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>>Judge Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom,”

Posted on: January 25, 2010

This is the five part series by

Judge Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom,”

We the People have forgotten our roots as Americans.  Our Constitutional freedoms are not taught in our schools.  The Constitution is seen as an archaic document that must be revised and brought into the 21st century by elected officials and the courts of today.  I am one of those who having read and studied the Constitution all of my life feels the document written by brilliant freedom loving men  over two centuries ago is as alive and well  today as it has ever been.  In fact this document can forever be a guide to a free government  for a free people with no revisions or “interpretations”  because it is plainly written to be easily understood.

Our current President has called the Constitution of the United States of America a negative document because it states what government can not do and not what government can do.    I might point out that the Ten Commandments  can then be called a negative document!    To free men it isn’t necessary to list all freedoms or things that men can do because they are many in a free society.  It is easier to understand and far less burdensome to merely state what can not be done and allow free men and women to decide for themselves what they would otherwise permit or deny.

We the People must turn again to this document and understand it’s truths.  BB

Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom," Part 1: The Constitution 6:10 Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom," Part 2: The Congress6:39

Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom," Part 3: The President5:07 Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom," Part 4: The Courts5:52

Judge Napolitano's "The Constitution and Freedom," Part 5: The States6:11


1 Response to ">>Judge Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom,”"

Obama and the rest of the leftist hate the constitution because it sets forth very plainly what they can and can not do. To them that is a restriction which interferes with the agenda they have in store which is of course destruction of this nation as we know it and have known it since it’s founding.

It’s time to cut the head off the snakes for they are poisoning the nation.

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