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>>Haiti detains Americans taking kids across border – Yahoo! News

Posted on: January 31, 2010

Haiti detains Americans taking kids across border – Yahoo! News

Corrupt Haitians officials are up and at it again.  Babies and children are dying by the hundreds in the streets of Haiti and the Haitian government is keeping them from being taken out of the country they say for fear of “child trafficking”..  This is so much stuff people!  Haitian officials have for decades been involved with child trafficking and their only concern right now is that they may not get their cut of any action.

If there was ever a time for the United Nations to step in and get babies out of the hell hole that Haiti is it is now.  But guess what?  Stories are filtering back from people who have been there or are there now who are telling just what the United Nations troops are up to.    One email received yesterday from a reliable source that I will not name because they are still there and trying to help:  United Nations troops are  hoarding food and water and making Haitians pay for it!

So between the corrupt Haitians officials that the world, and especially the United States, is trying to work with, and the corrupt United Nations troops the Haitian people who have suffered a disaster  from Hell are being victimized by the demons from Hell.

The United States government should be bringing plane loads of babies and children out of Haiti right now and after they are here in this country and being cred for the sorting out can be done.  This thing about separating families is  IMO to be set aside for the good of the children.  Parents even if reunited with their babies and children have nothing to offer them but starvation and death for God’s sake.  Make some calls to your Congressmen and ask them to clear the way to bring Haitian children to the United States for adoption.

You will note I did not include Haitian adults and families.  First:  we simply do not have the finances to bring in whole families and  put them on welfare.  Babies and children on the other hand will be adopted.  Millions of Americans have been standing in line wanting to adopt and millions more will find it in their hearts to adopt a child in need now.  No families can afford to adult entire families.

Second:  Adults can be the criminals and jihadist and bad elements that we just simply don’t need to import.  This is not a problem we have to consider with babies and children.  Help get these most helpless ones out of harms way NOW before anymore die.   Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

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