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>>Bankruptcy could be good for America

Posted on: January 12, 2010 / Columnists / Gideon Rachman – Bankruptcy could be good for America

Back in the 1992 elections I was explaining the issues and the differences in the philosophies of Ross Perot and Bill Clinton to my first time voting in a presidential election children.  I warned that voting for Clinton would bring on big government spending that would lead to bankruptcy of the country.  My daughter said, “Well then let’s vote for Clinton and let the money and debt roll out of Washington because the sooner the country goes bankrupt and falls on it’s collective ass the sooner we can start over and maybe  build it right this time.”  And she may very well have had a point.  It all depends on who and what philosophy comes out on top.  I think from the Tea Party Movement that Americans are ready to rebuild by going back to what we had in the beginning with our Founding Fathers ideas of government, that is a very limited government.  We are getting a good example of an out of control spending like drunken sailors big government and an unemployment rate of 10% which would indeed be a holiday and mere bump in the road compared to what we would see if the country did indeed go bankrupt.  And yet at this 10% unemployment rate the majority of Americans approval rating of their in office just one year President stands at 48% and the approval of the Democrats Congress stands at 23%.  So maybe a big fat juicy bankruptcy for the United States will wipe away a lot of the social engineering welfare state and taking from Peter to pay Paul sharing of the wealth that has been going on during the last 70 some years since Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt   came along with their elitist intellectuals should rule the mobs ideas.

This article has some good examples of what can happen when countries go bankrupt from foolish spending of  poor governance.


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