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>>Unionized Greek government workers strike as government tightens belt –

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Greek workers strike as government tightens belt –

The country of Greece is on its back and going down the drain fast.  In an effort to save the nation the legislatures have attempted to cut the very lucrative government workers benefits.  This is the outcome: they go on strike.

Take a good look at what the Unionized government workers are doing in their own country that is literally on the ropes.  Do they care?  Hell no they don’t care and neither do their thugocracy Mafia run union bosses as they called the strikes.   This will be the United States if Obamanation is allowed to continue to grow.  Already the average federal worker outpaces the  civilian worker in pay by  $30,000 a year, and in benefits   that amount to $40,000 a year.  President Reagan warned against unionized federal workers and was able in the early 1980’s to stop a strike by the air traffic controllers union that would have sent the American economy into a tail spin.  He fired them all!  Every last striking air traffic controller was fired and never again was hired to oversee air traffic in our nations air ports.  But if all federal employees are permitted to unionize then the entire government and therefore the nation can be closed down at the whim of a hoodlum.

We need to go back to the Constitution and put a Congress in place who will outlaw workers unions for federal employees.  Never should We the People allow ourselves to be held up to ransom by our own employees.  If federal workers want to unionize they are free to get low paying jobs in the private sector!

Read this and weep.  Yesterday word came out that the European Union was going to bail Greece out.  Well don’t look now but because of socialistic governments France, Spain, Portugal and Italy are in line right behind Greece.   You might recall the riots in France two years ago when the government tried to change a union ruling that says once a worker is hired he can not be fired for any reason.  This is the reason businesses in France can not compete because they have too much dead work on their pay rolls.  This is why the young people in France can not get jobs and unemployment among the young is up to 50%.  the riots were by both union workers and oddly enough young people who didn’t want the governmnt to change the runion rules even if it meant jobs for them.  then again the welfare benefits in france are so good who would want to work for a living.  This is why France has been hanging on by its teeth for decades NOW AND IS A WORLD PLAYER ONLY IN NAME AND NOT IN SUBSTANCE.   Any time you hear of France making some offer on the world stage you can take that to mean the United States tax payers are menat to pick up the tab!  this is just a little side lesson in international politics.

Another history lesson:  The European Union is that group formed by all the European countries to do good things and give the countries an arena to discuss mutual problems and agree on solutions rather than going to war.  Something like the United Nations was supposed to be.  Now it is a body  that no one elects and no one seems to have any control over but they can tax each member state for funds to carry out their little projects meant to destroy the sovereignty of each European country.  Google the European Union and see just what the people on the streetws think of this body. BB

e umbrella civil servants trade union ADEDY, which called the strike, said most of its 500,000 workers were on strike, though that number could not be confirmed. When strikes are called in Greece, non-union members often will join those on the picket lines. //

Video: Greece struggles with debt//




The workers are protesting government plans to raise the age at which workers can claim pensions. The age varies for different public services, but in general, women can retire at 60 and men at 65; the government wants men and women to retire at 65.

The government is also proposing cuts in workers’ bonus pay, which for many is a large percentage of their income, as well as a hiring freeze.

Greece’s government says the measures are the only way to cut budget deficits and get its national debt under control.

ADEDY Vice President Ilias Vrettakos said he recognizes the government’s problem, but that it is not the worker who should suffer. He said the bankers created the problem for Greece, so the bankers should pay.

Vrettakos said the union is willing to compromise only if the government first attacks what the union sees as widespread corruption among top levels of society.

The strike is the first of what is expected to be several across Greece in the coming weeks. Another major strike is scheduled for this month.


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