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>>But is Our Republicans Learning? – Big Government

Posted on: February 22, 2010

» But is Our Republicans Learning? – Big Government

This November we have to throw them all out of office, Republicans and Democrats alike because they just don’t get it.  The Republicans are trying to take over the Tea Party Patriot movement  and think they are making all the right noises.  But they, in fact all of Washington,  have forgotten that the Internet has changed the playing field.  No longer can past actions be hidden or covered up or explained away.

Those who didn’t vote for Obama or the Democrats  because they didn’t buy the rhetoric coming from  the liberal Senator in Congress and a man whose entire work history was in fields related to radical Progressivism, and those who did vote for him and are now aware of his lies, lies and more lies just are not as naïve as they once were.  We have learned not to trust the media, any media!  Because every source we thought we could trust have betrayed us.  Snopes and FactCheck are leaning Left,  there is only one broadcast news organization I feel relatively safe with (FOXNEWS) and not one of the newspapers in the country that I have become familiar with has my complete trust and certainly the politicians have betrayed us. (I do blog on newspaper articles but only after checking and finding the story on several sources first because of this distrust.)  So not trusting we have started searching out the truth for ourselves and the Internet has made that easy.

Here is a prime example of why we can not  allow  seated Republicans to usurp the Tea Party Patriot movement, but must find honest people to run for office and then give them our total support in the primaries so we can weed out the double talking incumbents:

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., presently a darling among Republicans for his pro-growth policies, has long made known his dislike of the 2009 Obama stimulus plan as a ‘wasteful spending spree.’ Nice rhetoric for sure–and as it turns out not very pure. In October 2009 the congressman wrote a letter to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis in favor of a grant application in his district, which, according to Ryan, would ‘place 1,000 workers in green jobs.’”

We can find out thru the Internet every ear mark ever deal and every vote of any congressman for the past umteen years!  So when the say one thing and do another you know you have spotted a two faced liar who will sell you out as soon as he is put back in office.

People don’t want their Congressman taking money the treasury just doesn’t have and spending it on nonsense.  Alaskans  didn’t want the  “bridge to nowhere”,  Nebraska told Senator Ben  Nelson  what he could do with that sweet deal he made with Harry Reid where he sold his vote for the Senate Health Care bill if Nebraska no longer had to pay for Medicare ever.  He thought he was a hero and went home to get his buns kicked.   Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R Utah) promised he would bring nothing home from Washington and he hasn’t and the voters in his district highly approve of him and the way he is voting.  Many Democrats who have gotten old in office are now “retiring” to spend time with the family which translated means they know they can not get re elected.

I think the Conservative Political Action Committee made a good choice in having Glenn Beck as their keynote speaker.  Beck doesn’t trust either party and is just looking for honesty in anyone seeking office.  We the people are also just looking for honesty from our elected officials but we are not going to get it from those tainted with the Washington basting brush.  BB


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No thank you. I have found many more outright lies from the sources you offer than even from MSNBC and The New York Times. It seems you can not take the truth! BB

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