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>>American Thinker: The Currency of Social Justice. Where the jobs will come from and who the payer of salaries will be.

Posted on: January 24, 2010

American Thinker: The Currency of Social Justice

Unemployment is still standing a 10.5%  even tho more and more people are losing their jobs.  so why is unemployment not going up?  Because the governments are hiring!

The government is contriving a green jobs boom. Last year, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocated over $500 million for entry-level and advanced training for jobs in the clean energy and health care industries. Job growth would be nice if it were controlled by the private sector, but government employment and regulation will dominate a “green energy” industry since the free market has not yet seen fit to produce this boom on its own.
The resulting expense from this artificial boom will be increased taxes to support green subsidies. In addition, the current fuel industry will be decimated by cap-and-trade legislation designed to skyrocket the cost of traditional energy methods. Our economy is not undergoing a recovery; it’s undergoing restructuring to remove the element of free-market capitalism.
As government jobs have now surpassed goods-producing jobs, the new “green economy” jobs will start to absorb most of the rising U.S. unemployment. Government-subsidized green jobs will be centered on alternative energy production and retrofitting homes and businesses for energy efficiency.

2 Responses to ">>American Thinker: The Currency of Social Justice. Where the jobs will come from and who the payer of salaries will be."

Expecting government jobs to sustain an economy is like having everyone in the country earn a living taking in other people’s laundry.

Amen! to that Ken. but in this past year there have been 130 million government jobs created. Actually, I suspect a lot more than that but only 130 million have been reported. And by the way, the average government job pays $70,000 a year in salary as compared to the $45,000 on the civilian market. Then when you add in the “Cadillac” government benefits I suggest we all run out and get ourselves a government job to ride until the ship sinks.

I’ve already got mine: Social Security and Medicare!

And between you and me Ken I hope the young people who are carrying my buns on their back right now get out their guns and shoot every gray headed retiree on sight because we (and others on the government dole) are taking the food out of their children’s mouths right now and will be the reason for their children’s miserable lives as adults. BB

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