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>New Senator Scott Brown and 4 other turn coat traitors helps Democrats advance jobs bill

Posted on: February 24, 2010

New senator helps Democrats advance jobs bill – Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A modest job-creation bill advanced in the Senate on Monday as the chamber’s newest Republican bucked his party and sided with Democrats on a $15 billion package of tax cuts and highway spending.

Republican Scott Brown joined four other Republicans, 55 Democrats and two independents to overcome a procedural hurdle that sets up a final vote later this week.

When I saw this story yesterday all I could think was “You damned opportunistic bastard!”    I knew Scott Brown would do this the first chance he got.  He is not a Republican, not even a moderate Republican,  and his vote for the Massachusetts fiasco of a health care program is proof of that.  He is merely an opportunist who is bright enough to see the way the wind was blowing and so he sang the Conservative against the Obamacare tune to get elected.  Of course he was head and shoulders better than his opponent  and considering what the country has always gotten out of Massachusetts by way of politicians I guess this is the best we can expect.

Brown joined the Maine sisterhood of turncoats  and two others who know they don’t stand a chance of being reelected this year so why not stick it to the American public one more time.

Ben Nelson (Dem. Nebraska) also voted No.  I guess the butt kicking his home state gave him over that  “buy my vote” for the Senate Health Care plan finally got the message thru to him.  The message is: “NO MORE SPENDING! STUPID!”

I was so mad that continuing to blog was not the thing to do so I read and did my spring door wreath and cussed some more.

Today I found out that Scott Brown is a turncoat to others too.

GOP’s Brown branded turncoat for jobs bill vote

The four other GOP senators who broke ranks—Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, George Voinovich of Ohio and Christopher “Kit” Bond of Missouri—also were criticized on Tuesday. But Brown was the big target on conservative Web sites, talk shows and even the Facebook page his campaign has promoted as an example of his new-media savvy.

“We campaigned for you. We donated to your campaign. And you turned on us like every other RINO,” said one writer, using the initials for “Republican-In-Name-Only.”

The conservative-tilting Drudge Report colored a photo of Brown on its home page in scarlet.

The new senator responded by calling into a Boston radio station.

“I’ve taken three votes,” Brown said with exasperation. “And to say I’ve sold out any particular party or interest group, I think, is certainly unfair.”

So we find out he is a Democrat in temperament too:  Hi is a whimpy whining, two-faced Jackass!

The senator said that by the time he seeks re-election in two years, he will have taken thousands of votes.

But when he faces re-election in two years he will find himself out on his ear because by that time even the voters in Massachusetts will have had enough of  people who think they know whats better for the public than the public understands.

“So, I think it’s a little premature to say that,” he said.

The measure featured four provisions that enjoyed sweeping bipartisan support, including a measure exempting businesses hiring the unemployed from Social Security payroll taxes through December, and giving them a $1,000 credit if new workers stay on the job a full year.

The $5000 credit for each new employee that was in the original $85 billion bill was of absolutely no help to small businesses.   They need cash up front to be assured they can meet their payrolls before they can take on any more orders and therefore hire any more workers.  To get this cash up front they need the banks to give them credit.  the banks are hoarding money because Congress keeps spending.  If Congress would just stop spending  the banks would perhaps feel more confident  and start lending.

However the exemption from the Social Security payroll tax which is 7 1/2% of the employees income does give some upfront relief.

It would also renew highway programs through December and deposit $20 billion in the highway trust fund.

This is of absolutely no benefit to job creation at all because any federal money  used for any state or local projects must adhere to the Davis-Bacon Act which requires that union workers be used for the project or that union scale wages and benefits  be paid.  This so greatly increases the costs of the project that states and localities don’t have the matching funds available to apply for federal funds.  And of course since our President and our Congress are so well paid by the Big Labor Unions they are not about to exempt these funds from the Davis-Bacon Act.

It faces a final Senate vote Wednesday.

It passed today in the Senate by a 70 to 28 vote.  Now it will have to be reconciled with the House version which is $158 Billion

Snowe and Collins hail from economically ailing Maine, and they can’t stray too far from the Democrats who populate much of New England. And Voinovich and Bond also are from states hard hit by the recession.

What they don’t understand is that the American public are not as uninformed as they used to be.  The Internet has provided the average person the means to with a few clicks do a whole lot of research and learn about the bills themselves rather than relying on what their Congressmen tell them and the propaganda of the Main Stream Media.  The Tea Party Patriots movement has even moved into New England and Ohio, Illinois and  Missouri.   All of these turn coats facing re-election will pay and the two not facing re-election have always been turn coats so nothing is new.  they will be replaced in 2010 with real Conservatives.


7 Responses to ">New Senator Scott Brown and 4 other turn coat traitors helps Democrats advance jobs bill"

The problem with Congressmen not voting the way their costituents want them to is we don’t do anything about it. The Tea Party people are spending too much time talking, they need to act, and act asap. It takes time to get any kind of movement going, but we have very little time left before this mid-term election. We need referendums on every states ballot to change laws governing what Congress gets:
1) no more pay checks after they leave office
2) no more primo Health Ins Policy- they get what they give us
3) there spouses get social security if they work, nothing if they don’t, just like the rest of us
4) and open up every congressmans portfolio to see who was insider trading before and after passing bills.
5) Limit terms.

