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>>A Constitutional amendment for Candidates

Posted on: February 5, 2010

The following is just a small section from the post of one of my favorite bloggers:

If you want to vote out the incumbents go ahead, but then unceasingly demand of your candidate a constitutional amendment that will:

  • prohibit any campaign money received by a congressional candidate from any source other than a source predominantly domiciled in the candidate’s district;
  • prohibit all earmarks, limiting all appropriations to openly debated expenditures;
  • prohibit a congressional representative from accepting gift funds or in-kind services  from any person or organization, until five years after leaving office;
  • repeal the 17th amendment;
  • establish Congressional term limits at three terms;
  • prohibit retirement from the House; and
  • prohibit Congressional medical benefits one year after leaving office.

This is just part of a post from Ken Moyes ( no nNOT the one from publishing)  Ken is just one of us who has watched government for years and is so fed up he is screaming.  but screaming a lot of great stuff on his blog.  Warning: he is a bit wordy but they are words worth reading.

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6 Responses to ">>A Constitutional amendment for Candidates"

take alook at this constitutional amendment of a blue print for world population controls .
this is why they want Health care and cap and trade legislation .

I still feel leery about opening up the constitutional amendment door but if we get the right kind of congressmen in power then this may be our opportunity to get our nation back and they will have to put in stronger rules than the founding fathers did in order to hold back the career politicians and corruption that goes along with this. In the early part of our country not many were particularly interested in being full time politicians. This “desire”grew with time and really got big in this last century. BB

you have to fight fire with fire or you lose the debate . I believe that if they feel that the constitution is a living document and that we are running out of earth to support rules that at one time were based on a abundant world but has evolved into a time at which from a fundamental mathematical position based on the law of physics is challenging that fundamental , you better have a clear and understandable opposing theory or the progressives will win . Like a way to provide without harm , harm to the planet , innovation that takes the planet towards sustainable population gorwth that shows us in say 100 years at double what we are at today . If this cannot be done then you will lose the debate on a constitutional perception of whats considered real or outdated , as Obama has suggested .
My fascination is space , and we have been there done that , so this debate can be had , how far it goes depends on the car salesman and women .

here is a letter I sent to the prez ;

Dear Mr President , funding the future in Brettonwoods fashion is a desirable path for educational academic understanding of advancing the science behind this idea here ; , and what may seem unachievable when viewed consciously but when understanding the finite issues facing the planet , the path forward for ” Hope Sir ” are way more in line with your platform of really achieving fundamental change that everyone can believe in , rather than a BS strategy thats leaving you short on substance on any day , let alone day 1 .
I want you to succeed , but I know what your seeing that most don’t , and to endure it leaves you knowing , like anyone facing such a view that the future is beyond our current place in time , and you know it to be the truth .
So a rally to the future of science , and a call to action for the next 100 years , this is the future and we must not hesitate its beginning Sir .
You know people will embrace its meaning , and fund the exercises in the specific study and experimental phases needed to advance to the stages of travel , so don’t stop trying to rally the world to meet this challenge which I do believe will give you the support you seek , and the anti- clandestine hope your platform was based off of .
No guts No Glory Sir

just like we say our ancestors ” Go West ” , its what sustains life . I know it seems far fetched but think what those time were like to our ancestors ……. and they still had an abundant earth … we don’t … say 100 years ….. without serious altercations , that only then prolong the inevitable ….the need for more space .

What we should be focused on is the evolution of space exploration , and lead with the incentive driven innovations of this example ; , this Tucson facility is astronomical in the science of sustainable life elements in space .

What we should be focused on is the evolution of space exploration , and lead with the incentive driven innovations of this example ; , this Tucson facility is astronomical in the science of sustainable life elements in space .

And this Robert Branson Mission ,

printing money for this in a agreeable fashion , how can that not be judged as a good thing ???
And this Robert Branson Mission ,

printing money for this in a agreeable fashion , how can that not be judged as a good thing ???

I agree with Ken. But I would even go a step further. We need a National Referendum put on the ballot in each state this year. We need to change how they get paid.

1)No continuous pay checks once they leave office.
2)They need to be put on Social Security like the rest of us
3)If and/or when they pass a Health Care bill it will apply to them also. No more treatment as though they are Royalty.
4)They only serve TWO terms and then they are out. This will help limit the amount of corruption within those Congressional walls.
5)The spouses should be on Social Security now.

They also need to be put on the Same Health Care program that they so graciously pass for us. These very disgustingly poor examples for Human beings, much less Americans deserve to be run out of town with no benefits at all. They have done nothing but waste a whole year working (supposedly) on a bill the majority don’t want, instead of spending that time working on a plan for jobs for unemployed Americans.

These people, especially this Congress, starting with Nancy Pelosi, are condescending in the way they speak to or about their constituents, they are rude and self-absorbed. They refuse to listen to their constituents when they say “NO” to a bill they are working on. The Health Care bill is an example, something like 70% of Americans do not want the Health Care bill Congress has been fervently working on, and they have yet to listen.

This Congress just wasted 1 year, working on a Health Care bill that the people they are supposed to be helping by passing this bill, cannot afford to pay the monthly payments because they are out of work. Congress hasn’t listened, but has instead said, “Hey, if you don’t pay then you will be fined”. I mean this really makes sense, doesn’t it? The fact that they have no job doesn’t even matter. Of course, I believe if they don’t pay the fine they are sentenced to a term in jail, where they will at least get food, shelter, and “YES” Health care for free.

Really do you actually think these idiots deserve the salary they are getting paid now, much less after they retire? I don’t. In fact, just writing this is making me sick.

This Congress has yet to earn what they have been paid this year. And I truly hope, with all my heart, that we pay them bonus for all their hard work this year, by not re-electing them.

the Health care bill needs to be out in the open for all to read ” BEFORE ” it is signed into Law , then we can see all of the details and make sure its not a Restriction of quality care to treatment . Like you said Snappy why did congress not except the same health care ??? This is a dead give away as to what this law will do .

Amen! to all that you have said and more. Politicians have always and ever been the parasites of any population with a few, very few, statesmen among them. This is just the way it is unfortunately. Our founding Fathers knew this and understood the baseness of man so they tried to minimize as much as possible the effects these corrupted entities could have on the rest of us. Their focus of curse was on the corruption they understood which was royalty and inherited power. They simply did not foresee what we have today. It can be taken care of very w\quickly and with a little pain if we can get the right sort of conservative men and women in place to do what is necessary. i believe they will have the American people behind them.

I even think they can do something about the entitlements of Social Security going to people who really don’t need it because their income is sufficient without it, and Medicare for the same reason. The Tea Party Patriots are reasonable people who are willing to look at all problems honestly. At least this is what I believe. And I think the courtesy and cooperation and openness shown at this Tea Party Patriots Convention is meritorious! The organizers are not out to form a new party with themselves in charge but are merely bringing as many ideas as possible forward and getting people from all over the country together to share ideas. We who have been involved with this movement in anyway at all (my own unfortunately so limited) should be so proud. This was not and is not a knee jerk movement. Knee jerk JERKS don’t stay with a program they merely make some noise and go off on another tangent. BB

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