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>>They are out to get our guns.

Posted on: January 25, 2010

The first step in taking over a country is to disarm the citizens.  All the gun laws are not aimed at criminals because criminals will always get the guns they want.  These people are out to get the guns of law abiding citizens and the United States is the main target because we are the most strongly freedom loving people in the world.  Why people in other countries are so concerned with firearms in the United States is  silly if it is innocent and sincere.  The only  reason that makes sense then is the overtaking of the  United States by a world wide group of communist  elitist who want to rule the world and crush all people under them.  The United States and our citizen gun owners are  standing in their way.

Ask yourself why are these people not trying to rid the world of weapons of war?  Why do they want my  hunting rifle?  BB

NRA:  The United Nations (UN) and International Gun Control 10:14

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World  (thanks to Fred for these vidieos)

Re: Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World3:19 Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World3:13


2 Responses to ">>They are out to get our guns."

total control with nothing to fear is want they want..cant have some person out there that actually believes in the Constitution and what it stays for with a gun..these ppl in goverment are sinking this countries way of life without sooner or later some true patriot(s)are going to start eliminating these ppl just like they are attempting to do so with our Rights..Gun Control works..just ask Fidel, Adolf ..Chavez to name a few..if the politicians here believed in America..and the Constitution and Bill of Rights..they would be wanting everyone to have a gun, they would be protecting our Borders with a serious effort..gun control achieved..we will get what they are willing to give us, where as now..they take what we are willingly letting them take..and of course, that isnt enough for them..they have to have it ALL

And they are attempting to get it ALL because they think americans are stupid. but we are waking up real fast. BB

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