These Congressmen won’t change these laws that make them feel like they are royalty, we “THE PEOPLE NEED TO”, by referendums in each state.

They work for us, yet we pay them more than we get. Get with it America. We are the Bosses! They are the Employees! iT’S TIME WE OUTSOURCED THEIR JOBS.

I’m sorry but I hit send before I made my real point. It is time we get rid of these blood suckers, in Congress. If we rid our selves of the desease (them and their incesant desire for money and power) then we rid ourselves of the consequences of their unethical actions. If we get rid of these crooks we can get some bills passed that will actually provide more results for us. We can do this we just need to move on it, now. It’s almost too late, we need action, before we hit the point of no return.

The Tea Party Patriots are doing much in the back ground right now Snappy preparing for the November elections. They helped Brown a great deal with funds to get his name out there and get him elected. And we have to agree he is a whole lot better than his opponent would have been. Let us hope this out flowing of criticism will be a wake up call that he goofed and had better get with the program if he expects to be re-elected in 2012.

I am afraid that the unemployment will get so much worse because Congress keeps spending which keeps the banks from lending. If people get hungry enough there will be blood in the streets. It has happened before and it will happen again. Why our Congressmen are so stupid and why they can not look to Greece and the rest of Europe and read the hand writing on the wall is beyond me. I watch these people on TV defending these policies and I am just dumbfounded! BB


I know the Tea Party people are trying, but we are on the brink of real disaster. You are right, things will get much worse. Sen Reid took $70 Billion out of an $85 Billion dollar JOBS bill, so that there is only $15 Billion in it. Most of this is going to be tax credits for small companies, which I must remind you, that they still are not going to hire many people because they have no idea what is coming down the pipeline from DC next.

Business people are afraid to do anything. We will have many more unemployed. Today, the numbers for new housing was down something like 11% in January, the lowest it has ever been. Meaning no construction jobs added to the workforce.

The problems will not be solved until we get rid of the crooks in Congress. Why no one gets this, I don’t know. You can not continue doing the same thing, and expect different results. Our Congress, is riddle with unethical people, who are doing for themselves. Get rid of them and we might have a chance.

Though each state passing bills against the Health Care bill, it will help for the moment, until Congress finds away around these state laws. This is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound, it doesn’t stop the bleeding. We need to remove these low-lifes from Congress, in order to get some kind of reprieve from disaster.

We need to rid ourselves of the source of the problem, and that’s a Congress that has gone totally Radical, and gotten out of hand.
The one thing Americans need to understand, and I repeat myself here, is that these idiots, WORK FOR US, WE ARE THE BOSSES, AND WE NEED TO FIRE THEM, TODAY! To do that I believe we need special referendums on each STATES ballot. We can do this, we need some TEA PARTY CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS,
to research how to do this. And then as Nike states: “JUST DO IT!”

Yes, elected representatives can be recalled. I have not looked into the process but I believe it does require a referendum vote. Putting those who are not up for re-election this year on the ballot for recall would certainly be doing something. and you know, I am sure this is in the works somewhere. BB

We the People Still Have the Power

Americans can be pandered to with debates on C-SPAN or by watchdogs in the press. Political strategists can assure us the next election will secure our future. Meanwhile, the political class has learned to manipulate the average voter and bureaucrats have deeply imbedded control over our government.

Yet our founders envisioned even this occurrence and created a mechanism for the people and the States to reassert control over an overpowering federal government.

Article V of the Constitution states: “Congress … on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, …” But what should our State legislatures seek to amend?

The only way to stop the wasteful spending, and its eventual debilitating taxation, is to starve the government machine. To do this, we need a Constitutional Amendment to insure that:

1. Except in time of declared war against a foreign enemy, the federal government shall balance its budget. This budget shall include all cash expenditures and cash revenues for the federal government and all of its dependent agencies. Further, the total cash expenditures of the federal government shall not exceed eighteen percent (18%) of the prior year’s gross domestic product.

2. Included in the budget’s cash expenditures will be an annual payment to retire the national debt. This payment will be not less than 3% of the principal amount of the prior year’s national debt.

3. Any increase in taxes, fees, or other sources of revenue shall require a 2/3 vote of each chamber of Congress. All tax rates and fees as of January 1, 2010 will be re-established and be considered the baseline for any future changes.

4. No unfunded mandates or requirements shall be placed on state or local governments. The costs of all federal laws must be paid by the federal government and be included in the annual balanced budget.

Should the people decide they wish to spend more on certain items, they can petition their State or Local governments. Clearly, we cannot trust politicians. Unless specifically controlled, they will continue to use our money to buy votes for their own re-election. Encourage your state legislature to reassert its authority: call for a constitutional convention and pass these controls.

Looks good to me. Ordinarily I am hesitant to calls for a Constitutional Convention because this would open the process to shenanigans we have been seeing the last 40 some years in government. However perhaps after the 2010 elections we will see people elected to government whom we can trust to do the peoples will. I know those running will be very carefully vetted by the Tea Party Patriots, Big Government blog, American Thinker blog and other organizations determined to have decent government again. BB

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