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>>Andrew Breitbart of Big Government videos

Posted on: February 15, 2010

I have  admired this man for some time and have been bringing you some of the Articles from Big Government..  Maybe it is time for you to listen to some things he has to say.  There are times he gets a bit outspoken and angry, but what is happening to our nation right now is certainly worth some passionate outbursts and a whole lot of anger.  BB

Andrew Breitbart’s keynote address to the 1st National Tea Party Convention

Breitbart Keynote Part 1 of 4 7:19Breitbart Keynote Part 2 of 4 8:40

Breitbart Keynote Part 3 of 4 7:50Breitbart Keynote Part 4 of 4 9:48

At the Tea Party Patriots Convention talking to the Founding Bloggers.  by the way Founding Bloggers is a conservative site with  videos you are not likely to see anywhere else. Sarah Palin’s complete speech at the Tea Party Patriots Convention 2010.

Andrew Breitbart to Media at Tea Party Convention: "It's You That Sucks"2:57 In Full: Palin's Tea Party Speech40:27

Andrew Breitbart talked about current events, including health care reform, the political divide, and the ACORN story. He responded to telephone

Andrew Breitbart on Current Events 26:20

Andrew speaks to the Republican Party of San Diego on December 14, 2009 about how 9/11 affected him. He also talks about our educational system

Andrew Breitbart shares wisdom from his heart 6:11

Andrew discusses the new safe schools czar of the Obama Administration and recent revelations of this czar’s past associations with organizations

Andrew Breitbart is left speechless by the revelations of Obama's safe schools czar 1:19 From the November 5 broadcast of Fox News’ Red Eye:

Andrew Breitbart "Want[s] There To Be An Impeachment" Of Obama 1:29

Andrew Breitbart on the revolt against corrupt media

Andrew Breitbart on the revolt against corrupt media 9:10

Andrew Breitbart discusses the power of new media to bypass gatekeepers and firewalls designed to restrict the flow of information to voters.

Andrew Breitbart on New Media 3:29


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