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>> Senate Dems and al Qaeda Agree: World Trade Center Represents American Greed – Big Government

Posted on: January 17, 2010

» Senate Dems and al Qaeda Agree: World Trade Center Represents American Greed – Big Government

The Democrats are losing their minds and out of touch with reality  all over the place,  but nowhere is it more apparent than in the Massachusetts Senate race to see whom the voters choose to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy.

Senate Dems and al Qaeda Agree: World Trade Center Represents American Greed

by Kyle Olson It seems the Democrats have the art of poor taste down to a science.  Who else would think to use an image of the World Trade Center, destroyed by terrorists in 2001 because the towers were a symbol of American greed, to attack a Republican candidate over Wall Street “greed?”


According to Politico, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ran an ad against Republican Scott Brown, accusing him of opposing a “plan to crack down on greed and corruption.”

Just when I think the Democrats can’t stoop any lower to retain the seat of the former champion of socialized medicine, they sink to using the tragedy of the World Trade Center.  But not in a way to say that Martha Coakley will stand up to terrorists – oh no, instead its used to exemplify what they see as the worst of America.

It goes to show even with being in power, the Democratic Party is bankrupt of ideas to help America.  After all, why wouldn’t Martha Coakley run on Ted Kennedy’s legacy of enacting socialized medicine?  Perhaps because even the voter of Massachusetts don’t want it?<

Or why doesn’t she run on the “success” of the stimulus or even propose a second stimulus?  Perhaps even the voters of the bluest state in America see it’s a sham?

As the Democrats, SEIU and others on the left get more desperate, their tactics and arguments get more pathetic.  Regardless of what happens in Tuesday’s election, they’ve already lost.

BREAKING: Scott Brown Holding Press Conference– Will Press Charges Against Democrats–Updated

Brown campaign files criminal complaint against Massachusetts Democratic Party4:26

On top of all this President Clinton is now in Mass. campaigning for  Democrat Martha Coakley and  President Obama will be visiting the state on her behalf.  But more upsetting than any of these tactics is the fact that bus loads of ACORN and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) are being sent into mass. on Tuesday.  Every time ACORN or SEIU has been involved in any activity there has been violence from these groups.  It can only be surmised that these people are being sent in to intimidate and scare off the voters.


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