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>> Pork Report, January 12 2009 – Big Government

Posted on: January 13, 2010

» Pork Report, January 12 2009 – Big Government

Your Tax Dollars At Work!  $884 TARP,   $873 Obama’s Stimulus Bill.  And remember as the banks repay the TARP money it has become a Geithner controlled slush fund for Obamanation.  The Stimulus Bill has stimulated nothing and that that has already been spent has been wasted.  or rather, the funds that are trackable has been found to have been wasted.  Much that has gone out simply can not be accounted for.  The same goes for the TARP funds.  This kind of accountability however is par for the course with all government run programs.

Pork Report, January 12 2009

by The Pork Report Federal stimulus plan’s spending on roads and bridges has had no effect on unemployment, research finds; “Spend a lot or spend nothing at all, it didn’t matter,” the analysis showed as “local unemployment rates rose and fell regardless of how much stimulus money Washington poured out for transportation”

· “It beats being at work!” Federal Aviation Administration spent $5 million to send 3, 600 managers to a conference in Atlanta that some say was little more than an excuse to throw a three-week-long party

· Congress spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to send politicians and staff on a junket to the global warming summit that failed to reach a climate agreement

· “Stealth” company whose address appears to be an empty office to receive $9.2 million federal grant

· The Postal Service’s top marketing executive directed more than $1.3 million in sole-source contracts to former business associates; As a result, some postal employees are sitting idle because the consultants are doing what previously were their jobs

· Local builders are being excluded from Air Force housing project in Montana

· Nearly three years after Congress approved new ethics rules, no member of Congress has been punished for wrongdoing

· The U.S. Agency for International Development pays hundreds of millions of dollars to the United Nations Office for Project Services for projects in Afghanistan that have been plagued with fraud, mismanagement and lack of internal financial controls


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