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>>Big Unions are coming after you! John Stossel story.

Posted on: February 11, 2010

UPDATE:  February 24 Led by Greece’s two biggest unions, tens of thousands of Greeks walked off the job Wednesday as part of a 24-hour nationwide general strike protesting the Socialist government’s deficit reduction efforts.

What is ahead for you if you don’t stop Obama and his union buddies.  Listen top what is happening to these women who have small home centered day care centers.  See how they are being forced to pay union dues and told they had joined a union tho they were not asked and certainly didn’t vote for the dubious distinction of being union members and being charged union dues.  then see what the head of this union tells the legislature and what the politicos do.  BB

Whose Business Is It Anyway?

Whose Business Is It Anyway?


Whose Business Is It Anyway?

Published: Thu, 11 Feb 2010

Description: Think it’s up to you whether you join a union? Think again. John Stossel

See Johns Stossels show tonight at 8 on FOXNEWS Business Channel 122 in the Triad.  BB

Now pay very close attention to what is happening in California because of overbearing unions.  Pay clolser attention to Greece right now and how the government employee unions have brought the country down.  In fact 10% of the population of Greece is employed by the national government and they are all unionized.  These unionized government workers with their demands have brought the country to bankruptcy.   This ios ahead for the United States as Obama and his cronies in the big Mafia own unions force people like these women into their ranks and get away with it.   BB


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