And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>We the People have to watch the D Republicans just as close as the Democrats. Politicians of all stripes stink!

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Monday Open Thread: Internet Regulation Edition

by Publius

Today, in 1996, President Clinton signed into law the Communications Decency Act, an attempt by the then-GOP led Congress to regulate content on the Internet. Just over a year earlier, the GOP had won control of Congress on a promise of limited government. File this away for November 3, 2010.


The Republicans are not deaf dumb and blind.  They see what the Internet has been able to accomplish this year in curtailing the Democrats and Obama’s take over of our nation.  Republicans are backing We the People and helping us now because it is in their favor, but watch out if they win in November.  This is all the more reason for We the People to watch very carefully who we give our vote to and to look at past deeds rather than listening to words.  Words lie!  Deeds always tell the truth.  BB


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