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>>American Thinker: Obama and Education: Pork You Can Believe In

Posted on: February 3, 2010

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American Thinker: Obama and Education: Pork You Can Believe In

Good article on education in the United States today.  It is about all we have been doing and are still planning to continue doing which isn’t working.  We all know this from the spending and failure in our own cities and counties.  We all know what education needs is not more social workers and parenting classes and fancy buildings or even more teachers aids.  What schools need is down right tough love and discipline by the buckets full.  Some kids are like mules: first you have to get their attention.  Other kids, thank goodness most kids, are willing to learn but can not  learn in the out of control atmosphere where anything is permitted to go down.   So instead of sending in a few good Marine drill sergeants  our school boards send in more money for failed programs and more money for the administrations to hire more useless administrators.  We tax payers in Guilford County North Carolina have an administrator whom we pay something like $140,000 a year to  explain to the administration and teachers what the failing test scores mean.  Yes, you read that right.  This person was hired simply to tell us what the failing test score mean and nothing else.  I would have done it gladly for half as much!  I would have even suggested some good Marine Drill sergeants for nothing.  BB

America is addicted to education largess. Between 1900 and 2008, our total government spending on education rose from 1% of the GDP to 7% in 2008. In 1919-20, the cost per pupil in constant (2005-06) dollars was $668; by the beginning of WWII, it had risen to $1,404. Upward movement continued, so in 1949-50, it was $2,188, and by 1959-60, it was $3,190 per pupil. By the end of the 20th century, it hit $10,000, and by 2003-05, it was $11,000 [1]. Education munificence has even outstripped health care appetites. We are also spending more on buildings and facilities.

Also do keep a close eye on what your children are being exposed to in their schools.  There is too much liberal/progressive anti-America garbage being fed to our children.  There is entirely too much praise of Obama.  These are your children and this is you country.  If you find something you don’t like  then bring it to the attention of friends and neighbors then take your problems as a group  to the authorities.  Maybe they will blow you off, but they will know you are on to them and this alone might cool the blatant attempt to brainwash your children.  BB


2 Responses to ">>American Thinker: Obama and Education: Pork You Can Believe In"

right on BB I just want to see a Debate around the concept , and we the people are going to have to start it up , get it going , and this is just a suggestion to get the discussion started with .
I am sending the everywhere I can think of , Governors offices , news rooms , new candidates running for office , etc etc , so please do the same with your interpretation and maybe this can stir up some ideas for these new candidates to rally support with , and stop the progression of this consolidation of state rights as independents

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You have so much good information to offer that I am sure if you started your own blog you would have a lot of readers. Just google and follow the instructions for starting a blog.

But also continue to comment here and be sure and let me know the http of your blog so I can visit. Sincerely, BB

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