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>>California’s Class Warfare: PLAs Pit Union and Non-Union Workers Against Each Other

Posted on: February 1, 2010

California’s Class Warfare: PLAs Pit Union and Non-Union Workers Against Each Other

It has been said and proven to be correct again and again with so may issues that “as goes California so goes the nation” .  In this case I believe sincerely that California is leading the nations and the rest of the states are following very closely behind.  It is all about money and Stimulus money for government jobs that Obama’s White House  and Congress has agreed  would only go to unionized workers.  This because the unions paid so much into Obama’s and the Democrats campaign coffers.  In other words Andy Stern and other union bosses bought their politicians!

California is on the verge of bankruptcy just like the nation.  Only California is a bit ahead of the nation and has therefore asked for and will probably get $11 billion to bail the state out this year.  That is JUST this year!  Cities in California are in worse fiscal condition than the state  with many giving their workers IOU’s instead of pay checks.  And still things like this are going down all over the state:

Ten minutes prior to the start of a December 15th, 2009 board meeting of the Riverside Community College District in California, board members are handed a 52-page document filled with millions of dollars in projects to be funded by the district’s taxpayers, who themselves are struggling under the state’s 12.4% unemployment rate.  The document, a draft Project Labor Agreement (PLA), will commit long-term construction and ancillary projects for the next several years to labor unions.

At least twenty-three members of the public, many of them local private business owners who oppose the PLA, have attended to publicly comment on the proposal.  Two of the board members have never even seen the PLA prior to today, and have asked for a special session to review it.  Despite opposition from the public, and the concern voiced by those two board members, the remaining three board members have moved that the Board of Trustees authorize Chancellor Greg Gray to negotiate the final PLA with the Riverside and San Bernardino Building and Construction Trade Councils. Board Trustees Virginia Blumenthal and Janet Green dissented.

In California, where 18.3% of the overall workforce is covered by a union, much of the recovery opportunities, including PLAs, are focused disproportionately on creating union jobs.  Where does that leave the other 81.7% of non-union workers who are fighting California’s 12.4% unemployment rate?  In construction, California’s union rate is higher than average 23.1%, which makes it even more difficult for private construction to compete. Despite popular belief that the construction industry is overwhelmingly unionized, only about 16% of America’s construction workers belonged to a union in 2009.  That’s a lot of workers left out of the competition when they need the work most.


I suggest you read the whole article because it is coming to a state and city near you very soon.  In fact please read the following article  just to see how close it is to taking the food out of your children’s mouths.  If you work in any of the abopve industries pay close attention to the percentage of workers in the United States who are unionized in these industries and then consider that this percentage of workers are going to get ALL the jobs created by any Stimulus money or any other funds that come out of Washington to tbe administered by the states and cities.

No union card?  No use applying for a job!  So does this mean the 95% of the people in the United States who do no belong to a union should 1) join a union or 2) say Hell NO! to extortion?  Congress holds the key and can change all this nonsense any time We the People demand it loud and clear enough.  The election of Sen. Scott Brown got their attention so now you just may get their ear if you start yelling loud enough.  BB


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