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>>Fear of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth – Yahoo! News

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Fear of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth – Yahoo! News

I just could resist this one.  I have always had two fears that I have never been able to overcome regardless of how hard I have tried or what I have done.  One is  a fear of the dark.  Not the outside night time dark which I actually really enjoy walking at night.  But the inside when the electricity goes off dark as in a dungeon dark.  It terrifies me.  When my children were small I actually had to bite my lips to bleeding not to scream and thus give them my phobia.  I would bite my tongue or lips and calmly tell them that Mommy was getting the flash lights and candles and everything was okay while the adrenalin pumped thru my body.

It was and is the same thing with spiders.  I have studied spiders and even let some crawl over me, but the unreasoning fear persists.  This article therefore got my attention. 🙂  BB

In humans, research also suggests the widespread fear of spiders and snakes (arachnophobia and ophidiophobia, respectively) may be innate. A study in 2008 found that both adults and children could detect images of snakes or spiders among a variety of non-threatening objects more quickly than they could pinpoint frogs, flowers or caterpillars. One researcher, anthropologist Lynn Isbell of the University of California, Davis, thinks our fear of snakes goes way, way back. She figures snakes were the first predators of early primates and contributed to the evolution of relatively good vision – useful for spotting snakes – that we enjoy today.

PS:  I am not at all afraid of snakes.  Even when I saw my first Bull snake in Texas I didn’t panic.  for those of you who have never seen a bull snake I can tell you it is a sight.  The one I saw was   approximately 15 feet long and  had a head on it larger than my Jack Russell Terrier.  Dinah actually took after and was about to attack this snake who would have made her a snack rather than a dinner.  These snakes are big enough to eat goats  and certainly small children!   I just pulled Dinah back on her leash and went on into the welcome station and informed them there was a huge snake on their porch.  BB


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