these quiet fundamentalists who sit silent when  children  in their own cities are burned alive by hate filled fundamentalist suicide bombers.  These are the fundamentalist Pitts was speaking of as I read his article, and these are indeed the fundamentalist of all faiths whom we should all condemn and fear.  BB


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