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>>Haiti food convoy attacked; UN warns of volatility – Yahoo! News

Posted on: February 2, 2010

Haiti food convoy attacked; UN warns of volatility – Yahoo! News

Read this article carefully.  The Haitian government and the United Nations are the problems!  I have said from the beginning and I repeat: it will only get better and the problems of the desperate Haitian people solved when the United States military declares martial law and takes over completely.  Of course the Obama Administration  will not authorize this.  Why? because the jokers in the Obama Administration from the President on down are jerks and jokers and just plain stupid.  Just look at the terrorist trials in civilian courts and giving foreign terrorist set out to kill Americans Miranda rights and free attorneys instead of firing squads.  Just look at the budget being proposed!  There are bad things happening in the world and  in our country and we are hung with baboons in the White House and criminals and fools in Congress.

Is it any wonder that armed groups are attacking food convoys?  Some are criminals bent on selling the food to hungry Haitians if there are any with money.  But then they are simply stealing the food from the United Nations (UN) peace keeping forces who are already selling the food!  So who here are the criminals?     Some of the armed groups are actually hungry people trying to feed their families.  Groups of families are forming together and having to set up their own guards to hoard what food and supplies their small groups have been able to procure.

We need the United States military.  Our troops are the only group people all over the world respect and have any faith in to be fair and honest.   This is a point for which we Americans should all be very proud.    I expect soon the other world leaders will begin to call upon the President to by pass the corrupt United Nations and declare American martial law.  Of course there will be a lot of noise made about
American imperialism and unfortunately a lot of this noise will be made by those who have on the sly called upon us to take action.  It is the right thing to do before thousands more die in this God forsaken Hell hole on Earth that is Haiti.  BB


2 Responses to ">>Haiti food convoy attacked; UN warns of volatility – Yahoo! News"

I agree, we need to do something.

Haitians are out of control. Who can blame them? The food supplies are not coming in fast enough. There is total chaos there, and no type of structure or plan to correct the situation. It’s more like we donated lots of money, bought food and then are dumping it there and expect the situation to improve on its own.

I have written a plan, in much detail, on how the USA can help the Haitians rebuild their country, with our assistance. This will be a long-term project that will actually put Americans to work and help stimulate our economy, and at the same time put the Haitians to work in rebuilding their country and economy.

My problem is one of not being able to get this plan in the hands of the right people. I’m certain that it’s not perfect and changes would be made, but from where I sit, I haven’t seen anyone in DC come up with an idea to compete with what I have written. So, tell me whom do I send this to? I have sent it to Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Rielly, on a long shot that they might see it among the thousands of emails that they receive daily. So, far I have heard nothing. I have contacted the White House and have heard nothing. So, this plan could change everything over there in Haiti and again maybe not, but I guess we will never know.

Hey, sending to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly is a good step. I would also suggest your senator and representative from you district. Might also try these congressmen: # Congressman Mike Rogers ( Dem Michigan)
# Members of Congress to watch

* Home Page – United States Representative Tom Price
* Keeping Up with Rep Michele Bachmann’s Channel
* Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn. R)
* Jason Chaffetz R. Utah

Just google congress and it will take you to the site of each congressman. good Luck. I just ran over your plan quickly as I have a real busy week but it does seem a good one at first glance so keep at it. BB

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