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>> Fracking the Academic Left (with my best wishes, BB)

Posted on: February 7, 2010

American Thinker: Fracking the Academic Left

You who have been readers of my blog for any length of time know well that I have little respected for the so called educated class or intelligentsia.  Altho I too have sat thru the required number of hours in a classroom to have obtained a few degrees myself.  I like to think that  am educated despite my professors and not because of them.  This post says what I would say if I cared to take the time to say it.  But why should I when others do a much better job than I could have 🙂 ?

I think to understand where America’s educated elite are today can be summed up in one statement from this post:

The dreary procession of years sitting in a school room does not an education make. College-trained Americans are so easily suckered that most of them voted for the last Democratic candidate for president. Can you believe that? I still can’t. The election of 2008 proves the utter failure of our “education” system.

Sadly it is also those who have mindlessly sat in these classes and accepted the drivel put out by our Leftist/Marxist/mindless educators of the past 50 years who have made  obtaining a college education a necessity for getting a job.   Case in point: my daughter came out of the Air Forces after 4 years working as a computer analyst.  she had no degree just 4 years of work experience.  She applied for a job as a Computer Analyst, passed the test and was hired for the job.  Her first day on the job her boss was thrilled to have her and told her she had scored higher than any applicant they had.  When he showed her her office he asked her where she had gone to school.  Elaine smiled and told him she was a local girl and had graduated from Land ‘O Lakes High.  At which point he asked her what college she had attended and she told him she had gone into the Air  Force right out of high school and hadn’t yet started college but had plans to go eventually.  The man was stunned and then he sadly informed her that he couldn’t hire her because the job required a college degree.

There is no reason for me to refer you to this article except that I believe it says a whole lot about what is wrong today and how we got here and where we have to go back to from here.  We need to go back to some common sense!    I imagine in the Tea Party Patriots movement you will find a good number of college/university educated  individuals but they like me were the ones who became educated in spite of their professors.  You will find a lot more who graduated from high school and went to work and got their education thru experience and hard knocks.  They are people who know it isn’t possible to spend ones self out of debt.  They know that there is a group of people who are just plain inherently lazy and if you keep giving them a hand out  they will keep taking it and even demanding it as their due.  They are people who understand that were meant eventually to grow up and stand on their own two feet.  They are also a group of people who would give generously to truly needy individuals.  They are Conservatives in their politics and in their lives.   And one more fact that polls and those statistics the intelligentsia like to wave around:  Conservatives give far more to charity than do Progressives.  Kinda funny huh?  But you see conservatives believe in giving their own money whereas Progressives believe in giving everyone elses!  BB


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