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>>Yes! Finally someone standing up for the kids and firing demanding unionized teachers!

Posted on: February 24, 2010

For some reason I believe this school superintendent in Rhode Island is a Tea Party Patriot.   We need many more people willing to do the right thing and take action.  I am sure this Ms. Gallo will find replacements for these fired teachers  out there among people who are willing to work for a fair wage and not gouge a money strapped system by taking from the students for their own outrageous demands.  BB

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Nation’s Schools Should Follow Rhode Island Superintendent Gallo’s Example

by Kyle Olson The Education Action Group Foundation will support Central Falls, Rhode Island school Superintendent Frances Gallo with a billboard dedicated to this public school patriot, smack dab in the middle of downtown Central Falls.


Gallo’s recent decision to push past teachers union obstruction and do what’s best for the district’s struggling high school students is a prime example of the bold actions needed to turn around the nation’s failing schools.

Gallo recommended firing all 74 Central Falls High School teachers after the local teachers union refused to sign off on long overdue reforms needed to save the chronically failing school, which has been on the state’s list of underperforming schools for seven years. Less than half of Central Falls High School’s students graduate and only seven percent are proficient in math, state data shows.

Gallo offered to pay teachers $30 an hour for some of the additional duties, and expected them to kick in a bit of their own time to improve instruction.

Central Falls Teachers’ Union balked, then demanded $90 per hour for the extra work.

We believe the situation in Central Falls is a perfect example of the “me first” teachers union mentality plaguing school districts across the country. Affiliates of the nation’s two largest teachers unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, have long opposed virtually any reforms that bring accountability to the classroom, or affect the union’s bottom line.

We are applauding Gallo’s efforts with the billboard above. It should be on display in downtown Central Falls by the end of the week.

We trust her courageous actions will be supported by the state’s education leaders, who charged her with turning the school around. Hopefully, Gallo’s work in Central Falls will serve as a catalyst for other schools to stand up for their students.

It is about time somebody did.

Superintendent Gallo’s actions are tough but necessary.  The entitlement mentality and the notion that teachers unions have the right to obstruct critical reforms that will benefit children has got to come to end.  Hopefully Gallo’s brave stand will serve as a flash point for other underperforming schools across America.

Virtually every other sector of the economy is being asked to step up, pitch in and help our country through these difficult times.  To have a teachers union with its hand out – and penalizing children on top of it – is particularly insulting.

Hopefully Gallo’s actions serve as a shot across the bow of every teachers union that is putting its interests ahead of the children they purport to serve.

EAGF plans to promote bold reform efforts in other parts of the country with similar billboard messages. We are calling on others with a commitment to transforming the country’s troubled public schools to help toward that end by contributing to our campaign with an online donation at

We are taking a stand.  To stand with us, make a tax-deductible contribution and we will post similar billboards in the community.

It is unfortunate that we in Guilford County North Carolina can not expect this from our Superintendent of Schools or School Board.  In our county these two groups are part of the problem!  Brenda Bowers


1 Response to ">>Yes! Finally someone standing up for the kids and firing demanding unionized teachers!"

Well it seems we have another American Hero on our hands. Francis Gallo, Superintendent of schools in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

I’m sure she is getting a lot of flack from union people, but I believe she did the right thing. This unwillingness of these union teachers to basically do a little more work toward helping their students just pass, is typical of the union workers who have destroyed this country with their outrageous demands. She offers them $30 an hour to do a little extra work and these certainly unqualified teachers demand $90/hour, LOL. What a joke.

The school has been underperforming for years and less than half of the students don’t graduate and only 7% of them are proficient in math, and they are demanding $90 per hour for a little extra work in helping these students learn something. What could possibly make these teachers think they have earned this type of boost in pay per hour, when what they have been producing is a bunch of failures for over 7 years? LOL

Congratulations, Francis Gallo, for doing the right thing! As for the teachers (and I use that term very loosely) at Central Falls High School, you are lucky I don’t live there, because if it weren’t so serious of a situation, I would laugh right in your faces. What a joke you people are. $90 an hour, for your help? LOL

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