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>>State of the Union: Obama Delusional

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Hallucinating, delusional,  fantasizing, delirious  or all of the above.

I wasn’t going to waste an hour of my time listening to Obama last night.  But…..I simply couldn’t help myself. I caved and  tuned in about 15 minutes into the rerun of campaign promises/repeat  past  pep talks/ same old lies/ passing the blame to everyone but Obama himself  and I was hooked.  Not hooked because of what he was saying because I had heard all of it before and spoken in the same way.  I had also heard all of the blame game before; well he did hit at the Supreme Court last night and one of the Justices couldn’t be heard shouting , “You lie!” but if you cared to read lips he was saying, “Not true.”

No,  I was hooked because I could not believe that even Barack Obama would give a State of the Union address that he gave after this past year in office.   I watched this man very carefully and he is indeed sincere in his beliefs.    He truly believes his own kool aid.  He truly believes that he has done an outstanding job during this first year and any problems, of which there have been nothing but, are the cause of others and not Barack Obama.

Tho psychology was my field I was not a psychologist (I did some work in clinics as an aid)  I believe I was watching a mental breakdown in progress.  I have worked with patients who were  diagnosed as delusional who were more in touch with reality than is our President.

Again, psychology was my field but I did not specialize in reading body language and would hope that O’Reilly would have his friend come on and do a reading of Vice President Biden during Obama’s spiel.   If I was reading the signs correctly Mr.
Biden was almost as flabbergasted as I was.  He even shook his head in amazement several times.  Once I saw what I would consider a snort and snicker at a statement by Obama that certainly was not meant to elicit a smile let alone a laugh.

I did continue to listen to Hannity on FOXNEWS after the charade  on Capital Hill and feel it pretty much sums up how most American feel today.  Hannity conducted a call in poll:  5% claimed the Obama Speech was GOOD, 8% said FAIR abd 87% said TERRIBLE.


via Voters React to State of the Union.   focus group  in Philadelphia video  a must see.  Sarah Palin speaks on her reaction to Obama’s State of the Union speech.


9 Responses to ">>State of the Union: Obama Delusional"

a defiant speech was what I heard , towards the people and their rejection of his Ideas about Policies .

Like we don’t have a clue about whats needed .
but what gets me is they don’t trust us people with the truth about what it is they want to do , or we would know whats in the policies that are behind the closed doors .
How can a person be so hypocritical , and say things like I know the people will like the health care bill once we get it passed ???

these people are so much about trying to trick everyone into something they think is needed but lack the guts to bring the debate front and center …. this is what they are trying to bring into law Cap and trade and health care are all about Population Control , but how does a Politician get reelected if they try and have a debate about this ideology ????

It is true that several people in Obama’s administration have expressed these views quite strongly. I don’t however think this is their main objective. World communist domination with a select few at the top controlling all is the goal IMO. Obama is their stooge but I think the stooge is starting to crack under the strain. His ego can not withstand the criticism that he is increasingly getting. The man I saw speaking last night was unaware of the fact that the criticism he is receiving is mild compared to what he deserves and is due to his own actions. the blame for everything is placed elsewhere. It is this type of situation and personality that is exhibited by people who take a gun and start shooting people at random. You can even see it in his walk and this frenzied traveling around the world and around the country giving his little speeches.

He was headed for a townhall type thing in Florida today and unless they really very carefully stack the audience it is going to get bloody as he is taken apart over his policies and actions thus far. BB

I didn’t notice what you noticed about Biden. Pelosi was so distracting:

I will admit that I was shocked by BHO’s scolding of SCOTUS. At the very least, a brech of etiquette — and a breech which contained a lie too.

All in all, the windbag bloviated on for far too long last night. A tinge of desperation? I think so.

BB remember that Cap and Trade and health care policies are being touted as successes by the Leadership in the Congress and the Administration , and they are in favor of UN Agneda 21 Cap and Trade Climate Change policies and Here is more proof of the Trend of Washington DC policies of anti business growth , due to Climate Change , and wanting to impose population controls without open debate through these restrictive measures , and the effects of Overpopulation . What is most disturbing about this is how the Democrats won’t let us see whats in the final Legislation of Cap and Trade or Health care , as these bills are open ended drafts that have not been completed , and with this apparent trend of the regimes Czars and supporters trying to back door through closed doors these types of regulatory restrictions interrupting the Constitutional rights of Freedom to debate these issues , is whats most disturbing to me .

the Democrats won’t let us ee what is in any legislation because there are pieces of their plans for the United States in all their bills. Scatter the pieces of the puzzle all over so the picture will be harder to see until all the pieces are in place. The problem with that is they had too little understanding of the intelligence of the American people and their love of freedom. Americans will not go like sheep as has been the case in other populations. It is is our genes to desire freedom above all. BB

Brenda I like your Blog. I’m new to this so I’m very impressed when I see someone’s blog that is planned well. I have some questions about how to get traffic to my Blog and thought maybe you could advise me. I have tried Twitter, and read the directions but am not sure how it works. I want to respond to comments made by others but don’t know who to do it. I thought this would be a good way to bring people back to my Blog. Is there any advise you can give me? I’m on wordpress as SnappySandy.

Yesterday I wrote a blog and addressed it to the President, about assisting the people in Haiti, but I don’t seem to be able to get it out there.


The State Recovery Act of 2010 . This would put more control in the hands of the states to grant and allocate funding to organizations like ACORN and then allow the states to regulate these organizations . It is not constitutionally fair for a organization to receive federal grant money and then put that money to use in state elections , its not fair to the people of that state and not fair to the state as far as the effects of federal Influence over what then effects state operations .
” The State Recovery Act of 2010 ” , this would make the senators and congress have to fight harder with state congressional officials on these tax dollars , and New Candidates would be more focused on their states needs and challenge the elected establishment to be more about the tax dollars direct needs in the state in times of distress , Why Not call for a Constitutional Amendment that calls for an clause that reads ” In times of unruly financial distress we call on the Federal Government to allow the states to keep a larger amount of the federal tax dollars as so to bring direct aid to the Main streets of America and her citizens” .
Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack

Sandy, I left a message on your site. Thanks for stopping by. Have fun blogging. If it isn’t fun than you shouldn’t be doing it . right? 🙂 BB

Right on the money Hungry! thank you for the information and video. BB

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