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>>BIG Goovernment and BIG Labor Killing the Nation’s Economy and Ripping-off the Tax Payers..

Posted on: February 1, 2010

If you don’t believe the above statement then you just don’t know about PLA’s or Project Labor Agreements. If you have never even seen the PLA then go to this site and learn about all the dirty little secret details. At the same time those of you who live in my home state of North Carolina might want to click the red map on the state and see what projects in North Carolina are PLA’s. This goes for the rest of you out there too. How high is the unemployment in your state and how many of the government Stimulus projects has the Obama’s White House made sure goes only to their union buddies?

This site has all kinds of information American workers need to know about. There is also a list of see also articles offering more information. Whether or not you are a union member or not and whether or not you work in an industry that has a lot of stimulus jobs or not it is still your tax dollars that will be paying for these projects. borrowed tax dollars at that that our treasury does not have so our government is borrowing the money from foreign countries by selling them Treasury Notes that then will be used to pay for these projects. Then of course you workers, ALL workers will have to work your buns off and see your children and your grandchildren work their buns off to pay back this money that is being extorted from non-union workers today. Yes, it is extortion! A gun is being held to the heads of employers forcing them to hire only union workers for these jobs and paying outlandish u nion wages and benefits.

Now hear this:  I am not against unions.  there was a time when workers had to unite to get a fair deal from employers.  it was and is always about money and the guy on top get the lions share.  when the employers were on top[ and held the deck then they hired labor for the cheapest price they could get so they could reap the greatest profits.  Now the tide has turned and the Workers Unions have the upper hand and again greed raises its ugly head.  Unions and their Mafia union bosses who are heading up the unions because of the billions of union dues workers pay in every pay  day.  For these billions the Mafia run union bosses rake in they offer union workers the highest wages and the best benefits.  They also cost the American Tax Payers  100% to 300% more for any given job than it would cost otherwise.  Just as big business/employers needed to be taken down with the organizing of unions it is time to take Big Labor Unions down to save the country.  (Sigh)  why can’t men remember what it was like to be the exploited one?  why is it man forgets when he is on top and gets so greedy?  It has always been this way since Cain and Able and I know this as I am both a student of the Bible and of history so why I continue to keep hoping for another outcome is beyond me, but you my readers know I do remain a damned cocked eyed-optimist and am always surprised and hurt  and angered at mans inhumanity and duplicity.  BB


4 Responses to ">>BIG Goovernment and BIG Labor Killing the Nation’s Economy and Ripping-off the Tax Payers.."

This is a Classic example of how it would be with the Government in the Middle of health care on private Industry too !!!!!!!

In a human, a cancer greedily takes over more and more of the life of the person until the cancer destroys that person- and itself! These PLAs will eventually destroy everything they touch, including themselves.

Ken, of course the cancer eventually kills itself just as any parasite eventually kills itself after it kills its host. Human beings should be smarter. Unfortunately they are not. BB

we the people need to put our sheriff associations to work this way …..

The State Recovery Act of 2010 . This would put more control in the hands of the states to grant and allocate funding to organizations like ACORN and then allow the states to regulate these organizations . It is not constitutionally fair for a organization to receive federal grant money and then put that money to use in state elections , its not fair to the people of that state and not fair to the state as far as the effects of federal Influence over what then effects state operations .
” The State Recovery Act of 2010 ” , this would make the senators and congress have to fight harder with state congressional officials on these tax dollars , and New Candidates would be more focused on their states needs and challenge the elected establishment to be more about the tax dollars direct needs in the state in times of distress , Why Not call for a Constitutional Amendment that calls for an clause that reads ” In times of unruly financial distress we call on the Federal Government to allow the states to keep a larger amount of the federal tax dollars as so to bring direct aid to the Main streets of America and her citizens” .
Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack

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