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>>Andy Stern Top Thug of SEIU Service Employees International Union at it again.

Posted on: February 14, 2010

SEIU’s Shameless Abuse of Olympic Games Tragedy

SEIU  Service Employees International Union  is at it again at the Olympic Winter Games.  Top Thug Andy Stern (friend and frequent White House visitor)   is using the publicity of the Olympic Games to go after a food catering service that has repulsed its efforts at unionization.  They will use any tactic, even releasing a press release on food safety on the same day that a young athlete is killed.  Andy Stern of SEIU reminds me of Jesse Jackson

because he is always sticking his face in front of any camera around to berate companies who are not unionized no matter what the occasion.  To be unionized is not to help the workers because workers are seldom helped, but to collect for the Mafioa these huge amounts of union dues from the workers.  BB

Reports of the horrible accident in Vancouver began surfacing in the press as early as 12:30 pm EST  Friday.  Yet, the SEIU still felt their unionization Food Safety concerns were so paramount that they went ahead and issued a press release anyway, after 5:00 pm EST:

PRESS RELEASE:  Healthcare Union Raises Concerns Over Safety Of Food to be Served to Olympic Athletes at Vancouver Olympics

“Sodexo is providing catering services for athletes during this key moment in their sporting careers, and we’re concerned about the food they will be providing,” charged the SEIU in Friday’s press release.

It’s not as though the SEIU could not have known about the tragedy  – the story had been broadcast all over the news for at least five hours before SEIU pushed out its attack.  If they didn’t know, then they’re even more disconnected from reality than we thought they were.

As many are already aware, the SEIU has been incessantly battering Sodexo since 2007, in its desire to unionize some of its nearly 400,000 employees, many of them hotel and food service workers.  Sodexo is one of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world, and is the provider of choice for most schools, universities, companies, hotels, prisons and other facilities that outsource their cafeteria and food catering operations, and for those that outsource industrial cleaning services.

The other target though, since 2003, has actually been another union, UNITE HERE, the former combination of the Union of Needle trades, Industrial and Textile Employees and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International union.

There has been a longstanding war amongst the three, where SEIU once partnered with UNITE to attack HERE, then eventually betrayed UNITE as well.  The prize of course being hotel and casino workers, cleaners, garment workers, and potentially even bank tellers.  The epic battle is not exactly secret, nor is it new, although there have been significant recent escalations in their ongoing war.  It’s all like a soap opera, but that’s an article for another day.

Lately, with so much more now at stake, like every possible piece of the health care legislation to which the labor union can superficially associate itself, including food & wellness (yeah, remember the SEIU Lunchladies video I posted, where SEIU insists that kids are obese and unhealthy because non-union workers from outsourced companies like Sodexo are serving their food?), SEIU bosses have significantly amped up the Sodexo attacks in recent months.  Perhaps you’ve recognized their usual tactics in action:  the corporate smear campaign website, non-stop blog attacks on the company and on those who support them, frequent press releases, artificial “reports” and “statistics”, robocalls and mailers, and using partners like ACORN to plant dissatisfied workers in the media.

Oh, and don’t forget – their fellow unions are fighting back against Andy Stern and the SEIU corporate bosses.  Even rank and file union workers want the nonsense to stop.


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