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>>The Right of Recall – Big Government

Posted on: February 9, 2010

» The Right of Recall – Big Government

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Yes!  We the People are awake and on a roll.  If our elected officials won’t listen then recall the bums.  It seems Tea Party patriots in several states have chosen this route and their efforts are gaining steam.  The latest poll says 74% of the american public doesn’t like the direction the country is going in.  Well those in the driver’s seat are our congressmen.  so get rid of them and vote more competent people in.

So, what would happen if the people could change this rotten situation?

Actually, there may just well be a mechanism within our political system to do so — the Right of Recall.  Nine states already have laws on the books providing for Recall of members of Congress: Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.  These 9 states suffer 12 incumbent Senators who are members of the runaway Congressional majority, who are not already standing for reelection in 2010, but potentially could be.

For example, the New Jersey state constitution provides, “The people reserve unto themselves the power to recall, after at least one year of service, any elected official in this State or representing this State in the United States Congress.”

Tea party activists in New Jersey have already filed to circulate recall petitions regarding Sen. Robert Menendez.  Their recent Secretary of State took the position that such recall of members of Congress is not authorized under the U.S. Constitution.

Grassroots activists in Louisiana have similarly already filed for recall of Senator Mary Landrieu, and the circulation of recall petitions there has been authorized.

Exercising this existing statutory right of recall in these 9 states could potentially reverse the control in the Senate this year by placing 12 Senators not currently up for re-eectionion this year on their state ballots.  (For more information on this Right of Recall, see

We have seen the recall process work in California in 2003 when citizens in that state, disgusted with recently reelected Democrat Governor, Gray Davis, voted overwhelmingly to remove him from office in a recall election.

Another nine states provide language in their constitutions to recall only state officials. The other states without recall provisions for members of Congress can change their laws to adopt it.  In states with the right to initiative, this can be done by a vote of the people after circulating petitions to put the change on the ballot.

Too many in Congress today are showing us that our representatives can no longer be trusted with 2-6 years in office without ongoing popular accountability.  Today’s Congressional majority is threatening to dump a load of bad legislation on the country despite the public’s opposition, daring us to try to “clean it up” later.  Only a Right of Recall can prevent such abuses in the future.

The Right of Recall would also help counter the growing problem of voter fraud.  If voters felt that an election were subject to too many irregularities in its conduct or in how the votes were counted, they could circulate Recall petitions for a new election.

Every state should adopt the Right of Recall to protect its voters.  The constitutionality of recalling members of Congress adopted under state law would ultimately have to be decided in the courts.  Or the people could definitively decide the issue themselves through voting to adopt a constitutional amendment, or by electing a Congress that would adopt a federal statute authorizing each state to adopt such a Right of Recall.


3 Responses to ">>The Right of Recall – Big Government"

The Right of Recall, what a fabulous idea! Everyday things are looking up! There’s actually some thinking going on out there in America. It’s like the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, someone or something kissed the American people and voila, they woke up.

Never say “never”.

Remember the young lady at Specters townhall? I don’t recall her name but she told him that she had never paid much attention but that the politicians had “awakened a sleeping giant”. Yes they did. We the people are tough. We play real hand, but we work really hand too. Remember our ancestors were the ones who had the guts to pull up stakes and take off for the unknown knowing they had to make it or break it in the new world. So it is in our genes not to roll over.

Americans will never shout, “Long live the king”! because we will have no king ruling us. BB

On that same note and with a “heads up”. The American people will never be caught saying “Heil Hitler”.

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