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Some Groups of Criminals Wear Teflon Coatings

Posted on: January 10, 2010

• Jul. 6, 2007 – Some Groups of Criminals Wear Teflon Coatings

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There were two articles in yesterday’s News & Record that just keep worrying at the back of my mind. One was a commentary by Thomas Friedman about the Muslims and how as a group they have yet to condemn the terrorists attacks. Terrorists attacks where all have been carried out by Muslims. Muslim leaders continue to say that Islam is a religion of peace, and as a group the least thing said or written about Muslims where no one is harmed or killed and the people are called out by their Imams to riot in the streets. But, never have they once even whispered a note of sorrow when young Muslim men carry out the deeds that their religion’s writings, text books and leaders call upon them to do.

And, if this is not bad enough the world in general does not condemn them. Not once has there been an edict from the United Nations condemning Muslims as a group for fostering and encouraging these atrocities. Our own government refuses to acknowledge that Muslims are the world’s terrorist. Security checks at air ports continue to pat down little old ladies walking with canes as possible terrorists! It is as if Muslims as a group and Muslims terrorists are coated with Teflon because anything they do that is wrong simply slides off and is somehow forgotten or forgiven. Because of course, Islam is a religion of peace.

The other article was about the Black Caucus in North Carolina state government and their highly unethical practice of giving scholarship funds to the children and relatives of members of their own group. These people solicit funds for scholarships leading the donors to believe they will go to needy students and then skim off funds for their own children who surely are not needy if their parent is a state politician. And no one in the Black community sees anything wrong with what they are doing. In fact Blacks who do speak up speak up for the culprits, and refuse to acknowledge that the behavior is unethical. This same attitude is seen every time a Black who wears a business suit is caught with their hand in the cookie jar. (Blacks who wear jeans and tee shirts are fair game however and arrested all the time for far lesser crimes!)

Diane Bellamy-Small’s behavior and violations of trust she has as a city council person and demands for special treatment she feels due her as a city council member not only went unpunished but her supporters were even permitted to viciously harangue City Council woman Florence Gotten because she dared to ask for Bellamy-Small’s resignation. And the Black Pulpit Forum, a group of ministers no less, defended her unethical and perhaps unlawful behavior.

I could go on and on with examples from all over the country where Blacks are supported by the Black community even after they have been proven guilty. They can be caught with bribe money of $90,000 in their freezer and still continue to sit in the US House, they can be video taped using drugs guilty beyond a doubt and still be re-elected Mayor of our nations capital while in prison, and they can even get away with murder.

American Blacks are coated with Teflon too. The name of their Teflon coat is the cry of “racist”. All they have to do is utter the word and White government officials cave in. In the case of the Black Caucus Scholarship unethical behavior the Chair lady, our own Alma Adams, is the one using the R word, the Teflon word.

Now tell me just how do these two groups of people differ? Oh, I realize that one group commits horrendous crimes against humans while the other is just thievery but really, how do they differ in their attitudes towards members of their group’s criminal behavior?    BB


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