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>> A Formula for Real Economic Growth: Cut Public Employee Pay by 20% – Big Government

Posted on: February 8, 2010

» A Formula for Real Economic Growth: Cut Public Employee Pay by 20% – Big Government

Yes!!  The truth is out:  The average government employee pay check on all levels from local to state to and most certainly the biggest the federal level is an average of  $70,000 seventy thousand dollars a year while the average civilian (you and me) makes $40,000 forty thousand dollars a year.  And this is just the very tip of the ice berg because when their royal 90% pensions and  health care plans  are figured in then we really see that Washington is the home of our modern day aristocrats.  The rest of the world has moved away from a class of royalty but we in the United States have elevated our civil servants (don’t you love that joke?) to the heights of royalty with royal wages and royal benefits.  They are also the people who actually make our laws.  The Congress does a lot of talking and writing and voting but the clerks behind the scenes are the ones who really decide when the law actually says and does.

They are also an arrogant class of citizens who treat tax payers with contempt.  Just go into any government office and try to get some help.  I have had dealings with these people and you walk into an office with a large groups of people milling about behind the waist high counter and you stand there, and stand there and stand there.  Or you take a number and sit there and sit there.   Then when you do get to talk to someone it is like pulling teeth to get any information if it goes beyond the routine renewal of your drivers licence.

I don’t mean this as a condemnation of all government employees because the majority are decent people who are doing a decent, if over paid, job.  but there are simply too many and usually in the managerial class who think they are the law and with our system of government We the People have allowed them to become what they think they are! Now with this current attitude can you just imagine what they will be like if the federal employees are permitted to unionize?   Watch Glenn Beck this week.  He is in California a state that has a bloated and unionized and overbearing group of state employees.  Hear what they have done to California.  BB

See what  Morgan Warstler an American Thinker contributor proposes:

You can thank me later, but I just saved the United State of America at least  $278,309,600,000.00 PER YEAR. You read that right.  $278 BILLION per year. That’s almost entirely what Medicaid will spend this year for children and the disabled.  That’s what our normal deficit looks like without TARP and stimulus.

The crazy thing is how easy it was to do.   It took me like three minutes.  And since I’m a big open source, creative commons guy I’m even posting my magical formula shown here using 2008’s budget:

(1,391,548 1,000,000)*.2

Somebody start printing bumper stickers baby, so everyone can see how much we save when we cut federal, state, and local public employee pay by 20%.*

Amazing isn’t it?  And Obama, Weisberg, and SEIU are out of their minds if they think 20% government pay cuts aren’t on the table come next November. What are they going to do?  Quit?  Strike?  Bring it on.  Newt’s 1994 revolution will look uneventful by comparison. We call them civil “servants,” for a reason.

We don’t need to be politically delicate about this,  we aren’t advocating a single program cut, no school closed, no park uncleaned, no fireman not coming to save you.  All of that will continue to happen.

But the government employees doing all this marvelous stuff for us are going to earn 20% less…. and from now on their future pay increases will be tied to private wage inflation.  Our country is in deep financial straits, and it is time for government workers to share our pain and get their interests aligned with ours.  They’ll make more money when we do.

Bring it on!  BB

2 Responses to ">> A Formula for Real Economic Growth: Cut Public Employee Pay by 20% – Big Government"

While we’re cutting Government funding by 20% lets get rid of the 30+ Czars, that were not vetted, and who have no viable reason for even having a job in Government.

If the President needs advice, we have a Cabinet for him to turn to. We don’t need these Czars overseeing the Cabinet.
And we certainly don’t need these Socialist radicals telling Americans what and how to think.

I’m for that! BB

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