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>>” Americans are getting “jobbed;” they are not getting jobs.”

Posted on: February 11, 2010

A second Stimulus Bill which is now being called a Jobs Bill is working its way thru Congress spurred on by the Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Haters of America White House.  The first Stimulus Bill did create jobs.  It created 75,000 federal jobs to administer the Stimulus Bill!  The White House and some of our congressmen are not lying to the American public for once.  But while the First Stimulus Bill was creating these 75,000 federal jobs the private sector lost 430,000  jobs.

There are now 5.6 MILLION people who have been out of work so long they are getting the “extended benefits” paid by the tax payers.  This month the jobs lost dropped a bit to a mere 440,000 people  job loss benefits for the first time.  Watch Obama and his groupies jump on that “jobs lost dropped a bit’ to crow about how their policies are working.   And watch how some will still drink that kool aid!

The following article from Family Security Matters says it very well.  (Again I will remind my readers that my ego is not such that I will not pass one someone elses article when I feel it does a better job of explaining than I can do.  🙂  I just kinda funny that way.   BB)


February 10, 2010

Exclusive: Getting ‘Jobbed’

Dick McDonald

Don’t you get tired of hearing the politicians say that they need to pass a jobs bill? I do. Government has nothing to do with creating new jobs unless it decides to privatize one of its many public sector functions – like reducing taxes after it eliminates or reduces the size of one or more of its bureaucracies. That would put money back in the hands of the people so they could invest and create new jobs.
Unfortunately for America, current politicians on the Hill and their socialist allies are creating new bureaucracies (the newest proposed bureaucracy is a Department  of Climate Change which fortunately made its debut in the middle of the worst winter  snow storms on record!  BB) every minute of every day draining the people and the private sector of the capital they need to create jobs.
The American business community is under attack by these “socialists.” The latter wants to tax and regulate them in order to redistribute wealth to “the worker.” We have heard that refrain before and it doesn’t work in a free society. The people decide economic fortunes in a free society under a proven concept of free market capitalism. (See my last posts on Cloward-Piven.  BB)
Government interference in the workings of that market clogs its arteries just like it did in the Great Depression where socialism as practiced at the time never dropped the unemployment rate below 17 percent for 13 years. It took World War II to create jobs and that had nothing to do with socialism. Socialism as practiced at the time failed miserably.
The “jobs” bill we will be hearing about will be just another failed “stimulus” package – at best a short-term works program like the 700,000 ACORNISTAS (remember the people who were investigated in several states for voter registration fraud for registering people like Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald to vote?  BB)  hired for the census or the roads programs that will do little for an economy that has switched from “manufacturing” to “services.” Expect other failed confiscations of tax money like $8,000 credits for first-time homebuyers and a new clunker program to save auto union jobs to further depress our economy just like socialism did in the 1930s.  (All the $8000 fopr home buyers did was  get people into homes who could not afford to purchase homes and thus is creating a new mortgage crisis in the future.  BB)  (*Cash for clunkers was a give away to the unions but didn’t help the We the People owned GM cars as most people bought Fords and Ford did not take a government bail out, or foreign cars.  BB)
Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and employing socialist measures now like we did in the 1930s is insane. Unemployment is only now being reported around 10 percent because government statisticians continues to throw out the number of underemployed and those who they claim have given up looking for work. The real number is a depression resembling 17 percent.
What socialists have done is create enormous uncertainty in the economy because they want to drain the people of their wealth with universal health care, energy taxes, repeal of the Bush tax cuts, union black mail, exploding pension and public sector compensation and most of all profits. They don’t like profits – they’re socialists who’ve never worked a day in their lives and want to tax the productive by appealing to their special interests populist angst.
Americans are getting “jobbed;” they are not getting jobs. How can we expect investors to risk capital when the investor can’t bank on a stable government to support capitalism and the free market and ultimately their potential profits? Profits are the things that motivate them to invest and create new jobs. We can’t expect them to invest and create jobs until we “privatize” our government and cut out the socialism. Contributing Editor Dick McDonald is formerly a CPA at Arthur Andersen & Co. Dick maintains a website at

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